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 1/11/12 Nigeria (BBC) Nigerian Islamist Leader Defends Attacks Against Christians-

Since December 25, 2011, Boko Haram, a radical Muslim group, has killed at least eighty Nigerian Christians. According to sources, members of Boko Haram barged into several churches on Christmas Day and killed innocent Christians. Understandably, this has caused thousands of Nigeria’s faithful believers to flee from their homes--to search for a safe haven. What’s worse is that a leader of Boko Haram, Aboubakr Shekau, has taken to YouTube to defend Boko Haram’s persecution, torture, and killing of Nigeria’s Christians. Mr. Shekau went on to warn Nigeria’s President that the country’s security forces would never be able to defeat Boko Haram. Full Story

Pray for the friends and family members of the Nigerian Christians who have been killed since Christmas Day.
Pray that Nigeria’s President is not intimidated by Aboubakr Shekau’s YouTube video.
Pray that the Lord places a hedge of protection around Nigeria’s Christian population.
Pray for the salvation of Boko Haram.

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 Re: 1/11/12 Nigeria (BBC) Nigerian Islamist Leader Defends Attacks Against Christians

I am a nigerian,living in nigeria, i will say the case of nigeria is that of an unequal yoke,just as the bible warns we are in this yoke and we bear the pain,God has risen to help nigeria,the a new day has arisen for nigeria to show forth the glory of God, all this trouble is the devil's desperate attempt to return nigeria to the darkness God had delivered it from.... We need the prayer of brethren all over the world

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