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 i repent

lately, the last six months or so, it had become lodged in the garrisons of my soul, "that is was too late, that revival will never again come to america". God the Holy Ghost impressed upon my heart to pray, to tarry, to believe in the Hope of God, in a Heaven sent revival...and NEVER to give up Hope Faith and Love......i simply must give more an active consideration to my private prayer life, and to seek revival...nothing man made, but God the Holy Ghost saturating the very atmosphere of this land.

so forgive me, i repent and will endevour in the strenght i have to tarry for revival.

 2011/11/7 12:06

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 Re: i repent

Only God answers Prayer, regardless of how we Pray or what for, he and he only can answer them, our job is just to never give up, this is why some folks of the Bible stayed in Prayer. When I pray for someone health, I always come back and Pray to the Lord for everyone in this whole worlds health. Just as Jesus said Lazarus come forth, he only said Lazarus name, or I believe all the past dead would have risen. Just as in Prayer, if we Pray for many, if he answers our Prayer for all to be healthy, all will be healthy. I Love James Robinson, and all he does for the hungry children in foreign lands, but there are starving folks in America, when we help and pray, we must help and pray for all.It's just as important how we Pray, as what we Pray for.

Mr. Bill

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 Re: i repent

I am guilty of the same, Neil. Thank you for the admonishment. I too repent of my unbelief.....

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Revival historically always began with one person... in prayer... praying "change me Oh Lord... revive me..."

It's usually not focussed on the fact that OTHERS need revival, it's focussed on the fact that I need revival.


 2011/11/7 13:09

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Amen, Krispy. Absolutely true...

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