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Discussion Forum : General Topics : question about a book i just bought, unsure about it?

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Yes, I know individuals who will blame every sin on the devil rather than the will of the individual.

For sure! Mind you, Chris,I was referring to those who do NOT believe in demons. They use the word demon to address the idea of bondage to these besetting problems: fear, etc.

Of course, blaming sin entirely on the “will” is off the mark as much as blaming the devil. After all, humans are both victims and agents - never one or the other.

…. Here I go again…. Thinking out loud….

But that gives me a new thought: The branch of Christianity that focuses on blaming the conscious “will” exclusively for sin (the sinner as an agent), may very well give impetus for another branch of Christianity to focus on the sinner as the victim (of the devil, or whatever).

It’s the old balancing act. However, rather than things getting balanced, there typically seems to be a tendency for the pendulum to swing wider and wider between sides. And this could suggest that those who condemn JPL (as being among those who blame the devil) may be just as guilty of error for their alternate stance.



 2012/1/7 9:17Profile


Well I don't believe in demons, I believe in Jesus.

To "believe in" means to put your trust in and we should not be putting our trust in demons.

I believe "there are" demons and devils.

 2012/1/7 9:52

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well i have got away from Jessie Penn lewis, but i did just get anoher book today called Spiritual warfare by Derek Prince, my order for e.m bounds never went through, so i got this today. It is very simple, but he breaks down various scriptures which is great, really he spends most of his time explaining what the word says so that helps. I need help in this battle i am in, it is not easy.

John Beechy

 2012/1/10 2:39Profile



I do know what your going through brother, I've been there and I have gone through deliverance sessions.

What most Christians don't understand about deliverance is that not everything is a demon. However, there are strongholds in a believers life that are there and they remain there until they are exposed.

When I went for a deliverance session, I was expecting all kinds of manifestations and the like and nothing that I was told about deliverance happened, (having a Pentecostal background, we think big that way).

It was more of an exposing session. The Holy Ghost was very much present and I was there to find out why I had problems that continued from my childhood and even after Christ received me.

So, I sat there and we prayed and I began to weep and I wasn't in the weeping mood to weep, it just happened. I learned that God had revealed something in me (which I won't say here) and great healing came out of that. That was many years ago and I saw the fruit of that session.

No one was saying, "come out you devil", nothing of that nature happened. It was a complete exposing of what was there and it was a simple as asking God to forgive me of it and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Once I knew what was going on, the problem ended. Mind you I had other problems but don't we all?

Illumination brought revelation.

 2012/1/10 8:11

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