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Discussion Forum : General Topics : The tender mercies of God are new every morning !!

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 The tender mercies of God are new every morning !!

Its been about two weeks since my oldest daughter was in a life-threatening wreck. I had wondered to myself, about 6-9 months ago, what I would do if I ever lost one of my children, or if something bad ever happened to them. I had this thought, & then cast it out of my mind, as the ignorant worries of an aging father. Two weeks ago, a police officer came to our door & knocked on it. His knocking startled my wife & she came and got me.( We live in the country,& very seldom have any visitors.) So his loud knocking scared my wife a little bit. I answered the door & the officer informed that one of my daughters had been in a bad car accident. He told me they had to use the jaws of life to open the car up,to get her out.He did not know if she was alive,or dead. It was one of the longest drives of my life, going to the hospital, & wondering if she was alive or dead. I was the first one there to see her. She was not moving, & her eyes were rolled up in her head & lucid looking, like a person who is about to die. I laid my hand on her, & prayed the prayer of faith. Then a friend of mine came in & prayed for her. About by that time a bunch of folks had arrived from church. I told them about her condition & they prayed in the waiting room for her. Me & about five other bros. in Christ prayed for her. In about a 24 hour period God had an army of prayer-warriors praying for her. From my estimation it was about 500 people. Five churches here in Arkansas,three in texas, one in maryland, & one in arizona. I have never saw so many people come together in prayer so quickly. Praise the Lord !!!!! I have watched her go from a situation where blood was coming out of her mouth & nose,where a lung was collapsed & they had to stick a rod in her side to let off pressure. Blood was coming out of the lung & out of her catheatre. Today her color is perfect !!! She went home from the hospital today, & they expect a complete recovery. God is alive & well church,& He still answers believing prayer. I am reminded of a scripture that God gave me the night of the accident. What satan has meant for evil, God will turn it for your good. Jesus Christ through His precious Holy-Spirit showed me & my daughter who is truly the King of Kings,& Lord of Lords !!!!!!!!!


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Nottingham, England

 Re: The tender mercies of God are new every morning !!

Glory to God. What more could be said? He alone knows.

God bless.

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 Re: The tender mercies of God are new every morning !!

Praise the living God and thank you so much for sharing this with us! I rejoice and worship our Lord with you and your family!

Thank you Jesus that healing is still available today!

God bless,


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I have 2 prodigal sons who are equally on the brink of death, spiritually speaking....THANK YOU for posting this miraculous have no idea how it boosted my faith this morning! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

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 Re: The tender mercies of God are new every morning !!

Amen to all.

I remember seeing the "new or fresh, mercies of the Lord" flowing forth from the heart of God as the sun rose over the earth.It was like, as the sun touched the earth on his way around, the mercies of God went forth to woo men to Christ. The never ending circuit of the sun moving with the fresh mercies of God. Every morning His mercies are new! Amen



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St. Louis-MO

 Re: The tender mercies of God are new every morning !!

Thank you so much for the reminder on the importance of prayer and this awesome testimony about the grace of god, I only wish I could have been among those praying for your daughter.

Isaac Dillman

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toronto, ontario

 Re: The tender mercies of God are new every morning !!

Thank you for sharing your joy brother! What a testimony! what a support of fellow brothers!! what can i say but praise Him!
Glory be to our Father, glory to our Savior and all in all, glory to our secret Comforter whom the world does not know. Glory to the God of heaven and earht, the fount of all joy, love and mercy!

Levan G.

levan giorgadze

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