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 "absolutely untrue"?

Steve, i have NO hostility towards you whatsoever, as God is my witness, my conscience is clear on that. NONE, no hostility.

but what i type is true, THATS exactly why you find "offense" in it, you know what i write is true, this thread was set up to bait that poster, and its stench.

i wont be going around with you on this, not because i dont love you, or enjoy a GOOD discussion, but because the whole foundation of this is sinful, and if the truth in that cant be discerned, go to God, ask Him.

as far as to "whats going on with" me, (as if it matters, fore i am a blade of grass, a vapor) if i was to tell you, it would seem like boasting, in the flesh, so when i say, what i'm about to write, i boast in the LORD, because its HIS GOOD WILL and HIS Mercy, that i'm being 'burnt out', 'dying to self', 'dying to flesh', 'dying to the world', and the Only Thing i seek for, is for God to come down, in REAL revival...sovereign, Heaven Sent, supernatural Revival, to pour forth Living Waters on the dry and thirsty 'ground'.......that He have "dry wood' to burn in the fire of a Holy Ghost Revival.

so thats whats 'going on' with me. do you really believe it PLEASED me to write that prior post? no!

we dont need more "posts", we need tears!...and you know when those tears come?....when you stand unflinchly in the Gaze of a Holy God, the Light of Jesus, and prepare to have your heart examined, and dare to pray that prayer of Evan Roberts, 'bend us O Lord, bend us!'...but be careful to pray that, coz it is no fun when God starts to burn you out, bend you, maybe even break you.

so thats whats 'going on' with me, and thats my last word on this thread, and that might even be my last word on the forum, i'll hear what God has to say, but i pray you got ears to hear, my beloved Steven, neil

 2011/11/13 9:50

 Re: "absolutely untrue"?

OK, thanks Neil.

Moving forward…

Monnkz, I am glad you caught up with this discussion because I do want to discuss this further with you.

My main question is do you understand that works are the EVIDENCE of faith… not the side by side formula for salvation. In other words, if you are saved the result is works. Not “do works” and then you are saved. This is not what you are saying, correct?

Are you saying that salvation is the result of faith AND works? If so, then how do you explain the first 11 chapters of Romans?


 2011/11/13 9:59

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Dallas, Texas

 Re: "absolutely untrue"?


Where are all the godly threads, the threads that transmit life, the threads that instruct in righteousness and lead a believer to overcome secret sin? Where are the threads that bespeak of love - true, divine love, the pure fruit of God - and foster a deeper awareness of absolute transformity to Jesus Christ in the soul of a believer?

Give me one of those threads for a million of these garbage topics. The spirit behind them all reeks of pride, contention, strivings about the law, and does nothing but imbitter and alienate. Plethoras of scripture are strewn about, the deadness of the letter, which, in the end, beget nothing but more death. When will the death cease? How many more lifeless, fruitless, devotionless wranglings must consume the space on this forum?

It saddens me to see the same people, year after year, indulging, instigating, relishing, contributing to not life, but death by the letter here on SermonIndex. The same scriptures they wield to defend truth, only return to inflict damage upon themselves, for their own hearts are not right with God.

I am closing down this thread, and I am very sad with all of this. I am sad that I cannot come here to find fruit. I am heartbroken that I continually find here barreness, strife, dead leaves, dead letters, spiritual pride, and secret character ambition. Clouds without rain for those who are promised a drink. All these empty, spiritless exchanges are as seed sown to the flesh, and all that sew to the flesh shall one day of the flesh reap corruption. The lack of the peace of God in the soul, and the many strongholds these exchanges bring into the hearts of those who participate and glory in them is the judgment of God, the reward of the crop.

I am not angry; I am sad. Please do not start any of these topics again.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2011/11/13 10:25Profile

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