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 Good Things are Happening


I just wanted to let you know that good things are happening!

It never ceases to amaze me how glorious the Lord is, I see people who are struggling in their lives on my Facebook friends list and I make it a point to pray for them very specifically. Generally I don't even tell them, I take it to the Father in secret.

One of the guys on my friends list from High School (I'm 41 now) over the past year has had his life destroyed by alcohol. I've endured all of his drunken rants, his separation from his kids, his separation from the rest of the family the frantic random cussing and I almost lost hope (I almost gave up and unfriended him because I was getting weary of waking up to F this and f that every morning, not at me but to the world in general).

Every time I went to hit the unfriend button, I would feel the Holy Spirit tell me 'DON'T GIVE UP!!' and I just couldn't hit that button and thank God I didn't, I would be missing the Lord working in his life. Sometimes I send him words of encouragement privately when the Lord leads. When he's down in the dumps I send him messages to let him know that I love him.

I've cried (literally) many times to the Lord for him and his soul. To my surprise (why are we shocked when the Lord hears our prayers and answers, just like the Book of Acts when Peter showed up at the door) he posted on his wall that he has been sober for the first 30 days of his life since High School. To God be the glory!

Would you please pray for him, that the Lord would finish the work?

His name is Willie.

Praise His name, the Lord is glorious!!

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 Re: Good Things are Happening

Bless GOD for Willie

and GOD Bless you!

Thanks for the smiles!!

 2012/1/20 22:15

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 Re: Good Things are Happening

praying brother.


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Also praying this leads him to Christ. God bless you prayer warriors, because of people like you I am saved and am forever grateful. The prayers of the saints are filling up the vials in heaven, let's make them count! Thanks for sharing.

 2012/1/23 19:01

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 Re: Good Things are Happening

Thanks for sharing...I needed to read this. We also have kinfolks who are in such dire need...

Just recently I became aware of something. I saw in two peoples' eyes a deep longing for Hope. I feel somewhat overwhelmed by witnessing this longing in their spirit/soul through their eyes. All I can do is pray more diligently that God would have the victory in their hearts to accomplish this Hope.

God bless.

Sandra Miller

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