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 The First Resurrection.....

Probably not single doctrine has anthetised the ministry of evangelism more than that of the "rapture of the church". There are 3 basic positions. I'll be brief. The first is pre-trib, Jesus comes in the clouds and calls up all living and buried saints.
The second is like unto the first, except that the timing is mid-tribulation. The third is post-tribulation.
I hold to the latter, post tribulation. That is because in Revelation 19, we see the anti-christ clearly defeated. Then comes the first resurrection, as noted in Chapter 20. Please note those who are in this resurrection. They are the ones slain during the trib and the others are the ones still alive and have survived the trib. These are the ones raptured to be with Jesus. These are the ones who it clearly says will reign with Him a thousand years. It's not mysterious at all, unless of course you've been told differently and choose to believe what someone has told you the bible says rather than what it actually says. What say ye?

 2005/1/20 18:56

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 Re: The First Resurrection.....

I am not convinced either way on this issue, I haven't spent alot of time studying the rapture but I've heard some good arguments from Scripture from each of the camps.

I have been leaning towards the post-trib camp also but there is one problem with that camp that I can't seem to overcome.

What I have heard post-tribbers say is that the saints, dead and alive, meet Jesus in the air at His return after the trib and then immediately turn around and come back with Him to earth to rule and reign for the millenium. If this is so, I can't seem to reconcile it with what Jesus described of His return in the sheep and goat judgment of Matthew 25. It appears from that account that the first thing Jesus will do upon His return to earth is judge those alive on earth, the sheep come into the millenium, the goats don't.

My question is where do the sheep come from if all the saints were just caught up to meet Jesus in the air with Him?

Perhaps you can help clear up the confusion for me here?

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2005/1/20 19:29Profile

 Re: good question

Thanks for the question, Ron. I've not looked into that aspect of it. One thing I am certain of, all of this will happen in ways that I'm sure no man has or will think of. But I'll ponder your question, and maybe some others might have a good answer. Keep in touch, and God bless you.

 2005/1/21 8:03

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