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savedtoserve, now were talking! :)

Mr. Bill

 2011/12/8 12:32Profile


Amen savedtoserve, amen to Christ my all in all..... bro Frank

 2011/12/8 13:00

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 Re: Can we talk about Jesus?

Wonderful post, MrBillPro.

Of late, I have not enjoyed as much closeness to Jesus as I once did, and it scares me to death, to say the least. I know that by His grace, I will overcome this insurmountable wall of spiritual dryness, but I still shudder when I ponder the possibility of a life not lived close to Him.

I recently learned that the hymn "My Jesus I love thee" was written by a 16-year old. :0 Anyway, the third verse says a lot of what I am feeling at the moment:

I’ll love Thee in life, I will love Thee in death,
And praise Thee as long as Thou lendest me breath;
And say when the death dew lies cold on my brow,
If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, ’tis now.

My love for Jesus is not because I, in my natural being, have love for Him; I love Him because by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the Father enables me to love His son. I love Jesus because He paid my unpayable debt, because He laid down His life, because He continues to love and guide me regardless of my weaknesses. I love Him because He is God, because He has blessed me with the ability to fellowship with Him; I love Him because He is Holy.

I saw this link in the "My grief over this forum" thread.

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There's a lot of times I just realize what He's done for me, and I'm just completely overwhelmed. Just where I am right now and what I'm doing is too much. When I tell Him "thanks," even from the bottom of my heart, that never seems enough.

 2012/1/13 23:32Profile

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What blows me away about Jesus, is that no one loved men and women like He did. Everytime I read the Gospels I am amazed or interact with men and women daily, I sense the love of God in my spirit for them. If people only knew how much He loves them.

The world was turned upside down in the 1st century not because of dogmas, creeds or a new awesome religion, but because of the presence of Jesus Christ in the lives of His disciples.

He is Love.


 2012/1/14 0:58Profile


Amen Pilgrim! The world is turned upside down by supernatural love. The presence of the Lord Jesus Christ, burning in the hearts of the saints, sets the world on fire. This passion, this fire that burns in us, lights us up and sets us up as a city on a hill. There is a fire that burns in the hearts of every disciple of Jesus. When people are touched by the love of Jesus they are amazed that He could love one such as them. Those who are sick and need a doctor (Jesus) devour the medicine of love and mercy and forgiveness. To be an effective witness for Jesus, for the world to see a demonstration of Jesus in us, we must be conduits of His mighty love. This love, this love for the world, is not natural. Its from God Himself. Its the very essence of why He sent His Son to die. Praise the Lord Jesus...........bro Frank

 2012/1/14 1:43

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Yes, Pilgrim, and one other thing about Him....there is NO one else like Him! If you take a look at all the other gods...there is NO comparison. The book of Isaiah especially seems to bring this out.


 2012/1/14 8:06Profile

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 Re: Can we talk about Jesus?

I too, so much love to talk with God' people,..the Body ,about Jesus.
I believe , that is the way He made our desire to be.It helps us, builds us up in Him , encourages us to be more like Him,...our walk to be strengthened in Him.
But , don't we think , that it would be an insult to Him,..and a grief to Him and a false belief toward Him, if we did not see Him always as A / The Living Word,and the responsibility that ,that Word brings.


 2012/1/14 9:46Profile

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What I find so special about Him is His Prescence.
It is the most satisfying place.
Sadly I don't go there very often,
but when I taste and see,
I wish that I could drown here,
in this deep Love.

Just now as I was reading the post, I became slowly aware of His Prescence and I felt like the woman that stood at His feet weeping,
so aware of her failure,
yet so powerfully drawm.

For with Him there is fullness joy,
eternal pleasures at His Right hand.
There is living water,
abundance of bread.
Sweet perfume,
and oil for my head.

My daughters say I am so tough,
they never see me cry.
But as my heart slowly melts
His sweet peace wells up in my eyes.
Because from me is drawn such gratitude,
thanksgiving, hope and praise.
when I look up to Him on His throne,
here in this holy Place.

Bless You Lord!

J Kruger

 2012/1/14 14:17Profile


Bless you jochbaptist for your words of adoration.......bro Frank

 2012/1/14 18:34

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