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"Godly threads", in my definition, are those which inspire a greater degree of holiness, surrender and conformity to Christlikeness after a person reads or participates in them. They are the threads in which the Holy Spirit breathes, blesses, uses. They can run the gamut from being profoundly theological to simply practical. They can be found under all the forum categories: general topics, articles and sermons, devotions, current events. Their primary focus is Christ Jesus, the Word of God, and beholding and worshipping Him in His majesty and holiness with the outflow of pure ministry resulting in either evangelism, devotions, teachings, meditations, testimonies, praise. Purity of soul and lack of agenda/personal ambition are the common denominators that seem to run through all of them.

You can sense one immediately. Unfortunately, they slip off the 10 forum slot headers rather quickly. They are quickly stifled by carnal debates, fruitless strivings about the law, political surmizings and complaints; in short, the dim and bleak worries and allurements of the flesh and this cursed world. The principalities and powers and rulers of the darkness of this world do all they can to draw attention from anything promoting godliness in this forum. They very often infiltrate and influence through some of you reading these very words, while leading you to believe you are combatting heresy or supressing error. This is why we must have discernment. Our hearts are to be pure and consciences undefiled when we seek to contribute to the forum, otherwise we will become prey to the controlling spirits of wickedness which seek to subvert each goldy thread.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2011/11/18 10:41Profile

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"Where are all the godly threads, the threads that transmit life"

Interesting question...

There have been many articles posted that were sure to challenge us to a closer walk with the LORD only to be challenged by others working to discredit the lead post. Then you have it deteriorate into debate...and the message gets lost.

Having said this please allow me to do some reminiscing...
when I first came on-board here, the subject of abortion was considered a controversial subject. As soon as it was introduced you were lady worked hard via PMs to divert me from a pro-life position. She was a prolific writer, very smart and insightful on theological subjects. Unless you read all her posts you may not have picked this -pro-choice position - up. Well, this was one poster. But she was not the only one who embraced a pro-choice mindset - I remember her because she worked hard on me personally. Now, can you imagine this mindset being a reality on this forum? The point is that growth is not always easy or without pain to the flesh. The flesh cries when it is hurt - it does not want to be crucified.

Another point that was banded about a lot in the past was when a person would make a definite statement, he/she was being called judgmental. Someone else was sure to come along and say that you are being judgmental with that statement! Yup, that taught me...

I remember well when hmmhmm first came on-board here. He was a new Christian, had a lot of questions which evoked some rebuke from the mods, if I recall...and today he one of the moderators!

I have learned a lot on this forum. The LORD has convicted me of sins that I needed to repent from, sins that needed to be crucified.

Yes, there has been a lot of growth - if you stick around, you will find it happening to you as well. It is not without pain and discomfort, but essential for our spiritual well-being.

God bless all of you...


Sandra Miller

 2011/11/18 11:09Profile


A lot of good points on this one page, but at the same time, I feel the question has hurt those Godly folks that have posted Godly threads consistently ... to ask, where those threads are.
I gave the Devotional Thoughts section because it's where I go to be still and get strengthened, but I'm so very aware that those strengthening threads are scattered through-out.
To ask this thread-question is to say that "MY threads & posts are always Godly, but the rest of you people's threads aren't."

Some of us cannot post 'all' the details of our lives and don't want the 'attention' all of the time for our hurts, past or present anyways, as some would like, but we need the fellowship and to know that if we "agree to disagree" on any topic, that that doesn't set us up to be targets of more-than-obvious hatred.
I love the folks here but internet fellowship can never replace a local fellowship, I now realize, though my having to move from my home church has literally torn me to shreads. Being torn from my home and hometown has caused me to look for fellowship on the Net for comfort - but now I feel The LORD telling me that I won't find it here nor on phone calls with people that I haven't met, face to face.
I feel a spirit of hatred and competition in this arena that I've never felt in a local fellowship before.
My church, the Pastor & his wife and the gang there, know everything about me that I can't share with folks I meet online and only did 'in a very small part' on a thread recently. As I said, I don't need to be a focal point with my life story, past or present - though I'm in need of healing, very much so from the past and present.
"Unity" and hearts touching heart-to-heart 'without' any threats of future vengence for possibly not agreeing is what goes on at my Church & others - but not online.
Some folks have been down for so long that we/I may try 'shock therapy' from love mixed with lots of prayer and I've seen it work, but that's as far as it goes.
Vengence and hatred based merely on disagreeing with someone is foreign territory in any of the local fellowships I've been a part of, but I see it here, now.
I don't believe any of us will find that this method of 'fellowship' will benefit their "spiritual well-being" long-term - in fact, as of this thread - I feel it's more dangerous than anything else in "Christiandom" - so gird up your heart SI.

 2011/11/18 12:11

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For sure nothing of quality automatically stays fresh. Typically organizations start with vision, and then the vision slowly gets bogged down in the status quo and replaced by administration. It declines and eventually dies – unless a new vision is birthed before the point of no return.

This familiar cliché is also worth considering:

“Every organization is perfectly designed to get the results that it gets.”

With that in mind, what about the following “design” modifications:

1. Resist posts or media clips that draw one’s attention to how bad the world is – and how bad certain Christians ‘OUT THERE’ are. This kind of reading provides quick fodder for the embittered and the disgruntled. It either fuels our anxieties or helps us feel better knowing that there are worse people out there. It’s the second cousin of gossip. It may be juicy and attract readers – but it merely excites the carnal nature - and that’s what you can expect to draw in.
(Perhaps this was not a pattern in the original design)

2. Resist lengthy un-annotated cut-and-pastes or web links. That’s easy and quick to “design”. But if I am to “one-another” with the lives of people here (and indeed, every poster is in a sense a neighbor and deserves that honour) I should dialogue with the poster – not merely an article.
I need to work on moving beyond my words talking to words - as my sister says:

we need the fellowship

Having been away from SI, and returning for a season again – one of the most noticeable “design” changes is the decline of real people-names. Even gender is harder to discern. Maybe I’m just naïve about the cyber culture, and really it’s better to avoid such disclosure. But alas - since it’s a diehard habit for me, here’s mine:



 2011/11/18 16:27Profile

 Re: here's the 'why' Frank

Ah, dear brother Neil, what a rich , rich answer. Thankyou brother. You wrote............

"thats why a forum on revival is good for ONE THING, not these sad spectacles of man wrestling with man over silly religious points of contention, but so that the Worms of Christ can indicate and testify when God comes down in His Sovereign Way in a searing Holy Ghost Revival. To DATE, this has not happened BIG, but it will, and God willing, there will be no cameras, no 'superstar' preachers, no streaming links, no tatooed actors using their dirty hands to steady the ark, no talk of money and collections, no 'interview' in "Christianity Today", nothing of this ilk, only thousands of burdened souls being SWEPT into the Kingdom of God, and the men who God entrusts with such, will be burnt out and recede into the background....i hear the name "Barnsdall" and my heart leaps, and asks the question, could this be the Ember?"

This , to me, is the closest to the answer I have been looking for. I am always looking for the " thrust." Men can make mistakes, but what is the " thrust," of their lives? What is the thrust of a ministry. Yes their are peripherals, but what is the thrust? What is the seat of affection? What burns at the heart of a man, or a ministry or a movement? Is it the burning heart of Jesus? Is, despite the obvious distractions of this world, the thrust true to the original calling? I have found in my own life that if I step outside of God's specific calling for me, I step into a desert. Now it may take several miles of steps before I look up and realize I am in a desert, but when I look up, I am in the wrong place for me personally. I believe, and this is just my opinion, that this forum may have wandered away from its original calling and is walking deeper and deeper into the desert.

I feel led to tell a story. A while back I was ministering to a couple whose marriage was in trouble. Intense anger on one side, and apathy on the other. The storm was raging. After four hours of talking and going though the problems and the grievances, we were no further on, in fact, it seemed like it may be worse. Then the other woman who was with me in ministering to this couple said this " I am out of my depth." And it immediately occurred to me that I was too. So I asked that all four of us would kneel on the floor together and come before the throne of God with exactly that thought, that we were out of our depths, that we desperately needed His help. As I prayed before the throne of grace, I could actually feel the storm subside, as we knelt there in our weaknesses and what we did not know, I could feel the peace come. The couple had a remarkable turn-around. The intense anger was gone, the apathy was gone and in had come love and peace, it was truly a beautiful thing to behold. It is okay not to know things and to acknowledge that.

Maryjane writes..........."I have thought over this thread but I do not really have answer for you. I am not really sure I know how to discern fully what might be a Godly thread." Excellent answer sister.

Diane writes................... "For sure nothing of quality automatically stays fresh. Typically organizations start with vision, and then the vision slowly gets bogged down in the status quo and replaced by administration. It declines and eventually dies – unless a new vision is birthed before the point of no return."

I think that plays into what I am feeling more than anything. When Paul Washer stood up at the Baptist youth convention several years ago and lit up a problem that burned at the heart of the organized church, he struck at the heart of something. Now what? He has Paul Washer followers. If we could just get Paul to our meetings we would be okay. Carter Conlon, another man used mightily of God, has his many followers, if we could just get him to our meetings. You can go on down the line and fill in the name. The vision for revival does not center on a man, in centers on the person of Jesus. This forum, I believe, used to burn with the heart of those who believed in revival and earnestly cried out to God for it and I believe that this was the original vision for the site. I believe that it does not burn in that way anymore. I think that it is very easy to get off track. I have a GPS in my car, and if get off the highway and am driving on the outer road that runs parallel to the highway, my GPS does not pick up on it, it still has me on the highway. I can be on that road for quite a long tome and begin to veer away from the direction of the highway and still it has me on the right road until finally it figures it out and suddenly blurts out " re-calculate." And it re-routes me back to the road that I was originally on.

I personally believe that is why there is such a blessing going on in Barnsdall right now, in fact brother Brian just called me up to let me know another " hard case," came to Christ this morning , and it was not in the meeting it was in the prayer meeting that we were holding every morning, praise God for a soul saved. The people that Brian is associated with have been praying together with a singular purpose now for years and God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Anyway brothers and sisters, I was never looking for a five point fix for every post, I was thinking more globally as to the spirit of the forum and the ministry. Does it have the original vision? Does it still have the raw-ness of the calling? Has it gotton on an outer road that runs parallel to the original vision road and it is turning away? These are just my thoughts. I am not speaking with malice, I am just trying to express my thoughts without Frank

ps I feel that the first love scriptures of Revelation applies here. It is a telling thing to leave ones first love, whether its your Lord, your wife or your ministry and it can happen to all of us. Brother Edgar Reich shared that sermon with us in Barnsdall on Tuesday night I believe, check it out if you get a chance.

 2011/11/18 17:19

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" re-calculate."

What a fitting illustration, Appolus – the GPS. And note, the GPS is only applicable to the driver of the vehicle – not to the other drivers. Likewise, the only person I am responsible to change is myself– not the others. I am not their drivers. They cross my path as they are – not where I think they should be. In fact, scripture tells me to consider them all as better than myself. I’ll certainly never be able to do that if I turn my eyes from my own GPS and get obsessed over where they are driving.

From that perspective, my above post is essentially hay and stubble. I realize that God works in my life – as circumstances are – whether that’s in my family, my church, on SI …. or wherever.

My better response to this thread topic would be to ask myself: What is there about SI right now that God wishes to do in and through me. For starts, it's to enjoy all the fine people involved here. It is no doubt also this:

“…for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” Phil. 4:1


Or how about this one – designed for this very thread topic:

“But godliness with contentment is great gain.” 1 Timothy 6:6



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 The First Recorded Godly thread.

“This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

"And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground. And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst. When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee? She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.” John 8:6-11, KJV.

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 Re: The First Recorded Godly thread.

I pray that God draws us all to Him, that we do not look with critical eyes on one another. Even the idea of humility can become a competition, it is just the way we are. Rather, He just wants us to shut up sometimes and let Him do what He has planned. Even our efforts to bring revival on by repentance can become a work, a bribe. Our holiness is a cover for impatience. And then, when we are so humble, it must be that someone else is not humble or Godly enough, and that is why revival has not come.
We will never be humble or Godly enough. Revival will be a gift, undeserved, like everything else He has given.

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 Re: A Godly Thread

Most of the time, here on Sermonindex.Net, I see postings from Believers in Yeshua trying to find out more, or discuss in detail questions that they, or people that look to them offline need answers to. To seek to know from others who hold similar beliefs to yours, worshiping and serving the same Elohim as you do about questions and concerns that many a Believer can this not be Godly, since God is but a general referance to the Eternal Good that we are seeking to follow?

Even if there be disputes over method, or clarity of understanding, wherein is there any lack of Goodness?

Do we not all seek to know the Lord Yeshua better, and better, and how to become like a Being that was once YHVH in the flesh? I myself know precious little about "Godliness" since I believe it to be a false construct...meaning not a behavior following Yeshua, but a strangely false and human sanctity, a piousness that is not well to be followed, for it is but tradition, or an attitude taught of men.

I need no syrup over the truth to wash it down. I merely need kindness, and gentleness, humility, and strength, knowledge, and the willingness to be generous with our time that is so short in these busy days.

But I do not know all, and I have questions that I cannot answer when they come up, and need to ask others with differing experience. And in the discussions that follow these questions, there is wisdom to be gained, and insight, not just for me and the other posters, but for those who look to Sermonindex.Net for answers to questions they do not yet have, but only a ceaseless yearning to find more about Yeshua through those who are attempting to follow Him.

Not all questions that sound simple or obvious truly have simple answers, or even answers that are without passion. And since Yeshua was indeed a passionate, as well as compassionate Person, I do not want the discussions here to lapse into some milquetoast conversation, with sickly sweet agreement the only result.

I want a few sparks to be able to fly, and no hesitation in any poster to say what they mean as well as they can, and question what they do not know, even if it does occasionally make someone a bit cross, or even stir up righteous indignation.

If we speak only of the smooth and easy articles of faith, the general, and not the specific , how are we to learn, and others, also, who come here seeking to find answers on which they can build their lives, to learn, that the answer is not always in other humans, but only in the Ruach haKodesh, and communion with our Savior? And other times, when Yeshua seems silent, Sermonindex.Net can be a good way to break that silence, or indeed, Adonai's intended method for answers to be gotten.

Not all of us have good leadership, or indeed leadership at all, and Godly/Goodly fellowship is often far and few between! And some questions cannot be asked face to face without such embarassment that prevents the questions from being asked. And these embarassements are not necessarily of a bodily or sexual nature, but out of awareness of one's own ignorance. Also, some people are just not going to intrude themselves for ANY reason into a public discussion.

As for revival, and that being the sole aim of Greg Gordon's ministry here on Sermonindex.Net...well, his very goodly service to all of us in collecting sermons and articles, and video's to encourage the daily revival within us that we need, and setting forth the forum where we can indeed learn of each other, and encourage those with a revival ministry or desire to come together...where is any of this ungodly? And hence, how can a true exploration of knowledge and experience be ungodly at all?


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amen questor...I have loads of questions, and feel awkward asking is nice to feel safe to ask, to seek.

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