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 ship wreck

it is a terrible thing that a 85-90 million dollar sinks.
The whole world is aware of this catastrophe. It is a very prophetical message of encouragement and warning. We cannot say whether as to how it happened. There is a message there.

In 1Tim. 1:19 giving my comment here----it would be enough if we said "holding faith" but that's not all. We have and -----a good conscience. Can we have faith and a evil conscience?? Does grace automatically wipe out evil from our lives or do we need to repent or apologize to.

In Eph. 4:14 we see that our sails should be set so as to not be moved about by every wind of doctrine. That is a ship with sails.

In Heb. 6:19 we have a anchor of hope. We have Jesus as our hope and great high priest. We can show the Lord Jesus we have not joined some kind of fire escape club and walk in a ethical, integrity, righteousness that shows we are forgiven and God's children. We will not have to say I hope so about faith but will say---I do have a hope. God bless.


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