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 cheerful obediance

Greetings to everyone

So I have been reading through both threads on "if you are a legalist" and "transgressor" and I just kind of felt like for me personally both were missing some point that I really felt the Lord wanted me to see. So I spent some time in prayer and just kind of have been waiting on the Lord in all of this. Then this morning I came across this devotional and it really helped to open my eyes to what it means to have freedom in Christ, at least to me. If I may share it with you:

There are many reasons to offer cheerful obedience to God today. Here is one of them: God is not a harsh taskmaster. He is not a legalist. Yes, He insists that we obey Him and warns us of the consequences of rebellion. He has always been faithful to do that. But His goal is not to create rules for rules’ sake. God knows the Truth; He is the Truth. He knows Himself, and He understands the Principles that hold creation together. He knows how He created us. He knows what will fill our lives with Love and Light and Life, and He knows what will rob us and blind us and destroy us. God knows. And wrapped up and interwoven in His instructions are the truths that will free us to become everything He intended for us to become. His commands are an invitation to Life. Behind each teaching stands a kind-hearted God. Today, will His commands be received by a warm-hearted, grateful People? Let it be so!


I really loved this simple truth that I saw in this, first God is good, He loves us, and wants the very best for awesome is that! He wants good things for us and that's why He wants us to submit our lives to HIM!! Second I love the fact that I am encouraged to be free in CHRIST to submit and obey HIM!! Quote "His commands are an invitation to LIFE." What liberty there is in that, I am free today to cheerfully submit and obey!! Praise God for the liberty He has given us, for the freedom He has for us to come to HIM and by HIS strength to obey and submit our lives to HIM!!

Just thought I would share what I was seeing in this today :) I realize its not about "having to" its about loving HIM so much that I "desire to"

God Bless

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 Re: cheerful obediance

That's beautiful, MaryJane.
It IS "all about His Love" ~ Bottomline & Amen, Sister!
Thank you for the joy of it!

 2012/1/10 11:20

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 Re: cheerful obediance

"Second I love the fact that I am encouraged to be free in CHRIST to submit and obey HIM!! Quote "His commands are an invitation to LIFE."

True, MaryJane.

Failure to obey will put us in bondage, enslave us to sin, hence the prohibitions and commands to do thus and not do that. Even though we are saved and washed by the Blood of Jesus we still have to live with the flesh and we are told to not make provision for it to satisfy its lusts.

MaryJane, I would encourage you to not read the thread about legalism since it teaches antinomianism.

Have a blessed day.

Sandra Miller

 2012/1/11 8:38Profile

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