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I do not know how to download the sermons. Please help. i can play them on a web page but i want them on my itunes so I can burn them on a CD. Thanks!

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 Re: Downloading


I hope this can help you intially:

Q. How Do you download the audio sermons?
Answer. To download the audio sermons to your desktop simply right click on the sermon titles and choose save target as. A dialogue box will open and rename the sermon file to the title of the sermon and the speaker adding the .mp3 extension on the end of the file. If a .php shows up as the download file simply rename it to .mp3 (or the video extension wmv, mp4, etc) and it will work.

Q. How Do you download the video sermons?
Answer. To download the video sermons to your desktop simply go to the video on sermonindex and you will have to click on the bottom right corner of the video on the youtube logo to open a new page. Then cut and past the url from that new page into the website.

also you can subscribe to the itunes podcast here to get over 100 of the best sermons from the site:

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Hi there.

I hope I'm not complicating things too much. . .

I use a little firefox add-on that has been very helpful for me when downloading sermons. It's a download manager called 'DownThemAll:'

Once installed, when on SermonIndex's page listing sermons by a particular speaker, you can click the DownThemAll button and use its filter to pick the links to sermons.

Then you set it to start and it downloads all the sermons on that page.

I've used to it download hundreds of sermons very quickly and move them to my phone.

I know my instructions on using it are lousy, but you might be able to explore the add-on's functions and figure it out.

Hope this helps.

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 Ads for the occult...

I just noticed an ad here on SI; SHOCKING HOROSCOPES!

Ads are fine, I think, to cover expenses etc., but not ones that promote the occult experience.

I believe that this is offensive to the Holy Spirit.

Just bringing this to your attention, as you may not have been aware.......Tom

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