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 Greetings from Louisiana, USA

Shalom. My name is Lahry Sibley. I'm 61 years old, married with 8 children and almost 10 grandchildren. I was ordained by Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart in 2001. We live in the Dorm building now Bluebonnet Apartments, just across the street from his church. We do not attend church there however. We serve in a small pentecostal holiness church.
I love to sing and preach. I especailly love to write. I'm an exhorter to the depths of my soul. I love missions and missionaries. I've been to Jamaica, Belize, Venezuela, and most recently India.
I am open to preaching engagements, even revivals. I really enjoy the fellowship of like minded ministers and men of God. So don't be bashful. Let's get to know one another.
I will likely participate in the forums here. I've been doing online ministry for about 6 years.
I really look forward to sharing the love of Jesus with you all. God bless you and keep you, lead you and guide you, and prosper all you do following the leading of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus' Holy Name I pray.

 2005/1/18 18:57

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 Re: Greetings from Louisiana, USA

We serve in a small pentecostal holiness church.

Hi brother great to have you on SermonIndex. If you havent heard this message I encourage you to do so: [url=]Ten Shekels and a Shirt by Paris Reidhead[/url]. What type of online ministry are you doing brother? Chat rooms, website, forums?

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 Re: Greetings from Louisiana, USA

Hi Lahry,

A most sincere and warm welcome to you. From what you described here am looking forward to your thoughts amongst us. Like to think we are truely not denominational, (hmmm, like the sound of that :-) ) in the sense that we aren't particulaly stuck in a 'mode' of particular particulars... Just a great bunch of heart seekers after the Lord.


Mike Balog

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Welcome Brother Lahry to SI,

I pray you will enjoy your time here.

If you like old-time pentecostal preachers, you will have to check out B.H. Clendennen. He's one of my favorites on here, along with David Wilkerson.


Ed Pugh

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