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 Re: Where are all the Godly threads?

my Highland brother and mate Frank,

God bless you all on this thread, my time here is coming to an end I believe, but there has been great fellowship along the Frank

if you go, i go as well, love, neil

 2011/11/17 18:30

 Re: Where are all the godly threads?

The godly threads may are leaving with the godly people who are leaving the forum.


 2011/11/17 23:08

 Re: Where are all the Godly threads?

Re: Where are all the Godly threads? [by Godly people]

 2011/11/17 23:34


Hey bro Neil, love you man :) Lysa always has insight I find, and my passionate brother Blane who wears his passion on his sleeve, and Neil, about as guiless a man as I have ran into, I love that about you Neil. Just spent the better part of the week down in Barnsdall with the conference call brothers and sisters , working amongst a group of very real people. A people who tend to keep their strengths quiet but are quick to tell you of their weaknesses and the latest tale of how the Lord delivered them. I love this honesty, a breath of fresh air. Not sure why I talk about that on this thread, but I know that the thread question remains, at least for me, unanswered. ..........bro Frank

 2011/11/18 0:24

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hi, my vote is for they do not last long enough to take hold.jimp

 2011/11/18 6:21Profile

 here's the 'why' Frank

as to the 'why' Godly threads sometimes dont go into multiple pages, there's no 'wrestling' get me?

for instance, if i was to start a thread on 1st John, and the section in chapters 3 and 4, where John unpacks the word, "love" multiple times, 33 if i'm correct from memory, and compare that to Paul's love chapter in 1st Corinthians, there's no implicit "wrestling" in that, there's nothing to make the HUMAN heart race, meaning man does not get to 'wrestle' with man, to argue about this 'doctrine' or that 'doctrine' nothing to get into the "i'm right/you're wrong" dichotonomy, and that dichtonomy means DRAMA follows. thats what the flesh enjoys, that heart racing trip to prove ones self self justification.

SELF----DRAMA-----> "i'm right, you're wrong"...its man wrestling with man, and since its on a cyber platform, people get to do it, without consequence. Because one is NOT face to face with another saved sinner, therefore the restraints of Godly civility CAN take a "time out".

its an evil age, and has been since Jesus breathed His last on that Tree. When i ponder "man wrestling with man", i zip right back to the Jabbok River, where Jacob wrestled with God, who in the final analysis was Jesus, a Christophany. Jacob wasnt wrestling with another "man", He was wrestling with God, because he was desperate, terrified about the eventual meeting with his brother Esau. That night, Jacob was given a New Name,Israel. He was changed...and obviously, given the platform, we cant witness a man wrestling with God, so in our futility we get a rush over wrestling with one another, which flies in the face of the Second Royal Commandment, "love your neighbor as yourself".

that face to face fellowship can never ever happen on a cyber platform. and the tragedy is many here MIGHT tell you, such threads, the contentious ones, are really "iron sharpening iron", but that doesnt ring right, because you cant SEE that other 'bar of iron', there's no FACE to it, just a bunch of words, and Godly love and restraint fall by the wayside. in the past, much to my shame, i've been guilty of this as well. to my shame. in fact there is a poster right now afoot, that would tell you, i'm guilty of such a sin, ie , restraint flying by the wayside. Now it appears to me, the dear man is of the "hebrew Roots" movement and is trying to foist up fences around the saved sinners. i wish no contention with him, i only asked two simple questions, are you a Jew?..and not of any anti-semitism, coz i'm a Jew who follows Jesus and i asked, very clear, 'are you of the 'hebrew roots' movement...asked him in two seperate answer.

which begs the point, how willing is someone, on a platform like this, willing to be transparent? willing is someone to authentic and real in God's Light, that Piercing Light, and clearly many people are afraid of being unmasked, to have that Light pierce right thru the brittle facade of religiousity, and reveal us how we really ARE.

i believe one of the greatest private ministries one can undertake is a fearless self examination in conjunction with God the Holy Ghost, and again i say, when this "inventory" is taken, to get real with God, and say the prayer of Evan Roberts, "bend us O LORD, bend us", and when you pray THAT, get your seatbelts, coz the Ride is about to get very bumpy, but in the end, you get closer to a Deeper Work IN Christ, and a Deeper Revelation of christ, a dying to self, and that isnt easy, because death is a hard thing, proud men die hard, as Frank Bartleman said, this death to self, death to flesh is hardest for the preacher man, becoz Heaven forbid they get their "clothes" ripped off and are shown to be as weak in the flesh as we all are!

thats what stands in the way of revival, whether it be personal, or in His Sovereign Nature, God saturated the very atmosphere of a perticular area, or assembly, the fact we are just scared to abase ourselves, to committ to a Baptism of Tears, to committ to a baptism of Fire...

simply put, Godly threads get little traction, becoz there's little to no flesh in them, and you can get the rush of bashing someone with little or no consequence, but get face to face with a group of followers of Jesus, in prayer, salted with tears...or get face to face with a basin and wash your brothers feet, and there will be consequence, said consequence being God unveiling His Mighty Arm, coming down and salting all with His Love, and all the muck and mire will melt away in this Intense Fire, and i guess thats a scary prospect for some folk.

MOSES didnt even want to appraoch the Mountain! that's how terified he was!...the very Moses who talked with God as a Friend, Face to face, yet he was terrified, think how Awe inspiring such a meeting with the Master would be!...look at Isaiah, prince of the Prophets, he started to cry out, "woe is me! i'm an unclean man with unclean lips', when he was allowed to see the Throne of God,,how much so, then a REAL meeting with God? and that real meeting is revival...and i dont speak of a meeting where you get the Holy Ghost thrill bumps, i'm speaking about standing before God naked blind and broken...and that is a heavy price to pay, but a price that MUST be paid, if we ever want to be witness to God coming down, and clearly we cannot recieve such just anonomously writing of it on a cyber platform. Every ministry, must at its foundations, have an active prayer ministry bathing it in Holy Ghost prayer. If it doesnt, it is a fact, such a ministry will go on the rocks and shoals. Thats not my vain imagination, thats Reality.

in conclusion, some may say the Azusa Street revival of 1906 was counterfeit, which is fine, people can say what they want, BUT, God put a man, flesh and blood, like you or me, in the midst, his name was Frank Bartleman. God gave Frank a gift of a facile pen, and Frank had been writing for various "Holiness" publications before the Revival, so that when God dame down on that humble barn Church in LA, nominally led by a one-eyed black preacher William Seymour, it was Frank's writing and testimonies in Holiness publications that drew hungry souls to drop everything, go to LA, for this Work..and if people want to think it waas 'about money' the only money collected was a freewill offering box in the rear of this HUMBLE point is this; in His Way, God raises up men for a season, in revival, to be his laborers, and like John the Baptizer, they grow less, and Jesus grows more. for a season, these men burn like living Witnesses and testify to the Light, and then they are gone. David Brainerd burned in the wilderness,led many Indians in revival to Christ, then he was gone to be with the Lord at 29, Evan Roberts, at 26, used by God for revival in Wales, for a season, then Evan receded into the background, pressed out, and went into a private prayer ministry...out of the public, God hid him. Duncan Campbell used of God in the Hebrides from 1949-1953 in revival, and then he receded, and Jesus and Jesus ALONE was given the Glory.

thats why a forum on revival is good for ONE THING, not these sad spectacles of man wrestling with man over silly religious points of contention, but so that the Worms of Christ can indicate and testify when God comes down in His Sovereign Way in a searing Holy Ghost Revival. To DATE, this has not happpened BIG, but it will, and God willing, there will be no cameras, no 'superstar' preachers, no streaming links, no tatooed actors using their dirty hands to steady the ark, no talk of money and collections, no 'interview' in "Christianity Today", nothing of this ilk, only thousands of burdened souls being SWEPT into the Kingdom of God, and the men who God entrusts with such, will be burnt out and recede into the background....i hear the name "Barnsdall" and my heart leaps, and asks the question, could this be the Ember?

such is worthy of deep searching travailing prayer, thats maybe why God has you on here, thats maybe why God is keeping you here, so you can be a WITNESS!...but as the LORD leads,SMASH THE CAMERAS!!! NO FLESH! Only Jesus.

 2011/11/18 7:41

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 Re: Where are all the Godly threads?


I have thought over this thread but I do not really have answer for you. I am not really sure I know how to discern fully what might be a Godly thread. There are times when a topic is posted and for some it may seem fruitless but for me it has opened my heart and mind to seek after GOD and ask deeper questions, to know HIS heart and will on a matter. Other times there are topics that are posted that seem off and as I read through them, the LORD shows me to stand strong in HIS truth and I rely on HIM to help me do so. I realize that many threads break down into endless debates, I know I have at times contributed to some of those threads with an attitude of "proving" myself right. I know deep down if I am honest there have been times when I posted there was a desire to draw attention to myself, so that people would see some worth or value in me...I am most sorry for those threads and posts. I have and do seek the LORDS forgiveness on these things. I really want to get to a place in my walk that when I share with another no matter what the topic is that is not all about me, that what I share might point another toward JESUS and reflect who HE is in me. I am a pretty poor excuse for a CHRISTIAN, often I get tossed about like the waves on the sea because there is much in me that I still must daily die to. But I pray that as I grow that my heart would be softer, that it would be filled with such love for others and such a desire to live for HIM that when HE lays something on my heart to share all people will see is JESUS.

Maybe that is the answer???? maybe a truly GODLY thread is one that points each of us no matter where we are in our walk toward JESUS. Didn't Paul say "For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified."

I don't know the answer to your question, but I wanted to say that I have at times been very encouraged by what you have shared, some of your posts have caused me to examine my own walk and to dig deeper. IF you go please know I will continue to pray for you,(and Neil too) and I humbly ask that you would pray for me also as the LORD lays it on your heart.

God Bless

 2011/11/18 7:50Profile

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 Re: here's the 'why' Frank

Good word brother Neil,

I will admit when I first came to Sermonindex my mouth drooled at the possiblity of justifying myself, I was at a place of immaturity and searching and when I found something I believed I used it like a sword and unfortunately used it ruthlessly against those that disagreed.

Since then God has humbled me and I don't seek to argue about doctrines. For me SI has always been a family in Christ Jesus. Its a wonderful place of encouragement and prayer if we allow it to be. I have been greatly blessed by the Inspiration From... group bible studies and its what I like to engage in. I suspect that some that like to spit fire in argument are the ones that have felt wronged by others in a place of teaching where they felt entitled to teach and so use SI as their outlet of "teaching" and so when opposition comes pride flares up.

My heart and prayers go to those who use SI and my prayer is of humility and peace among Brothers and Sisters.

Matthew Guldner

 2011/11/18 8:00Profile

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Ok I'll ask, what is a Godly thread? I mean after all this is Sermon Index, are there some here that are not intended to talk about God,Glorify God,or Honor God? Maybe I am confused by the name of this thread, and is this one a Godly thread? Please help me understand.
Mr. Bill


 2011/11/18 9:49Profile

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 Re: Where are all the Godly threads?

Brother Frank,

This is at once a revealing question, that at the same time conceals. It reveals a great desire for something, but what is that "something"?

To satisfy one, a "godly thread" must be any topic that points the reader to "God", exalting His attributes, His "his-story", His sweet promises, or His dreadful warnings.

To satisfy another, a "godly thread" must just be topics that appear non-specific with regard to doctrine, but relate to practical outworkings of the spirit-life in our souls.

To satisfy another, a "godly thread" must avoid all mention of "self", and must direct all attention to "Jesus" specifically and alone.

To satisfy another, a "godly post" can only be written by someone who agrees with him or herself.

To satisfy another, a "godly post" can only be written by him or herself.

And yet, we are all in different places on the same "Way". We are yet seeking the same Goal.

For me, a "Godly thread" is one that compels me; that draws me; that grabs me, and changes me. A "Godly thread" is one that God uses to "break" me a little more, and that God uses to "remake" me into being a little bit more like Jesus Christ.

Be well all,

 2011/11/18 9:55Profile

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