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 Six disciples of Christ from God’s chosen people suffer here

Joana Mindrutz surprised many by her action. She boldly walked up to a police officer and stated, “Six disciples of Christ from God’s chosen people suffer here. I want to suffer with them.” Soon she was singing with the accused who had been arrested earlier that day—a Jewish Christian pastor, his wife, and the four other imprisoned Christians.
The Romanian government, since allying with Nazi Germany, had persecuted and murdered Jews at an alarming rate. But this particular Jewish Christian couple was widely known and loved throughout Romania—Pastor Richard Wurmbrand and his wife, Sabina.
The day of the trial, several renowned religious leaders came to the defense of the Wurmbrands, hoping that their intervention would free them. But suddenly the skies filled with Soviet warplanes and everyone, including each prisoner, was escorted quickly to the bomb shelters. There, Pastor Wurmbrand was able to pray for the group, including the judges. His prayer was really a disguised call to faith and repentance, and when the danger passed and the trial resumed, a miracle took place.
God had moved in the hearts of the judges during that crisis, and the Wurmbrands were acquitted! One judge added, “The police arrested six people, but there are seven standing before me. There is obviously a mix-up. Case dismissed!”
It was, in fact, the only case at that time in which accused Jews were acquitted.

It’s inexplicable. It’s unbelievable. Whenever God steps into our reality, his footsteps are unmistakable. Sometimes things happen in such a way that even those who are unbelieving observers admit someone or something is watching over us. They may refer to him as “the Man upstairs” looking out for us or as our “Guardian Angel.” As Christians, however, we know our heavenly Father is powerful and caring enough to do a miracle for us when we need one. Have you been privileged to witness God’s intervention in your life or the life of a loved one? Spend some time today thanking God for intervening in your life.

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