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Washington State

 Howdy all!

Hello everybody,

I have been on Sermon Index for years and have even posted a few times but I realized that I have never actually introduced myself.

I am Jim. I live in eastern Washington State (yes you should feel jealous, lol). I am ordained in a Pentecostal denomination and have been since 1989 though we have pretty much had a parting of the ways. As I observe my denomination fall headlong into deeper and deeper apostacy, I am inclined to reconsider my connection with them. More and more I see that a great portion of the false doctrine plaguing the church today has come right out of the Pentecostal/Charismatic ranks.

My wife and I are faithful to church but we don't currently attend a Pentecostal church and have no desire to seek one. I have a blog to which I try to be faithful. The heart and goal of the blog is to show that an overwhelming amount of the time Scripture is not open to interpretation and simply because people can't agree on what the Lord says, has no bearing on the clear message. For the most part, the Bible is very clear in its meaning.

Another goal of the blog is to encourage people to reasonably prepare for the very difficult days that are most certainly coming. Nothing crazy or radical (no I don't advocate owning a weapons arensal or building a military combat ready bunker) just common sense preparation. Along with that I try to encourage men to take thier God ordered lead as the man of God, In the near future the man of the house, under the Lord's anointing, will prove to be the key to survival.

Anyway, I didn't really intent to make this a plug for my blog, sorry.

I have two great kids and 3 wonderful grandsons. I am a cop and I also write novels. My first one has been accepted by a publisher and it's just a matter of whether we can come together concerning the hoops they want me to jump through as to whether it will get published or not.

Anyway, there's my intro. My heart is heavy and passionate about the deplorable condition of the churh. A common statement between my brother and I when we see some new silliness in the body of Christ is; "There is absolutely nothing that christians won't fall for."

That may be an overstatement but not much of one I'm afraid.

So, God bless you all,



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 Re: Howdy all!

Welcome Brother Jim!

I appreciate your comments as well.

Be well,

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