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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : Doctrine of Adoption... and our security!

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your welcome krisppy

i was hoping we could have continued this topic
purly for the reason of understanding each other more so the bond of brothery peace would be evedent to the lord and to men

but it is looking like people would rather misundertand one another

i want good fellow ship with arminians ,,and calvinists ,and every christan inbetween

but how can we if we dont take the time to understand our beliefs

i just want to glorafie god in every area of my salvation ,and trust only in him for my santification and salvation ,,, thats why i believe in what people call points of calvinism

i just want god to get all the glory
and i found it easyer when i believe certaint doctrines that i honestly believe are taught in scripture

i want to view the father relationship with the son as perfect ,becasue the son was perfect

so our father honers the sons prayers to the utter most

i want to view the sons obedance as uterly perfect ,,he did the will of god perioud ,,and saves those whom the father gives nim 100 percent of the time and santafies them 100 percent of the time ,,becase he can

i dont beleiev in once saved allways saved ,no repentance garbage ,,,,,that is satanic and is a twisting of what the old timer like whitfield believed and preached

god saves
god deals to each man a mesure of faith
god grantes repentence
god santifies
and as jesus prayed god keeps them
and by there fruit you will no them

i love to give the glory to god in all thses things

prepered for good works wich god befor preaperd that we should walk in them

god works in you to both will and do to for his good pleaser

everything is a gift from god

every breath
every beat of our heart
not i but christ who dweleth in me

not of him wills
not of him who runs
but of god who shows mercy

i want to thank him for all of it
thats all i want in my life

i weeping now wile i type because its all gods doing and it is marvalis in out eyes

for gods glory i just want us to except each other wether we are calvinist,or arminian

we are all washed in the presous blood of the holy one of israle , and that is all that matters,, the blood he blead

and the body that was broken ,,,,,he did it all

and i pray that i will be eturnaly greatfull and you all will too

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