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 Jesus is the River, are you still standing on your own two feet?

Brothers and sisters, are you standing on your own two feet today? In any river there is a current. The river of the Living God has a current, that current is the Holy Spirit. Do you flow in the Spirit? Do you flow in the river? The river flows from the throne and the river returns to its own. On either shore of the river of life is thick forest, thick undergrowth, life in the natural. To follow the path of the river from the river bank is hard work. Men will hack their way through this, exhausting work. They will work with all of their might to make some progress down the river. Yet Jesus asks us to enter into the river, into the deepest parts where your feet cannot touch the bottom. To go out into the deep is a scary unnatural thing. Every part of our flesh wants to stand upon its feet.

Some will dare to venture in up to their ankles. Some are brave and venture in up to their knees. Some are very brave and venture into up to their waist's. Yet in these examples men are still standing on their own two feet. It takes the truly abandoned to plunge into the river and allow the current to carry them where it will. Will you plunge in today? With reckless abandon will you follow Jesus today? Will you go into the deepest part of the river, today? These waters are a torrent of living water.

And it shall be that every living soul which swarms in every place, there where the two torrents go, that soul shall live. And there shall be very many fish, because these waters shall come there. And they shall be healed. And all shall live where the torrent goes. (Eze 47:9)


When first I came to Jesus
The river was ankle deep
It cooled me in the day time
Yet still I was upon my feet

I went further down the river
And to my knees I went in deep
I could see a little clearer
Yet still I was upon my feet

I traveled down still further
And in the river went waist deep
Now I felt the river pulling
Yet still I was upon my feet

I decided to go deeper
Fully abandoned, no retreat
I was swept into the river
No longer standing on my feet

Now the river takes me
In the way that I must go
No longer do I choose the path
It's in the river that I flow

Now everywhere the waters go
It brings healing to the land
And now the Lord can use me
For I no longer stand.

 2011/12/12 21:46

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 Re: Jesus is the River, are you still standing on your own two feet?

Oh Appolus,

How True and thank you for the encouragement and blessing.

All of Him and in Him,who is Mighty,


 2011/12/13 9:29Profile


"All of Him and in Him,who is Mighty,"

Amen sister Frank

 2011/12/13 14:16

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 Re: Jesus is the River, are you still standing on your own two feet?

brother, I wanted to thank you for this. I did post your poem on my fb with your webpage, I wanted to share it with others.

God bless you brother!


 2011/12/13 17:18Profile


Thank you for sharing it sister, I pray that many would be blessed............. brother Frank

 2011/12/13 22:34

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i liked that a lot brother Frank.

John Beechy

 2011/12/13 22:42Profile

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 Re: Jesus is the River, are you still standing on your own two feet?

A blessed thought dear Brother. How He must wound us so, to get us to stop trusting in our strength. Like Jacob of old, he breaks our strength in mercy.

Be well,

 2011/12/13 22:51Profile

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It reminds me of Art Katz frequently referring to Watchman Nee's notion of giving ourselves over to God in 'utterness.'

 2011/12/14 4:00Profile


Hi ET101 , I like the word," utterness." It certainly captures the essence of what it means to go out into the deep.......... brother Frank

 2011/12/14 11:26

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