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There are no true Sabbath keepers according to the Letter.

Please, if you're gonna lie about the Law, don't discuss it.
Just let it be!

 2012/1/12 17:13

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Hi there theEphah,

Am I lying about Sabbath keepers or about the Law?

What do you mean? If you could tell me where I have lied, I will apologize publicly, very quickly?

Read this by libertad and tell me how anyone can keep the OT Sabbath?

Sabbath Keeping Part I

Sabbath Keeping Part II

Yours in Christ,

 2012/1/12 17:28Profile

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Hi Pilgrim,

That is some quiz/study guide you have posted. I am going to go through all of them and try to answer them. They are challenging some of my understanding (which is always good).

I see what the author is getting at. I attempted to take your quiz without reading the article and am now thinking I should read it to understand fully where he is coming from.

These questions are helpful (and quite provocative). Sometimes we forget that our Lord ruffled many a feather (and still does).

34. True or false:
Christians today often use the Bible as a rule Book.

Christians today use the Bible as a guide for morality and ethics.

Christians today use the Bible as “proof texts” to defend Christian doctrine.

35. According to Jn.5:38-40, what is the primary purpose of the Bible? See also Jn.. 20:30, 31.

36. Do the verses above bear witness to a written document or a Person? Is the book mentioned in verse thirty something we believe in, or Someone they point to?

37. According to 2Tim. 3:15, what Scripture was Paul talking about? As you read this passage in the past, did you automatically think of the bound canonized Bible you hold in your hand?

38. Why couldn’t Paul be referring to the New Testament?

In Christ,

 2012/1/13 14:18Profile

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