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 THe little things....they matter

Last night my darling husband showed me just how much he loves me. No he did not buy me expensive jewelery or a dozen roes, and no there is no special occasion that we were celebrating but he showed his love for me just the same. After working a long thirteen hour day he drove home in heavy traffic and pouring rain, came in and quickly ate his dinner so that he could help me get an errand I needed done. He was exhausted from his long work week but with out complaining he drove me where I needed to go waited patiently while I got what I needed then drove me back home. All the while he smiled, shared with me about his day, listened to what I had to say and never once complained about how physically tired I knew he was. He showed me how much he loves me by putting my needs first. So many times I think as wives we look for the grand gesture as proof of our husbands love because that is what Hollywood, and the world forces down our throats and yet its these little tiny things that we do for one another as husband and wife that truly reveal our hearts. I know my husband loves the LORD and I see that love reflected in our marriage daily, in everyday little things that really matter. I give thanks to GOD for my husband and for HIS working in both our lives, I feel very blessed!

God bless

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 Re: THe little things....they matter

Good word, MJ! Us husbands need to be reminded of what our wives need.


 2011/11/17 12:53

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