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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Youcef Nadarkhani is Head of a Non-Trinitarian cult

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Brother Youcef was imprisoned for his faith in Jesus Christ. He was tortured for over a thousan days and several times asked to renounce his faith in Jesus. Each time he refused. His faith was in the Lord Jesus Christ. His faith was in a person. His faith was not in a theological doctrine.

The persecuted in restricted nations are committed to the Person of Jesus Christ. They may not be able to articulate the finer points of theological doctrine. But when it comes to laying down tbeir lives for the Lamb of God who was sacrificed to for them. They are willing to do so.

Brother Youcef still needs are prayers as he is still in danger of assassination. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. Please keep the church in Iran in your prayers as the gospel is growing. Voice of the Martyrs estimates over a 700 to a 1000 people a day come to Christ through the internet, Sat TV, dreams and visions, and so forth. Many are finding saving faith and life in Jesus.

Also please remember those still imprisoned for their faith in Jesus. Not only in Persia, hut also in other restricted rations around the world. For these brothers and sisters have much to teach us as persecution increases in our own nation.


 2012/9/10 9:47

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