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Bless you!

I don't believe it's because women are lesser than man. I just believe that it is GOD's "order of things".

Yes, Paul mentions that it was Eve that was "deceived" but Adam sinned with knowledge and should have not eaten the fruit and sought GOD for forgiveness for his fallen wife, being her protector, not submit to her /:

I think GOD just set up, from that point on, that men would rule over women and The Church.

 2011/11/17 16:26


Could I just add one thing though ... I think women are responsible to "hear from GOD" well enough to not follow a heretic or false prophet. That hearing from GOD is an equal responsibility for both genders ... though the dissemination of that falls more on the men.... but if a woman is faced with such a man, such as a false teacher or prophet, that she can say something To him and not be usurping authority or teaching but just saying, "GOD's Word says.." .... OR - "prophesy" or be used in any of the other gifts besides just Scriptural discernment, in the Church and outside of the Church.
Men that are Spiritually/Scriptually wrong should not be feared but addressed, lest they cause the Young in Christ to stumble and if a man isn't present to protect - a woman may have to. We're built with mother's hearts - like a mother lion's heart when needed.

Bless you again.

 2011/11/17 16:42

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The question still remains why is it the man who has the authority over the woman and the woman should remain silent? Does it stem to Eve? Is it just a matter of divine order?

why is there more dissemination falling more on the man vs both male and female? I ask this only to understand the scenerio more and find reasons for it other than 'Because the bible says so' which doesn't offer up true reality, if that makes sense?


 2011/11/17 18:20Profile

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