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 Grieved by the state of the world

I cannot help but look around me, and realize that I am a weak Christian living in the ‘perilous times’. I feel trapped all around.

If I mention anything of holiness, I am immediately written off as a bigot. If I speak out against homosexuality, casual dating, abortion, fornication etc., I am a hater of human rights and liberties. If I use biblical principles, I am a legalist, sadly sometimes even here on Sermon Index.

The world has degenerated to such a state that would make Sodom and Gomorrah blush. I went with a family to a college basketball game recently and was scandalized by what the cheerleaders were shamelessly wearing in front of a crowd. These girls, dancing in front of a crown of men, women, and children, were very confident in exposing their bodies.

The princes of this world are using their power to shed blood. The poor, the widows and orphans, and the strangers are oppressed. The structure of the godly family has degenerated; and younger generations are taught to disrespect their father and mother. The youth culture has created a generational cultural divide between the young and the old such that the young despise their elders, instead of honoring them. Sexual immorality is no longer an abomination, and even considered a human right. (The first Basic Right of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, which strains today’s sex educators, states: The freedom of any sexual thought, fantasy, or desire.)The prosperity gospel, false doctrine etc. is rampant. (Reference for all these made to Ezekiel 22)

Indeed, we are the people of whom God speaks in Jer 18:12 saying:
“Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush.”

I am 21, and I cry sometimes at the thought of another several decades on this earth. Yes, it is a great privilege to see the move of God in the last days, and to even be invited to join in and live for Him. But at this point in my walk with Christ, the sorrow of living in this world seems to be much multiplied. Indeed, creation longs for the return of Christ, and for the revelation of the sons of God.

If you feel the same way, or if you have any encouragement, please do share.

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 Re: Grieved by the state of the world

You have not mentioned those believers who are imprisoned in shipping containers in Eritrea or the 40,000 plus Christians in N. Korean death camps. Shall we speak of human trafficking or abortion. Shall we speak of those Eritrean believers who are having their bodies harvested for organs, while still alive, and left to die.

Dlight sorry. Yes the world is a dark place. What I described above are some of the things I read about for our persecution watch con call. It is hard to read these things and still pray for God's justice to come. But even in the darkness there is light. That is the light of Jesus Christ. Even in darkness people are still finding hope in Jesus.

If anything the persecuted teach us, that Jesus teaches us there is joy in him. Also the gospel is going fortth and people are coming to Jesus. Just look at this prince in Kuiwait who came to Jesus.

Your encouragement. Let it be Jesus anf what he is doing in the workd.

Blaine Scogin

 2012/1/26 14:14

Joined: 2011/9/24
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Martyr, thanks for your response. Yes, I did not mention everything. I mostly used Ezekiel 22, and took what it would mean in the modern sense.

On a side note, I had abortion in mind when I mentioned shedding blood. The post about food companies using embryonic cells from abortion to do food research was actually what refreshed my mind on this issue.


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 Re: Grieved by the state of the world

We are quickly approaching the day when we as American believers may face similar persecution to that many of our brothers and sisters around the world suffer. But to live is Christ and to die is gain. These light afflictions are nothing when compared to the glory which shall be revealed. We need to have an eternal mindset with our hearts firmly planted in the world to come when it comes to these things. But this truth is not fatalistic. In the meantime we need to do all we can to allow God through us to influence the world around us. We are to occupy till He comes. We can work now to allow God through us to influence and change the world we live in and see many come to saving knowledge of Christ.


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I have not time to elaborate, Dlight, but while reading your post, I thought surely you were reading my mind (and my heart)....we are few in number, but there are others who share your heart....

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amen mama27. it's encouraging to hear from a younger generation to have such a heart for the

 2012/1/26 15:47

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Lakeland FL

 Re: Grieved by the state of the world


I hear your words. I feel the same way inside as well. Thus a reason why many of my posts are geared in this arena for I am trying to make sense of the things around me as well. It causes a christian to want to run into a cave and hide because so many around me seem like wolves.


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 Re: Dlight

Friend stay focussed on Jesus. Paul writes if there is any encouragement from being united with him. Do what you can to advance his kingdom. Remember the words of that old hymn.'Though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet.' One day he eill return and set things right. For that is our hope. Jesus is our hope.


 2012/1/26 16:01

 Re: Grieved by the state of the world

I would offer you encouragement and support.
In these perilous times when society breaks down as to standards of decency it is too easy to look for the chance to try and bring about change to this situation and many fall for the trap of seeking that solution politically, which will take up many hours of voluntary effort and of course big dollars,while at the same time keeping people from more or important spiritual things.
We have here in Australia a State Polititian who has set a record for long service ( over thirty years)and in that time he has achieved zero,society has declined to the extent that Gay Marriage will soon be lawful nationwide.
Legislation cannot change society,only Gods Holy Spirit by way of regeneration can turn anyone from their sinful ways.

 2012/1/26 16:16

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 Re: Grieved by the state of the world

Sign of the times brother. You are far from alone I may add.

...sadly sometimes even here on Sermon Index.

Again, sign of the times...


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