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 Simply be like Jesus, and others will follow

The widow stood near the body of her martyred husband, holding the hands of two of her four children. Her husband had died in prison, and the marks on his body made it clear that death had come slowly and painfully.

The other believers knew this could be their fate too, yet hundreds came to his funeral. He had died for his faith only three months after his conversion, and now they mourned him.
The people crowded around the house where the funeral was being held, and many were inspired by his example. Eighty people publicly accepted Christ that day, including many young people who had been part of the Communist Youth Organization.
The Christians walked the length of the city to the river, where they baptized the new believers. The crowd had now grown to over fifteen hundred people.
Soon, carloads of police arrived. They set out to arrest the leaders of the service, for they couldn’t arrest everyone there. The Christians immediately knelt in prayer, asking God to allow them to finish the service. Then they stood, shoulder to shoulder, blocking the police from coming forward as the baptism service went on. The crowd dispersed only after all the new believers had been baptized, allowing the police to come forward.
One thousand people were inspired by the sacrificial example of one new believer.

Manifestation n. plainness, visibility; demonstration; display, prominence. The meaning of the word is clear. Yet is the manifestation of our faith just as obvious? The man in this story imitated Jesus. Plain and simple. As a result of his clear example, a host of others were compelled to follow suit in their own manifestation of faith. So, too, our lives ought to plainly display our own faith in Christ for all to see. Would others know how to follow Christ simply by watching your example? Better yet, would they be compelled to imitate your faith? Be careful that you do not muddle the manifestation of your faith with confusing rhetoric or other religious distractions. Simply be like Jesus, and others will follow.

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 Re: Simply be like Jesus, and others will follow

This is beautiful! Thank you for posting it. (edit) Perhaps one day in America 80 people will be saved at a martyr's funeral!!

God bless,


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