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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Does SermonIndex Solicit Money or Funding?

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 Does SermonIndex Solicit Money or Funding?

Brothers and Sisters,

I wanted to clarify this question also to some that might have wondered this or have asked even publically. SermonIndex began 9 years ago by faith, it was a personal journey for myself to trust the Lord with something as small as a private web server and the Lord was faithful for a season to supply the needs to see the site run. As I moved out of my home and to bible college the Lord also was faithful to supply all the needs to continue to run the website full-time and see it grow. This was done through "sponsorships" on the site where ministries that believed in the website vision and wanted to see it continue helped support the site financially. We also for a season a few times had google ads on the site also.

There have been some seasons as the Lord led were we took off all the ads and sponsorship for a specific time. The Lord was faithful to continue to allow myself to run the ministry full-time through all of these times of having different ways to support myself. This post is not being written to defend myself in anyway but just to clarify to anyone that had this question.

In matters of doing ministry for money, which is a sin that is prevalent in the Church in the west we cannot defend ourselves but simply state that I have followed the Lord these 9 years in sincerity of heart to do His work. God has been faithful to provide through many means including small work jobs and other avenues of support. There has been many years were I have lived off less then welfare gives in our country.

Because of the abuse of soliciting for funds done by many ministries we have barely ever solicited for funds in the 9 years that SermonIndex has run. I do not see it work in anyway to make a need known for that is clearly biblical and I do not see a problem with a full-time worker being supported by the Church. It is the demand and misuse of these things that have made me make many decisions away from anything like this.

In the recently months due to being married I have made known to the saints on this website the need for support to continue to support a family and do this work diligently.

I thank all the brothers and sisters that have supported this ministry and have stood behind the testimony of the Lord that is being built here.

We do not claim a boast that we have never put sponsorships or ads on the site to supplement the ministry, nor do we boast that we have not made some needs known throughout the 9 years. But we can boast that this work has begun by the Lord and we pray it will be finished by the Lord and flesh will not glory in His presence.

I do covet to walk in some of the faith of men like George Muller, Hudson Taylor, John Paton and others. But admit that I have failed miserably to follow in their example. But I think God that though SermonIndex has been greatly set apart from many ministries to run sometimes monthly less then $700 a month. Yet we thank God that our boast is only in the Lord Jesus Christ and not in a "man of faith"

May God continue to be glorified by His work that He is doing and I see myself as a simple humble caretaker of it.

We are so prone to set men on pedestals and admire then much more then the Lord Jesus Christ they proclaim.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Does SermonIndex Solicit Money or Funding?

Dear Brother Greg and Sister Brandy:
I saw your post a short while ago praying for stable support from the users of this forum or from pastors and ministries that believe in the work being done by you through sermonindex. I was saddened to see the reaction of some users and have been praying for you and for the Lord to give me wisdom to say something, if it was in His will.

First, let me reassure you that it is not shameful for you to let your needs known to the brothers and sisters. That is the essence of what the Church is for. (Read Acts 4). While some of those that God has used in the past have done so without letting any human know of their need, this does not mean that all are called to do this. We must live out our own walk in Christ and not that of others; God's calling to each of us is very individualized based on His infinite Wisdom and Knowledge.

There is also no shame in placing advertisements here to try to gain some revenue. The advertisements are very discrete and tasteful. I have not been disturbed by them; based on other threads, I don't think they bother most of the users here.

I do not feel that you have done anything wrong in requesting assistance and letting your needs be known or in using advertisement to support the site. My prayers are with you and your wife and child. I wish I presently had the economic ability to also support you monetarily. Your request of $20 to $30 a month is very reasonable. It is my prayer that many respond to this request, especially considering how many "churches" seem to be overflowing with money.

God bless you.


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