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 Good Bible-based church in the Boston area?

I've been studying in the Boston area for one year now. I've gone from church to church and finally settled at a church near my school, but I've failed to find a good Bible-based church. There are many churches around me, but none of them offers true christian fellowship and edification. The services and fellowships I've attended here resemble social groups/clubs more than they do a church. I'm very sad about this, sometimes even depressed. Does anyone out there know any real fellowship of believers in Boston? It would be of great help. I identify as a Christian, and I am comfortable fellowshiping with people from any biblical denomination, as long as they are 'calling on the Lord out of a pure heart'. Thank you.
PS Churches with prayer meetings are big pluses!

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 Re: Good Bible-based church in the Boston area?

Sorry, I do not know the Boston area. I do pray you find exactly where God wants you, and that you will have a peace about it.

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The website is down but the: Christian Missionary Fellowship International

seems like a good church that is part of the body of Christ.

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 Re: Good Bible-based church in the Boston area?

Hi Dlight,

I live in Boston so I understand the difficulty in finding a good church in this area. Keep seeking God and I'm sure He will lead you to the right fellowship. Even in this place He is doing a wonderful work among smaller independent churches although many of them are not as well known. I don't know if there is a way I can PM you but I can share names of churches that might me helpful.

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Thanks for the advice and sympathy.

@ SermonIndex I appreciate the advice. Let me look into it.

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