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maybe you'll get some more responses.

I fellowship in a Presbyterian Church –serving as music director, along with a few other odd jobs – like opening the church up on Sunday mornings and setting out the water glass for the minister.

You can see my church here – during a Handel’s Messiah Concert. I am there, but hiding behind the organ.

PS: Can anybody guess what song is being performed in this picture?



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 Re: POLL - Fellowship or Not?

I like the poll because it allows a little window into who I talk with on these threads. For the first 35 years of my life I was at a local fellowship twice on Sunday and once on Wed. night. Pretty typical American style church fellowship stuff, and I have some AWESOME family as a result. For the last five I met with a fellowship that had services just about any time of the week. During the last 6 months God has led us out of this pattern. We are now forming new relationships with the church in our community and renewing some old relationships as well. So I am at a service at a homeless / outreach ministry (Watered Gardens) most Sunday mornings. Look them up. It is a fantastic ministry. Then I might be at any of several fellowships around the city of Joplin. I might be found at a Bible study on a Friday night, a small group meeting on a Tuesday night, and I am currently teaching a study series on Romans in the building of Impact Life Church, a local brother's fellowship, on Sunday nights since He is really about the kingdom of God being built and would rather have his building used every night of the week for ministry than to see it empty. It is an interesting time in my life when God is leading me to simply be a part of the church in the city. God may place us back into a local, full time expression of the body again, but for now we love what He is doing in our lives.


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We have enjoyed fellowship within local congregations throughout our lives as believers. However, we haven't been voting "members" of any congregation for several years.

Still, we have been heavily involved...including serving through various ministries.

We also feel comfortable in fellowship with many believers from other congregations too. Sometimes, we even meet with them at the local congregation they are a part of.


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After two more yrs in the wilderness, I was invited by a dear Sister that visits her parents that live across from me and went to her church this last Sunday for the first time.

I definitely agree with Brother Dillman's post on the first page. There's nothing like meeting with the Saints. I've missed my Church since I moved here and it sure was lonely spiritually.

It was wonderful to worship in the Spirit again. It wasn't the norm for a "worship team" ... These folks were not entertainers, but were fully into their own worshipping up there.
The congregation wasn't that big and they are very casual and the gifts are welcome there. They have no pastor presently, but the men are doing a great job, speaking spontaneously, as the Spirit led. The sermon was good and went right along with everything the elder had spoken and the songs we sang and a word a Sister gave just before the sermon. It seemed that GOD was wanting to comfort us in our present or future suffering that produces growth.
I truly felt comfortable there.
After the service, I was introduced to others and found out that they knew Art Katz and that he had been there for 5 days speaking and one of the sisters mentioned that she's reading one of his books. I had no idea of any of that, before talking to them after the service.
Corporate worship in the Spirit is Beautiful and eyeball-to-eyeball fellowship is priceless. I just feel extremely grateful for the providence of GOD in meeting the Sister that visits her parents here. We've talked for hours on the phone and do so look forward to going to that fellowship again. Very happy!
Thank you for asking us.

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