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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : Die, Wait, And Get Alone by Leonard Ravenhil

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 Die, Wait, And Get Alone by Leonard Ravenhil

Die, Wait, And Get Alone by Leonard Ravenhill

Topic: Dying To Self

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

 2011/11/5 10:59Profile

 Re: Die, Wait, And Get Alone by Leonard Ravenhil

Jeremy, thank you again for posting Another good sermon.

I don't have time to shop around for the good ones, with this borrowed connection I'm on - so I look forward to your posts and that of others.

May I just ask a question of you and I'll explain 'why'?

Are you a Brother or Sister?

The reason I ask, is I met a Sister on another forum with the name Jeremy and wanted to explain to her that I wasn't aiming a post at her that read "To the pure, all things are pure." but it was a general post to defend a brother that I saw who was getting sort of attacked. She thought I was aiming that scripture verse at her - but I couldn't get back on that forum to say, "No Sister, it was by no means aimed at you." -- only was to defend the heart of a brother who I felt to defend.

Anyhow - have wanted to ask you this for some time.

If you're a Brother Jeremy, please disregard this part :)

"Thank you" again!!

 2011/11/5 14:43

Joined: 2009/11/7
Posts: 1442


Hi Jesus-Is-GOD,

I'm a brother. I took this avatar because of all the wonderful friends the Lord has given over the years named Jeremy.


 2011/11/5 15:35Profile


Was thinking about all that Joseph went through in order to be the one who would feed his family and people during the famine. His story never ceases to amaze me.

This was truly a very rich sermon. Like very precious gold.
Thank you again, Brother!

 2011/11/6 1:08

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