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Yesterday we concluded that “grace” is Christianity’s best gift to the world! It’s a force stronger than vengeance, stronger than racism, stronger than hate. But sadly to a world desperate for this grace, the church sometimes presents one more form of what Philip Yancey calls “ungrace.” Charles Swindoll in his book, The Grace Awakening, powerfully lists these enemies of grace as:

From without: legalism, expectations, traditionalism, manipulation, demands, negativism, control, comparison, perfectionism, competition, criticism, pettiness and a host of others.

From within: pride, fear, resentment, bitterness, an unforgiving spirit, insecurity, fleshly effort, guilt, shame, gossip, hypocrisy, and many more (pp.5-14).

Nothing has the power to change us from within like the freedom that comes through grace. And grace has very practical outworking in our lives.

A. A greater appreciation for God’s gifts
Those who claim the freedom God offers gain an appreciation for the gifts that come with life: the free gift of salvation, life, laughter, music, beauty, friendship and forgiveness.

B. Less time and energy being critical or concerned about other’s choices
When you begin to operate in the context of grace and freedom, you become increasingly less petty. You will allow others room to make their own decisions in life, even though you may choose otherwise. A grace-full Christian is one who looks at the world and others through “grace-tinted lenses.”

C. More tolerant and less judgmental
When you are so involved in your own pursuit of grace, you’ll no longer lay guilt trips on those with whom you disagree.

D. A giant step toward maturity
As your world expands, thanks to an awakening of your understanding of grace, your maturity will enlarge. You will become more like Jesus and you will never be the same!

Today I will determine to avoid those things that prompt “ungrace” in my life.

Lord, I don’t want to live any longer in the same
old ways.

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Joyful Heart,Good morning .

I all humbleness, I refer back to the artcal
that you titled 'Grace', just before you wrote this one titled 'Ungrace'.

I all sincerity,but lovingly,


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hi, this is soooo good and sooo true.when one is having a real love affair,one doesn't need a lot of rules from the outside of this love.the love becomes the force that adjusts the behavior towards preferring the other person and their feelings.jimp

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An excellant follow-up to yesterdays post.


The post's will be brought up in tomorrows discipleship

All God's love -k-

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