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I just finished reading 'Green Leaf in Drought' by Isobel Kuhn. For those who do not know Isobel Kuhn is the wife of John Kuhn, missionary with the same organization, OMF, that Hudson Taylor started.

It is a short biographical account written by Isobel Kuhn about 2 of the last missionaries to leave China in their turn toward Communism. They struggled for 2 years, while the Chinese tried to starve them, before they were delivered by His grace.

Very easy read. I finished it within a few days.


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Shadows of the Beast by Jacob Prasch. Though I haven't gotten that far into it yet.

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 Re: What books are you reading ?

The story of Samuel Morris, a Black man from Liberia .
Please read that book and you will be challenged about the power of the Holy Ghost.

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"The Beatitudes" God's Plan For Battle
by Russell Stendal (I picked up this little but powerful book at the OKLA VOM conference.)

Learning more from the ones who are persecuted and the ones who take the Gospel into the restricted and hostile Nations than anything else. They all are taking a stand for Jesus and risking their lives so others will know that Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I am so humbled by them.

There is no discussion on theology etc. just a pure heart for the Lord Jesus Christ and for the lost and each other. Praise His Holy Name. People who are so interested in the things of the Kingdom of God. I am so very blessed by them and am longing and desiring to have a deeper and a more passionate heart of God myself.

Other Nations call us the sleeping giant. God help us. We must look inward as to where we are sleeping and ask the Holy Spirit to wake us up and give us His heart.

All glory to God!

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 Re: What books are you reading ?

I've enjoyed books by Watchman Nee as I know this author made me fall in love more and more with Christ.

Here's a list of them:

The Normal Christian Life

The Release of the Spirit

The Overcoming Life (Another Title for this book is called "The Life that Wins"

Secrets to Spiritual Power

In Christ,

- Michael Liao

Michael Liao

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Preachers & Preaching - Martin Lloyd-Jones

JOHN - R.C. Sproul


 2011/11/6 6:48

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 Re: What books are you reading ?

Why Revival Tarries by Leonard Ravenhill and Joy In Believing by Henry Sloane Coffin.

Scott Thompson

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Coffin... now there's a unique last name. If that was my last name I probably would have become an undertaker!

That would be funny.


 2011/11/6 8:52

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"Coffin... now there's a unique last name. If that was my last name I probably would have become an undertaker!"

Haha. I actually know of a mortician whose last name is "Goodnight". Now that's a name for someone in our profession!

But while I'm here, and to answer this tread's original question, the book I've been reading is "The Great Falling Away Today" by Milton Green.

Paul Frederick West

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