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 One Hundred Thousand Lost Souls

Early one morning A. B. Simpson was discovered at his devotions, his arms wrapped around a globe of the world, and his tears falling down upon it as he prayed for a lost world:

A hundred thousand souls a day
Are passing one by one away
In Christless guilt and gloom.
O Church of Christ, what wilt thou say
When in the awful judgment day
They charge thee with their doom?

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: One Hundred Thousand Lost Souls

Wow that's very convicting I actually own a globe sounds like a good idea rather you actually use the globe or I don't think matters, where are all the soapbox preachers at? I myself have a box full of tracts in my vehicle and don't even pass them out what a shame I do have a passion for the lost me and a friend have a youth outreach for the kids which are in a pretty bad neighborhood on the east side Bakersfield, CA but the body needs to get back to the streets please pray for our church and the ministry at Niles New Life God bless you brethren for the edifying of the saints on sermon index.

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 Re: SavedMan

Thanks Greg for this post. It is very sad to think that many are following the wide and narrow road that leads there souls to destruction.

The Lord gave me an open eyed vision In July of 1991 concerning The Lost of this world. I will have to ask God in prayer if I may share this vision with everyone before I post it.

@SavedMan: Brother pass out those tracts. Lead as many to Christ as you can, many are heading to the pit of hell. Be the stop sign along the road for those heading toward there destruction.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for "savedman" and all of the brothers and sisters on this forum that you will quicken their hearts toward those in the world that you have called but know you not, the poor lost souls in this world, held bound as slaves to the wiles of the devil and his minion, fixated in the sins of this world system.

I pray that you will open the eye's of your Holy Children that they would see the tragedy of this lost generation. In Jesus Holy name, amen.

William Cato

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