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 The Meaning of Gospel Terms

This was posted in an inappropriate section so therefore is being put here:


The Meaning of Gospel Terms

There will be a test!

John 1:11-12, 1Timothy 4:10, Romans 10:9-10, Romans 10:13, Matthew 10:39, 1John 1:9, John 3:16-17, Acts 20:21, John 3:3,1Thes.1:9-10

Ø Receive Him
Ø Trust the Lord Jesus as your Savior.
Ø Confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus
Ø Believe in thine heart
Ø Call on His name
Ø Give Him your life
Ø Give Him your heart
Ø Confess your sins
Ø Make a confession of faith
Ø Repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ
Ø Saved
Ø Born Again
Ø Turn to God from idols to serve the living and true God

Some use these terms to mean:
Professing Christians understand the term “Trust the Lord Jesus as your Savior” to mean: The purpose of Salvation is forgiveness of sins and heaven rather than hell. Salvation, “it”, is a thing. God gives “it”, forgiveness and heaven as a free gift to anyone simply for the taking. The gift is accepted by praying a prayer that includes admitting one is a sinner, being sorry for sinning, confessing one’s sins, asking God to forgive you for your sins, giving Him your life, believing He will save you and take you to heaven when you die. If one believes, says and does these things you are saved. All the terms listed above refer to “it”, the free gift Salvation.

Converts of this gospel are left without Spiritual Life, peace or joy, unable to understand scripture when they hear it or read it, and with a false assurance that they are eternally saved and are going to heaven when they die. Converts are not “new creatures” and are powerless to live a new life in Christ. Life for these becomes a routine of trying to do good and failing, confessing sin and then trying harder. Converts either leave the meeting or attend regularly pretending they Spiritual while admitting that they fail to live a holy life and should not be expected to because they are only human. “In this gospel the cross does not slay the sinner, it redirects him. It gets him into a cleaner and jollier way of living and saves his self-respect. This gospel presents a cross that is not opposed to the human race and if understood correctly is the source of oceans of good clean fun and innocent enjoyment. This gospel lets Adam live without interference. The convert’s life motivation is unchanged, he still lives for his own pleasure, only now he takes delight in singing choruses and going to meetings. This gospel does not demand abnegation of the old life before the new life can be received.”* Either repentance from sin is not required for Salvation or these professing Christians misunderstand the gospel that Paul taught, “repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ”.

Converts of this gospel treat their behavior problems with the world’s remedies of “Pagan Psychology posing as Christian” and psychotropic medications. Popular remedies include Positive or Possibility Thinking, Positive Confession, Visualization, Psychotherapy, Meditation, Biofeedback, Hypnosis, Holistic Medicine and a whole spectrum of self-improvement, success and motivation techniques.

The Biblical meaning of these Gospel Terms:
Each of the Gospel terms listed above are terms the Scripture uses to refer to the choice God offers the lost man to turn to God from the only sin God condemns him for, his rebellion against God, “turn to God, from idols to serve the living and true God and to wait for his Son from heaven whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come.” 1Thes1:9-10 In this Gospel “God offers life, but not an improved old life. The life He offers is life out of death. It stands always on the far side of the cross. Whoever would possess it must pass under the rod. He must repudiate himself and concur in God’s just sentence against him.”* Since Salvation is Christ, a person rather than a thing, the purpose of Salvation is Life, not just forgiveness. The Lord Jesus Christ has saved the convert from the penalty of sin, is continually saving him from the power of sin, and will eventually save him from the presence of sin as well as assuring him of forgiveness of sin and heaven when he dies.

Response to this gospel produces a new life. The covert’s approach is to repent from sin much like the Roman Citizen who when he took up his cross knew he was not coming back. This permanent decision produces “everlasting life”. The convert knows that the cross for him means the death of his way, his self; self-love, self-pity, self-seeking, self-confidence, self-righteousness, self-aggrandizement, and self-defense. Converts receive Spiritual Life out of death, Christ living in them, Eternal Life. Converts are Saints and no longer “just human” dependent on will power alone. They are one with the Supernatural One - God. Converts have peace and joy, a moment by moment relationship with The Lord Jesus where they are subject and He is Lord, and Holy Spirit assurance that they have eternal life and are going to heaven when they die. Converts are “new creatures” and have the power to live a new life in Christ able to obey all the truth they know. The power of sin is broken in their lives meaning that even though they can sin they no longer have to sin. If the convert does sin he has an advocate with Jesus Christ. Life becomes a routine of learning more truth, obeying that truth, then learning more truth. Converts are persecuted for living Godly in Christ Jesus and suffer the rejection of the world just as Jesus and the apostles did.

Converts of this gospel have repented toward God and exercised faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, becoming His subject exercising childlike dependency on God for everything. Converts see the issues of their lives as opportunities for God to work in their lives believing that the Scripture is “given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. 2Tim 3:16-17.

In conclusion:
”The Bible calls us to that kingdom, which cannot be established by our programs or efforts, but which we can enter through repentance of our attempts to play at being gods. Eternal life is what God offers to a race deserving of eternal judgment, and it can only be received as a free gift of His grace by those willing to receive Christ as their only Savior and Lord, the One who died for their sins and rose again to live His life in them. This may sound too elementary to those who confront a world of chaos and hopelessness and who imagine that modern methods and therapies lately developed by this or that school of psychology are needed in this advanced age. Yet this is the simple prescription given by God in His Word, and since the basic disease hasn’t changed, we don’t need a modern version of the remedy.” “The Seduction of Christianity”, Dave Hunt, p224.

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 Re: The Meaning of Gospel Terms


Great post brother. I may go along with an article I read by Watchman Nee about the expression of Christ…here is part of it:

What is the Body of Christ? The Body of Christ is the continuation of Christ's life on earth. When He came to the earth and lived on earth, He expressed Himself through a body. Today He still requires a body to express Himself. Just as a man needs a body to express all that he is, Christ needs a body to express Himself. The function of the Body is to be the full expression of Christ. We cannot manifest our personality through any one member of our body—the ears, mouth, eyes, hands, or feet—alone. Similarly, Christ cannot manifest His personality through any one member of His Body. It takes His whole Body to manifest Him. We must see that everything of Christ is expressed through His Body. This is not all. The Body of Christ is the extension and continuation of Christ on earth. He spent more than thirty years on earth to reveal Himself. He did this as the individual Christ. Today He is revealing Himself through the church. This is the corporate Christ. Formerly, Christ was expressed individually; now He is expressed corporately. (The mystery of Christ-Chapter 3)


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Greg had a little article on Receiving Christ that I wrote a few weeks ago. It might be a thought provoker for some.

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