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True I agree with you Brother Krispy. We all know about the Burden that David Wilkerson had for the drug addicts and how much God worked through him. But all this started when God asked David to stop watching TV and to pray. When he responded positively to it, then God put a burden in his heart to take the Gospel to those Drug addicts. Imagine what would have happened if David failed to give up TV programs for the calling of God?


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He would have called someone else to go.

Man will not trump what God has decided to do.


 2012/1/24 12:26


Good thread! Thank you.

 2012/1/24 12:52


Nice post Krispy.

I look at the "Go" word of God, integrally tied in with FRUIT. We can live in the flesh, and "GO" in the flesh; to what profit? Multitudes have proven this.

It is Christ in us, the hope of Glory, and the ministry is none other than the imparting of that Spirit, from one person to another.

What you Preach, or teach, or say, or do doesn't matter in itself, what matters is if the Holy Spirit is Lord and life is imparted.

When I have been successful in ministry, I have experienced a boldness, and "burning heart" that changes me, as I experience Love and Mercy flowing out of me. This may happen at a restaurant, picking up a hitch-hiker, loving my granddaughter, or preaching in foreign lands.

When a man marries, his wife and himself are responsible 1st to their children. In India, often some work 7 days a week to survive. The "GO" word to these is to try to walk with Christ in daily faith, and to love. The local church becomes much more important.

"And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart,

Praising God, and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved."

By lifting up Jesus; loving God's Family...and living a life of worship, the Church fulfills the command to go, as they go into the world, just being who they are. Daughters and Sons of a living God, manifesting power, love and Righteousness....and out of that, God draws His own in growth.

 2012/1/24 12:58


Excellent word, Tom! Thanks!


 2012/1/24 13:13

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Amen. Good reminder. Like you said Krispy, we have all been commissioned and commanded to go. Statistics have shown that only about 2% of Christians share their faith regularly with non-Christians.

Yes there is a time needed for being at the feet of Jesus like Mary. But there is also a time for us to work while it is still day for the night is coming when no man can work(John 9:4).

I understand that some seasoned saints may not be able to get around anymore like they used to. But if you are seasoned in age and on the internet all the time, you can use some of that time to go into secular chat rooms and preach the gospel to non-Christians. I have actually done that and found that God can use it.

We've become isolated from the lost world around us. We focus so much on "in-reach" instead of outreach, with all of our entertainment, conferences, potlucks, concerts, sports, etc. etc.

As soon as Christ called His disciples to follow Him He began making them all fishers of men, not just a select few. Granted there was a time of learning and training and watching Him do it first. But it did not take many years for Him to send the 70 out into the streets to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom.

The woman at the well in John 4 is a good example for all of us. She immediately went into her village after her encounter with Christ and told everyone about Him. If Christ has made us a new creature in Him He has deposited in us his everlasting gospel. We have this treasure in earthen vessels, and He commands us to share it with those that are lost all around us.

But oh, how many things distract us from that commission? From TV, to movies, to the internet, to recreation, to careers, to money, to family, friends, etc. There may be a time and place for all those things, but moderation is key, and our priorities need to be set firmly, as we seek first the kingdom of God.


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