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 Just imagine, this is what revival could look like

To anyone with a heart for revival, to see the world fall on their knees and glorify the Lord. Watch this flash mob and just imagine, just imagine how glorious it would be for the whole world to fall upon its knees and worship the King of Kings.

PS Perhaps something like this will be our strategy when they finally ban the gospel. The name of Jesus will never be silenced.

 2011/12/21 16:49

 Re: Just imagine, this is what revival could look like

I watched this and it was glorious! Oh may the name of Jesus Christ never be silenced!


 2011/12/21 17:56

 Re: Just imagine, this is what revival could look like

Well Frank you've done it again, the old tear machine got going. This was a moving moment, the clincher is when Mary and Joseph came out with the baby Jesus. A clever and brilliant scene.

 2011/12/21 18:45


The part that got me Approved was when the line rang out " fall to your knees," and you begin to see people get on their knees, even as I think about it , it makes me cry. How I long for the world to discover the glory of our Frank

 2011/12/21 19:52


Oh your right, that is actually where I started to breakdown as well.

 2011/12/21 19:57

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 Re: Just imagine, this is what revival could look like

thank you so much for sharing this, it really touched my heart and meant a lot to me just now. I found myself crying as I watched, in fact I still am. Just yesterday I was out and about and I found myself having such a burden for those who are lost in their sin. I just pray that Jesus will be lifted up and glorified in all our lives.

God Bless

 2011/12/21 20:44Profile


Hey Maryjane, oh sister, I feel the same way. If anyone is going to click on this video, watch the faces. God loves them all, the old and the young. Its a love so powerfully expressed on Calvary. Its a love that spans the ages. Its an eternal love. Its a love that loves every man, every woman, every child from every tribe, every tongue and every nation. To love what God loves is a true expression of Jesus in us. If the love of the Father for a lost and dying world burned so deeply, burned so intensly, burned at the very heart of God, expressed in the sacrifice of His only begotton Son, will it not burn in us? If the Spirit of God resides in us, we will love what He loves. If His heart breaks, our hearts will break........ brother Frank

 2011/12/21 22:53

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