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 Re Pilgrim778

Very, very penetrating quotation in your post. It resonates in my spirit.


 2011/12/27 22:22

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New York


Yes Pilgrim999, thanks for sharing Brimsmead analysis.

I've read quite a few uplifting postings on Sermon Index, today, and on many yesterdays.

I am also glad to find many writings by John Piper, I've been watching a few of his videotapes and am quite impressed with what he has to say.

As for the topic on hand, I believe God has put us in a wide place where we have many good choices to make, and each one may be quite fruitful, and in each one of these God will work in us and through us as long as we take Him with us.

Arthur Biele

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 Re: Should single women remain living at home


I do not think there is a one-size fits all answer to your question. Each situation will differ and since this is the case each should be considered on its own merits.

I do have an opinion about when a child should be considered on his/own own. I see the age 18 cast about as the age of adulthood. Methinks this is much too young to be makig these important life decisions without the daily imput of mom and dad. An 18 Yo is still too wet behind the ears...sure they think they know everything and parents know nothing! They think they can take the world by the tail and it will bent to his/her wishes. But life ain't so: it is a rough world out there!

When we were growing up the age of adulthood was 21. Until then the only way you could escape from your parents' house was by marrying and some did. The rest stayed with mom and dad until they did. Back then, you see, young people got married ASAP, believe it or not! It was rare for an older adult to be single but if they did, they lived with their parents unless they were working in some mission somewhere.

Having said all this, there are childen who are rebellion personified. If this happens the parents may have to ASK the child to leave because of his/her disruptive behaviors. To have an adult rebellious child living under your roof is like living with a dead body - stinks to high heaven which makes life intolerable for others who want to live for the LORD. So, you have this dimension to consider whether an adult child should live at home. And I would wish this situation on nobody!

God bless!

(We are having a wonderful time this week with adult children, grandchildren visiting, eating, sleeping here - all under our roof! :-))


Sandra Miller

 2011/12/29 8:53Profile

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