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 Israel's Top Rabbi: 'God Is Angry'


Israel's Chief Sephardi Rabbi Amar was asked, among other questions, about the situation of "agunah" - a woman who is apparently widowed but unable to marry again because there is no proof of her husband's death. He said that a special rabbinical court will be established to "deal with the problem, hear all the details and remove the status of 'aguna.'"

The earthshaking disaster in southeast Asia shows that "G-d is angry" and that "we must pray more and ask for mercy," Rabbi Amar told the Ynet website. "The nations of the world are obligated to observe the seven Noahide laws, such as prohibitions against murder and illicit relations... The deaths are very painful."

No one should mourn for those who are missing until the rescue missions stop trying to find victims, the rabbi added. Israeli rescue teams are planning to remain in the region for at least another few days for this purpose.

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