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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Christian or disciple?

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St. Louis-MO

 Christian or disciple?

In today's society, meaning can be misconstrued in so many ways, and few people living with the constant lies bombarding us from every side about what we should think about God, Sex, Money, and even our own accomplishments, have found real truth. This is a fact and I can testify (as I'm sure many of my brothers and sisters here and sermon index can) that it has effected the lives of me and many of my friends(especially considering that I'm in high school)in very negative ways. Unfortunately most people believe almost everything society tells them, no matter how far from the truth it is. A good example of this is how Christians are viewed by the society, most of you have probably noticed that Christians are almost always portrayed in a negative manner, sometimes we're hypocrites, sometimes we're jokes, sometimes we're sheltered little goody-goody's, and other times we're poor hating, fascist, and downright evil. Yet nothing could be farther from the truth, sure we're not perfect, but we're definitely not that.
Now while this may be an unfortunate occurance, to most people that's a very real picture of us, and we MUST find a way to counter it. One way that I have found is to simply add on to what I call myself, instead of just a christian, I call myself a disciple, or someone who actively pursues and knows God on a very deep, spiritual level, this is simply to avoid all the connotations that I mentioned earlier. What I was wondering is if you, my brothers and sisters, have any other ideas on how to counter this shroud that has been pulled over society's eyes. I wouldn't be posting this if I hadn't had a personal experience with this myself recently. Thanks for your ideas!

Isaac Dillman

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Pacific Ocean

 Re: Christian or disciple?

As much as possible, even though I fail at it all the time, because like another thread on here is discussing, we have to overcome being offended, and not be amongst those who are offended at all that comes against us.

Romans 12:21 offers great advice, "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." The offenses and slanders that you are speaking of Dillman are words. But overcoming the words of evil with acts of Godly kindness overcome the world, and all of its vile attitudes. When we are given the opportunity to express kindness, we should. I admit though, it is often only possible by the grace of God. So easily we fall into the mire of wanting Justice. Jesus promises rewards to those who give even a cup of water to a little one in his name!

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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Dear Dillman,
From personal experience, here are a few things I can say.

1. Never try to "work on" to be a witness for Christ. Our focus should be on the Lord only and to do what He wants us to do. It is God who seeing our sincerity and faithfulness to Him who will use our life as a testimony to others.
2. Never take God's name in vain.
3. Pray for those who spitefully use you on account of Christ.
4. Pour out your heart to God and ask Him for strength and love.
5. Fear God. Then you will not fear any man.
6. And remember, sometimes we could be the wrong one. So never counter anybody just to prove something. In fact, there is no need to counter anybody for anything. If we are right, God is on our side. And He will make the other person see the truth.

May your high school life be a blessing to many. But more importantly, may you grow in love for the Lord during these precious years.

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Celina, Texas

 Re: Christian or disciple?

Great brothers advice. This world, though it desires our attention and membership, shall always be foreign to us in this regard. We must not look for solice or justice, as another brother has mentioned, for it can only supply us with a counterfeit comfort. The true comfort comes only through our blessed Lord and Savior. Those who are called to die to this world should not seek comfort or redemption from the same source they are dying to.

You are a blessing to older brothers and a light to those around you. Do not think that injustices against you are not not observed by those that surround you, for you represent Christ. The injustices are levied against Him, you being his representative and witness in this world. Your reactions in the supernatural, being different from the reactions of the natural, will bear Him witness. Most of this you know already. Be strong. I thank God for your testimony.

 2012/1/11 10:13Profile

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