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 Putting your religion into action

I wrote a blog post about this as I was inspired by a sermonette from Saturday night. Our church is doing a series in which the pastor hands out little cards with a mission for the week. He then asks for people to send him emails about their experience.

THe first week was to do a random act of kindness such as paying a bill for someone or just helping a perfect stranger out. The pastor of the Saturday evening service mentioned that his wife was having hard time gettin that done because she either forgot to do it when she wanted to do it or when she was ready to do it nobody was around.

This got me thinking, there are christians who love to wear christian clothing and become a kind of billboard. I wonder, what would happen if those people used that clothing to purpose do random acts of kindness? If when they put on that shirt, that hat that it caused or motivat them to do a random act of kindness? Do you think people would take notice? Especially if those stranger began to realize that this action was from a christian?

Something to think about.



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