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 Re: Heaven is for Real - Book - How Legitimate is it?

Ok, I now have read this book, "Heaven is for Real". And I loved it. A few lessons were gleaned from it.

One: keep the message simple - I have come to this conviction some time ago. Man works to complicate the message of the WORD to the extent that people do not trust their own instincts when reading it, thinking they need the supervision of a seminary grad to help then understand it.

In reading this book I am reminded of Joel 2:28:

“It will come about after this
That I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind;
And your sons and daughters will prophesy,
Your old men will dream dreams,
Your young men will see visions.

A young child is not contaminated by theological wrangling so his simplicity is refreshing, hence my appreciation for the book.

A person can choose to disbelieve the writer of this book -"Heaven is for Real" - without it impacting your salvation but I think that as you study the WORD you will be blessed. I was. I just wish it was one of my children that had a vision of heaven like Colton did.

Sandra Miller

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