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 Roland Allen

To give credit where credit is due, I recieve a daily email called "Christian Quotation of the Day" Went to the site the other day and came across a man by the name of Roland Allen (1869-1947), Anglican priest, sometime missionary to China, and longtime writer on missions, sums up in Pentecost and the World his view that the Holy Spirit is a missionary Spirit. Here is a brief excerpt;

"His principal job during those first years in Beijing was training a few local youths as catechists - and three of them, he thought, had the potential to become deacons. When first he took up this post at the clergy school, he remarked later, I was quite innocent: I did not question the propriety of such a course for a
moment. . .[but] During those five years I became more and more uneasy in my mind. When speaking about his work in England after the siege, he began to give voice to his doubts. Western teachers can never preach the whole Gospel to Eastern minds, he said; moreover: I saw that if the Church in North China was to have
no clergy at all except such as could pass through my little theological school and then be financially supported, Churches could not multiply rapidly. What's more, he warned: If the Church bears the mark "Made in the West" too prominently stamped upon her, many will turn away from her who would not turn away from Christ . . . Constant guidance and supervision by Europeans may outwit its own purpose. When
other people worried that without such guidance the independent churches might stray from orthodoxy, Roland retorted: Liberty which is not liberty to err is not liberty. There is no possibility of virtue without a possibility of vice. Orthodoxy based on ignorant acceptance of authority or upon fearful obedience to rules is
not orthodoxy; it is not a 'doxy' at all . . . It is a house built upon sand. What is to ensure orthodoxy? Nothing: no power can ensure orthodoxy but the power of the Holy Spirit."

The rest of this article can be found here

Being intrigued by this mans spirit, I went on a long and tortuous trail through the wonder wide web mainly to try and find the original book "Pentecost and the World" (out of print) but, with some help from the list owner (what a guy!) I found that it had been consoladated into another book "The Ministry of the Spirit:
Selected writings of Roland Allen, with an introduction by David Paton."

Along the way I came across a short (10 pages) tidbit from Roland Allen's grandson that was very enlightening

Also found the book that he (Hubert) had written

This may be more info than anyone may need, I was just fascinated by this mans life, but primarily his spirit which I think would fit in nicely with those promoted on this site.
Thought I would share.

Mike Balog

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