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Welcome, ziolence. I've been misinformed then. Thank you!

After posting to the "fundamentalist" thread, I went offline and prayed and remembered a Brother that has since gone Home to be with The LORD, that I believe, literally gave his life for the message of "Christian NonResistance", here and elsewhere.

There is such a permeating overwhelming air of hatred in the world and coming across all sources of media and internet communications - it's everywhere we turn now and it's VERY STRONG and being justified by every tactic and lie under the sun.

I feel that if there's to be any name calling, it should be to those that hate and those that believe that violence is the answer.

Paul said, "in perils of false brethren" and Jesus mentioned twice in the Revelation, those from 'the synagogue of Satan'.

So we have counterfeits on both or all sides and thinking of 'war and violence', being from the heart of hatred and remembering why Jesus said that if you hate - you're a murderer.

Perilous times have come and will increase dramatically and we're seeing it [hatred] also coming into the Church.

The need to gird up one's heart and fall at His feet for help in the love dept is the most desperate need that we have at present.

We needn't agree on every issue to love one another - but on this one thing - love - I don't see how we can live 'in His presence' or walk in His Spirit without it.

The whole world needs our prayers for protection and the Church needs His reminders to be that witness in loving the whole world while they're hating.

Thank you!

 2012/1/24 14:50

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