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yikes! How can I be all those things in that sermon? Jesus gives the answer towards the end of the sermon;

I'm so glad you reminded me of this today, Ron. I know I will find an open space of life soon. God will download his life to me in due season if I faint not. Ok. I shall press on...Love, Dian.

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To over simplify the matter, whatever Jesus tells you to do, do it. Keith Daniels preach on the Holy Spirit was quiet freeing for me personally. The man is a firebrand but his wisdom on how and when to rebuke sin was confirmationary. I think similar lines of application should be taken with ourselves.

Zeke Oosthuis

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 Re: Pastor Gideons

Hello everyone,
Pastor Gideons, of all the respones I've read here so far, yours I like the most.
I hold fast to a great quote by AW Tozer. He once said, "God crucifies without pity, those whom He wishes to raise without measure". Selah.
Holiness always involves death, death to our desirs and agendas. It also involves obedience. Jesus was obedient unto all things, even death on the cross. It's impossible to be His disciple and not be willing to obey Him. John 14 has some awesome scriptures about keeping His commandments. I especailly like vs 21 where Jesus tells us that if we keep His commandments, we will be loved by the Father. Being loved by the Father is as good as it gets. He also says that He Himself will manifest Himself to us. If you have ever experienced the manifest presence of Jesus in any way, shape, or form you know you will never be the same. Nobody has to teach you how to worship, it is humble, deep, spritual submission to the King of Glory. It comes through heart that because of His presence is very repentant.
Finally, Holiness comes from being led by the Holy Spirit. Where did Jesus get His instructions to obey? From being alone with the Father. In fact, He says that He did not speak or do unless He first heard from the Father. Oh that we should be so blessed. How silent we would be for some time to come. But if we persisted in fellowship with God, waiting at His feet in silent awe, He would begin to tell us what He wanted us to do. Obedience to these instructions will be right in the center of holiness and purity.
Just my thoughts, I appreciate all of yours.

 2005/1/20 18:36

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 Re: Cost of discipleship? Holiness?

I've just listened to Oswald Smith the Spirit filled Life featured here. Thanks for some insights, all of these are encouraging me to press on, God wants more holiness from me, and the cost of giving up sin is worth it. I am actually putting to death my lifelong ambition of painting and art. After I gave up college 2 years ago at God's leading and much prayer, I see now He is calling me to give up all career ambitions of the flesh, which is new and exciting, but death too. I still have a problem with sometimes getting too wrapped up in celebrity gossip, things like Entertainment Tonight. Please pray I can give this up once and for all also, for strength to resist and strength to obey and put only good things before my eyes (as much as possible in this sinful world.)

Thank you for the encouragements, I am thankful God is teaching me to press into Holiness, where He is and which He is.


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 Re: rocklife

God bless you today. Tozer said that God crucifies without pity, those whom He wishes to raise without measure.
You are about to enter the abundant life that was promised by Jesus Himself. But let me caution you about this. It is only possible by faith. Paul said without faith it is impossible to please God. He also said that anything not of faith is sin. But faith in and of itself is of no value. Faith must have a object.
The object of faith for the chistian is Jesus Christ and him crucified. (the cross) In 1 Cor 1:18 Paul wrote that the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to those of us who are saved, it is the power of God. The power of God beloved, to lead an overcoming life. The blessing of God to enter into holy and christlike living. The power of God to put our flesh and it's carnal desires to death. The power of God to enter into the Holy of Holies as if we had never sinned at all. Our only access to God is through the shed blood of Jesus. His only access to us is the same way. To try to enter in any other way is death.
You will never accomplish the desire of your heart that is there because of Him, in your own ability. Forget self, religious agenda, and self acclamation. Let God have His way in your life. It is the High Way. Blessing will be upon you, blessings will over take you. You will never have to worry about opportunity again. God's opportunity will overtake you as well. He will open doors that no man can close.
Sir, it is impossible to be like Jesus without setting your heart to walk in obedience. Jesus was obedient in all things. If you go to John 14, you will see that Jesus said that obedience was the badge of our love. He also promised in vs 21 that if we kept His commandments, we would be loved by the Father, and He Himself would manifest Himself too us. Oh alleluia. That sir is a place of achievement that money and fame cannot by. It's reserved for those who are willing to go to the cross....and die.

Shalom and selah.

 2005/1/22 18:19

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