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 Jaeson Ma- 1040

Hey guys so about a year ago I went to an event called 1040. It was an event to show a documentary made about Christianity in the 1040 window and Asia. It was a really good eye opening documentary.

I also got a chance to hear Jaeson Ma preach at this event. He has a really powerful salvation testimony and post salvation testimony where a church was started in his highschool and revival broke on his university campus The whole testimony can be read in his book "The Blueprint" I have personally read it and it has encouraged me and helped me a lot.

When he preached it was really powerful many of the believers there spent 3-4 hours crying out to the Lord in prayer. Part of his calling is to start 24/7 houses of prayer on university campuses and to outreach university campuses. Though many of the Christians were encouraged I think it also had the negative effect of hyping up others in a way that was not fruitful. However overall It was a good time of prayer!

I have listened to some his sermons and been following some of the things that he has been doing on his blog:

This is a 5 hour sermon on the Kingdom from Genesis to Revelation

Thoughts on this? I learned many things from this sermon however it definitely isnt like Leonard Ravenill/ Paul Washer....

I find him to be realy genuine in sharing his struggles and as a result this has helped me a lot in my own walk with the Lord! Here are a couple of his down to earth experiences with God:

I see him as someone that God is truly working through.
The only thing that is REALLY CONFUSING! Is that he acknowledges people who are very controversial and who a I believe are false prophets such as Rick Joyner.

I know he is very invovled in the prophetic movement.

So basically im just a little confused. Any comments?

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 Re: Jaeson Ma- 1040

If anybody on SI can please give some feedback to my brother Evangel on this post, it would be great!

I do myself need some insight on this subject as well.


- Michael Liao

Michael Liao

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Here is a quick tidbit. Since there isn't much known about Jaeson because he is still a C level christian celebrity, I had to do a lot of research.

I'm out in L.A. and have been to Jaeson's apartment for prayer meetings. I went out on street evangelism outings with his group using false and fake "words of wisdom"(from God) to witness to people. I have friends who were apart of his group for awhile. Originally, I thought he was legit but the more I researched into his affiliations and his real message, I realized he is a very very clever wolf in sheep's clothing.

When in doubt, look at his affiliations. He said that he attends Harvest Rock Church led by Che Ahn, a total false prophet who shared the stage with Todd Bentley.

If you go to Harvest Rock's website, on the homepage, Joel Osteen does a video where he says he endorses Che Ahn and the church. It has been removed and put back on the website.

He is also aligned with Carl Choi, who is engaged or married to Michelle Phan(the asian make up girl on youtube). Carl manages Jaeson but also manages the Far East Movement. Jaeson would always joke around saying that he(Carl)was the king of the the night, and that he was the king of the day or something like that.

Jaeson is first an "artist" then a wannabee preacher who uses emotions and popularity for his benefit. He disguises it saying it's all God but it's really for him and his ego.

Don't listen to just his words, look at his actions. Read between the lines.

The next generation false prophets will preach well enough to pass the original sniff test, you have to look at their actions and their associations.

He is also apart of or associated with the ACPE (Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders) who are all known false prophets

He also employs the fake leg growing trick. I went on "healing evangelism" trips with a couple of friends and the only time, they healing actually "supposedly worked" was with this trick so I began doing research on this because it was odd.

This is how they do it.

I knew it was fake when a friend of mine would do the trick on everyone else but would refuse to do it on me saying "you're legs are already straight" but he would tell everyone else "most people don't know but a lot of us have uneven legs"

Mike Bickle probably is affliating with Ma because of Ma's influence on the asian demographic.

You have to realize that these guys are very smart, Jaeson was a hustler before his path to being a pastor. I don't think he ever went to seminary or anything like that. He is smart because he does not ever overstep boundaries like other false prophets and that's why there is no one really calling him out. Also no one is calling him out because he really is a nobody right now. It doesn't take much to gain traction in the christian asian demographic.

He also has prophesied outrageous events and they were wrong

He also speaks of crazy visions and dreams and how God is always telling him to do something with crazy prophecies that somehow only he gets because he is anointed, and superholy, just like the ihop folks.

That's whats wrong with all these prophetic movements, it praises the man, not God. Look at the character of the old testament true prophets and these fake new prophets. The o.t. prophets were the most unpopular people and paid dearly for being a prophet but these new "so-called" prophets often use their prophecy to become more popular and also to earn a living.

That's the ultimate sniff test, do they praise themselves or do they praise God. If God told him to retire from being an artist and stop doing all these speaking engagements for his ego, would Jaeson do it? What if God called him to a noname country where people hated him for preaching Christ and he had no friends, no money, no nothing, would he still do it?

How much is he willing to suffer if needed to follow Christ?

Right now, following Christ made his life on earth way better than it was going. He was about to be incarcerated a 3rd time and he had nothing before his "conversion"

There is much more if you want to know but don't take my word for it. Please do your own research and test everything.

last, I'm not saying that I don't like Jaeson, he seems like a cool guy. But he is definitely doing something wrong and leading many away and my hope is that he will truly change.

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example of prophetic letter from Jaeson sent out in 4/2011



(The coming cataclysmic shakings to awaken the Church to its finest hour) - Prophetic Journal ~ Jaeson Ma

The following prophetic revelations and journey took place between March 16, 2010 through March 16, 2011 as sign posts for what the Holy Spirit is doing in this hour in the Church worldwide to prepare His people for a last great spiritual awakening. As you read this, I ask you to pray for the coming global crisis upon us, for the Church to arise to it's destined moment, and pray for mercy over the nations of the earth. I share this prophetic journal with great sobriety and at the same time with expectant faith, knowing our God has called us to make disciples of all nations till His kingdom fully comes in all it's power and glory. JMA


It was on March 16, 2010 (3/16/2010) that I was awoken at 4:03AM suddenly by the Lord. I got out of my bed and 1 minute later a 4.4 earthquake shook the Southern California region. I immediately looked up online minutes later to check the earthquakes scale and it came to be 4.4. The Holy Spirit then spoke to me that this was not an accident but a sign. Two passages of scripture came to my mind; Psalm 4:4 and Isaiah 40:4.

“Be angry, and do not sin. Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still. Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and put your trust in the Lord.” Psalm 4:4

“Every valley shall be exalted & every mountain and hill brought low; the crooked places shall be made straight and the rough places smooth; the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken.” Isaiah 40:4

After meditating on these two scriptures, the Lord impressed upon my heart that everything that can be shaken is about to be shaken! I asked the Lord what did He mean? He told me, “prepare yourself first and make sure that you are standing right before the Lord in all ways, for many have put their trust in themselves & when the coming shakings begin they will not be able to stand for their houses are built on sand.” Then He spoke to me, “I am about to shake every man made institution and Babylonian system (referring to demonic human structures) in Government, Business, Education, Media, Arts, Family & Religion - these being the 7 mountains of culture. For too long Satan has had his reign and control, but the wealth of the wicked is now about to be released into the hands of the righteous.” Then recognizing that this 4.4 earthquake happened on 3/16, I knew in my heart that the coming shakings were to awaken God’s church to a coming spiritual revival that would bring in a massive harvest of souls – John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Later during this week, while carrying this revelation in my heart I was asked to speak at a Bible study in Hollywood with artists and industry executives. I went to this Bible study prepared to speak about “The Calling of the Artisan” from Exodus 31. Instead, the moment I went to the stage to preach the Spirit of the Lord gripped me and I began to weep and pray for Hollywood nearly 30 minutes. I then felt led by the Holy Spirit to speak on Isaiah 6 and the fear of the Lord coming upon the prophet Isaiah. I was instantly given a message of God’s “Majesty, Mercy & Mission” that His glory was being revealed in our land, and if we did not honor His majesty, appreciate His mercy and respond to His holy mission, many would be left behind in the next coming move of the Holy Spirit specifically in Los Angeles. I shared about the 4.4 earthquakes that took place at 4:04 and it’s prophetic significance, then something dramatic happened.

After I shared my word, a young man who was a musician and worship leader for a major local church walked up to the stage to share. He said that he normally is opposed to words of prophecy, especially in regards to judgment, but when I began to share about the significance of the 4.4 quakes his body began to tremble under the presence of the Lord. He begin to share how his entire life was centered on the number “4” because to him as a musician “4” is the number for worship. All music is written in the metronome of 4’s. He shared his testimony of how he was a preacher’s son, but he rejected the call to lead worship because he hated the institutional church and wanted to achieve his own dream of being a rock star musician. Yet the Lord would not allow him to destroy himself for He loved him too much and 7 years ago he surrendered his will to God’s and entered into the ministry of worship leading others into God’s presence at a local church in southern California. He confirmed that what I was speaking prophetically was true, that God indeed is shaking all things that can be shaken, because no one will be able to steal the glory that belongs to Him. If we think as believers we can be “Christians in Hollywood” but still secretly desire our own glory in His name, these we will be tested, for the Lord will only use those who truly desire no glory but His.

As he finished sharing, I felt led to lead the small Bible study into a time of repentance, seeking and encountering God’s manifest glory. As this happened, the Holy Spirit took control of my body, soul and spirit and I began to be caught up in an open vision over the city of Los Angeles. I began to prophesy with tears what I saw in the vision, “There will be great destruction in Southern California, an earthquake of magnitude proportions, many will lose their lives, but in the midst of this great shaking I saw the Hollywood Bowl filled with great glory. I literally see tens of thousands packing the outdoor stadium inside and outside, many are coming from different cities to bring in their dead on stretchers and the glory of the Lord was so thick and tangible they were instantly raised from the dead! I then saw the Rose Bowl, the streets of Los Angeles filled with outdoor worship like never in the history of any revival in Southern California. It was glorious.

To confirm this prophetic vision I sensed in my spirit there would be an earthquake (some sort of tangible shaking) that would shake Southern California on Easter 4/4/2010 that year, we were to watch for the sign for it would come to pass.

Then I pointed to the young worship leader and gave him a prophecy, “I saw your father and the worship leader Keith Green of the Jesus movement look down from heaven upon you smiling and releasing their mantles upon you. I saw you leading worship in the Hollywood Bowl in front of the multitudes leading them into the glory of the Lord.” I then came back to my right mind and this young worship leader came up to me to share personally in response to the prophetic word just given to him. He said to me, “You have no idea how much that prophetic word meant to me. The reason why I entered back into the ministry of worship was because at the lowest point of my career for six months, all I did was listen to my father’s old preaching tapes and Keith Green worship CD’s. It was one morning, that my Atheist neighbor downstairs had a dream and couldn’t move from it. She told me the dream and said that she was in heaven with God and she saw my father and a man she had never heard of (describing to him how they both looked accurately) named Keith Green smiling down from heaven over him.” The prophetic word I had given him was spot on, all was confirmed, and massive shaking was coming to Southern California. But would this be a literal or spiritual shaking, or both?

A few days before 4/4/2010 I had a business meeting in West LA, as I walked out of my meeting I noticed I was standing across the street from a major record company head quarters. This record company was known for releasing music that was blatantly demonic and dark in the last 20 years. I heard the Lord say to me, “Go outside of this record company, lift up your hands and declare that the walls of this company shall fall down and that it will go bankrupt in 36 months! As it was with the city of Jericho so it shall be with this record company!” I did as the Lord commanded me. I walked outside in the rain, feeling incredibly awkward with security guards staring at me. As I finished declaring and warring in the spirit out loud outside of this record company, I then felt the Lord say to me, “Do not leave yet, there is someone coming outside you must pray for!” But I wrestled with the Lord because it was cold, raining and I had no jacket. I finally surrendered to the Lord and waited outside for another 20 minutes, when finally two people walked outside the building for a cigarette break. The Lord showed me it was a young man that I was to pray for. So I walked up to him and his co-worker a female, I asked them if I could pray for them and they both agreed. We held hands and I prophesied over both of them, one began to weep and the young man in shock said to me, “Wow that was a powerful prayer, who are you?” I then asked him who he was first and he said, “I work at this record company in the marketing division and my name is… Jericho!” I was taken aback when he told me his name was Jericho because I had just prayed that the stronghold and walls of this record company would fall like the city of Jericho! Another confirmation that indeed the human institutions and Babylonian structures of darkness would be shaken for the taking back of God’s kingdom.

A few days later, after I had published the prophetic word that there would be an earthquake or some type of manifested shaking on 4/4, many people & church leaders were replying with questions, negative comments and such on why I would prophesy such a word. I had no answer, other than I had to prophesy what I was inspired at the moment by the Holy Spirit…

On 4/4 around 3:40PM PST (4:40 CST) an earthquake shook Southern California and everyone could feel it. Immediately, my personal blog site shut down from so many people around the world who wanted to confirm the prophecy that predicted an earthquake would shake Southern California on 4/4/2010 to confirm the vision that the Lord was coming in His glory to shake everything that can be shaken in every sphere of society, as we know it.


In May 2010 I was invited to speak at the Global Day of Prayer in South Africa. During this trip the Holy Spirit gave me a deep revelation on the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ & the battle between light and darkness over the minds of this last day generation.

As I was boarding my plane from Los Angeles, LAX to London Heathrow I saw a Rolling Stones magazine with WILL I AM of the popular hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas on the cover. I felt the Spirit prompting me to buy the magazine, read the article and pray for WILL I AM. I knew there would be some kind of divine connection in the future there fore I was to understand this man’s mind and genius.

When our plane landed in London, I had got off onto the wrong transit gate and had to return back to the correct corridor and gate. I got on a transit bus; only to my surprise two other hip-hop looking brothers had also gotten on the wrong transit and rode back with me. I asked them who they were and what they did. They told me they were DJ’s and producers. One brother said, “I am the original DJ for the Black Eyed Peas.” I knew this was not a chance encounter so I asked them if they wanted to grab a lunch meal together before we boarded our flights. They agreed and we sat down to share our stories and music background.

Both of them listened to my song “LOVE” and they were both deeply moved upon listening. One brother said, “You know this song is powerful, I have never heard anything like it, there must be a market for this, let me know how I can help in anyway. How did you become an artist and minister?”

I ended up sharing my personal testimony and prophesied over both of these brothers during lunch. They began to weep uncontrollably. One brother said to me, “Do you really believe that Jesus will forgive my sins?” I said, “Of course this is His promise.” He said, “Thank you so much!” Then the other brother, former DJ of the BEP said, “I would have never gone to church, but thank you for bringing church to me today!” They were saved, touched and inspired. This made me think about what God was trying to tell me about the power of music and it’s role in the end times to save this generation from its sin.

When I finally got to Cape Town South Africa I was a bit fatigued and sick from the long flight, but I was able to make the main session to pray for the youth of the nations. Before I went up to pray, Loren Cunningham the founder of YWAM (Youth With a Mission) the largest missions organization in the world shared from the main stage about the current global mission movement and how close we are to finishing the Great Commission.

He said all of the end time Biblical prophecies & the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ center around one specific verse, Matthew 24:14

“And this Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”

Loren then shared with us that currently we have less than 200 un-reached people groups to reach with the Gospel of the kingdom and that these 200 can be reached with a Gospel witness within the next 24 months. When I heard this, my spirit leaped in excitement and at the same time a strong sense of urgency overcame me in prayer. To think, that the Great Commission could be fulfilled in our lifetime. Believers have been waiting for this mission to be accomplished for over 2,000 years, yet we are now so close. 24 months would literally bring us to the year 2012, what would this mean for us now as God’s army? What are we to do if there may only be so many days, years or a few decades left before the Lord’s return?

The Lord then spoke to me, “prepare for cultural war.” I wasn’t sure what He meant by this, but it would soon be revealed the next two evenings. After the main session of the Global Day of Prayer, I stayed two more days in South Africa. Because I was sick, I stayed in my hotel room the next two evenings. Each evening, while sick in bed the Holy Spirit spoke to me clearly and said, “Turn on the TV I am about to show you how evil spreads.”

As I turned on the TV the first evening under the Holy Spirit’s direction, a documentary came on the TV channel about Hugh Hefner & the Playboy enterprise. God told me to study the principles of this company and its impact upon the culture of the world. In only a few decades a young entrepreneur by the name of Hugh Hefner was filled with an extremely dark idea to make pornography and sexual immorality mainstream in America and the global culture. No one would support his crazy idea, so he raised his own capital, found his own talent, created an unforgettable brand (Playboy Bunny), secured distribution and released a global movement of sexual immorality, liberalism & anti-Christ agenda through magazine print, then TV, journalism, Playboy Gentleman’s clubs and reality TV. This spread porn and sexual liberalism across the US and around the world, making it acceptable, mainstream and led culture to be sexualized corrupting the purity and holiness of the Lord in one generation to be spread to another. Playboy was one of the first liberal magazines to promote anti-Christ agendas such as abortion, euthanasia, same sex marriage and other liberal movements.

Then the second evening once again the Holy Spirit spoke to me to turn on the TV and He would show me how evil spreads. This time two different but similar documentaries were playing on different channels simultaneously. Both were about the two major hip-hop record labels during the early 1990’s that released a global youth movement of gangster rap that promoted blatantly in it’s music a spirit of- lying, gang violence, killing, cheating, stealing, death, drugs, detrimental & addictive behaviors, vanity, materialism, sexual immorality, and demonic worship. As I watched these two documentaries of these major record labels, once again the principles of how evil spread through them were the same. Satan filled a young entrepreneur with a vision to take an extremely dark idea “gangster rap or extreme vanity & immoral living” to the masses and make it mainstream. No one in their day believed in their extreme ideas, so they both raised their own capital funding, groomed their own talent roster, created their own brand (emblems), found legal protection, secured distribution and overnight released a massive wave of darkness into the youth culture of the world. I knew this to be true, when I walked the impoverished townships of Cape Town South Africa, where the murder rates were higher than anywhere else in the world, and on the walls of their townships are murals of famous gangster rappers, not Jesus.

When I finished watching these two documentaries about these hip hop labels the Holy Spirit said to me, “If Satan could do so much with extreme darkness, how much more can I (GOD) do with extreme light?”

The Lord then confirmed in a dramatic way at the end of my trip that indeed He was going to release a new anointing and calling upon the children of light to take back the music industry worldwide to bring Him the glory that belongs to Him and impact the culture in a way even greater than what the forces of darkness could ever do, by the new forces of light who represent God’s eternal kingdom.

On my way back from South Africa to London to Los Angeles, British Airways the airline I came on had a company strike. Therefore, my flight back to Los Angeles was cancelled. I was already so sick that I couldn’t bear to stay any longer in my condition so I asked my assistant to find me any flight possible that would leave the next day back to LA. She was able to secure a next day flight, the last one, and I upgraded to business class because I was so fatigued to have a restful flight home. This was all in God’s plan, as I walked onto the plane the person sitting next to me said, “Did you just see who walked into first class? That was Sir Paul McCartney of the Beatles!” I thought it was funny, but when I told my business & ministry partner about being on the same plane with Sir Paul jokingly he said, “Why don’t you try to shake his hand and steal his anointing for music.” I laughed out loud, but then I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to do it!

The Lord told me to write a prophetic note of encouragement to Sir Paul, give him my CD “LOVE” as a token of my appreciation for his musical inspiration, and step out in faith to shake his hand. When the plane landed in LAX, out walked from first class David Beckman, then Sir Paul with a guitar on his back and duffel bags in both hands. Security surrounded them both as they walked out the plane to customs. Then I heard the Holy Spirit say to me one word, “GO!” So I booked it! I walked as fast as I could in the direction they went and before I knew it was walking side by side with Sir Paul and only one security guard by him. I tapped him on the shoulder and said “Hello” and he said, “Hello, what’s going on with you?” I told him, “Sir Paul I am an artist and also a minister, I’ve been inspired by your music and studied Sgt. Pepper for 3 weeks in my high school music appreciation class. He said, “Really, that’s longer than we spent on it jokingly.” I then told him that I wanted to give him a prayer note of thanks and my CD “LOVE” he was very thankful and asked me to put in his duffle bag. When I had done that, he lifted up his bag out of his hand onto his forearm and extended his hand out to shake mine. I was shocked, but as we shook hands, I prayed in my spirit, “Lord the anointing that you gave to the Beatles to play music for your glory, but instead was used to glorify themselves and spread liberalism to a generation, I now take back that anointing and release it upon a new generation of musicians who will play music for Your glory and change the world with a new sound of heaven!”

I then said, “God bless you Sir Paul.” We parted ways, but my right hand experienced a supernatural presence that I still can’t explain. My right hand could not move for the next one hour. Literally, I couldn’t bend my fingers and I could see the blood in my veins shooting back and forth in my right hand. There was a supernatural transaction that occurred, I don’t know what happened, but something significant happened. I was messaging my business and ministry partner with my left hand what supernaturally transacted, while my right hand continued to burn with a presence and anointing that was unexplainable. It was confirmed, God was about take back the music industry for His glory for the last end time battle to impact culture for His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.


After my divine encounter in South Africa, I went on a summer world tour across all of the major countries of Asia preaching, performing and screening our missions documentary “1040” to tens of thousands of students calling them forth to a new student mission movement back to Jerusalem. Over, 10,000 students committed to 2 years of marketplace missions to bring the Gospel into Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, and Northern Africa and finally back to Jerusalem to finish the Great Commission. I was amazed at the heartfelt and radical response to the call of missions every country I stepped foot in as thousands committed to bring the Gospel to the last remaining nations in the 1040 window where the largest Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist populations remain. Yet, I wasn’t surprised at the level of response to answer the call after listening to Loren Cunningham from YWAM talk about how close we are to fulfilling Matthew 24:14 and the Great Commission, it was all a part of God’s end time strategy to save all nations.

At the end of my world tour in Asia, I went to a special conference in Israel to show “1040” and spread the vision of the student back to Jerusalem movement. It was there that I had a personal encounter with Dr. Tom Hess the founder of the All Nations Jerusalem Convocation that gathers thousands of global leaders from all nations each year in Jerusalem to pray and call forth Christian leaders of the world to bring the Gospel from their nations back to Israel, Jerusalem. This was my third year speaking in Jerusalem at this international conference.

While there, Tom Hess took me aside to share with me why they started their house of prayer ministry in Jerusalem over 25 years ago. He told me it is because they believe that indeed through the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy we are in the last generation before the Lord’s return.

I asked Dr. Tom, “How do you know Biblically that we are the last generation before the 2nd coming?” He told me their ministry was based and inspired upon Matthew 24:32-35 & Luke 21:29-33 and the parable of the fig tree.

“Now learn this parable from the fig tree: When its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near. So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near – at the doors!” Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place. Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.” Matthew 24:32-35

“The He spoke to them a parable: “Look at the fig tree, and all the trees. When they are already budding, you see and know for yourselves that summer is now near. So you also, when you see these things happening, know that the kingdom of God is near. Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all things take place. Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will be no means pass away.” Luke 21:29-33

He shared with me from a Biblical, theological, eschatological and historic perspective Matthew 24:32-35 & Luke 21: 29-33 were prophetically fulfilled when Israel once again became a nation in 1948 & Jerusalem was restored as the capital city in 1967. These two historical events were a signpost that we are now indeed in the last days where this generation will see the Lord’s return. He explained that symbolically the “fig tree’s branch becoming tender” was Jesus referring to Israel becoming a nation. The branch “puts forth leaves” was Jesus referring to Jerusalem being restored as the capital city in order for end time apocalyptic events to occur. One sign of the branch putting forth leaves would be an end day Jewish revival of Messianic Jews turning to the Lord. According to missiologists, in 1967 there were only 3,000 messianic Jews, but today there are more than 300,000 messianic Jews in less than 40 years. Indeed the branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves! It then says, in verse .34 “Assuredly, I say to you, THIS, generation will be no means pass away till all these things take place. That is THE generation that sees Israel become a nation, Jerusalem restored as the capital city with a messianic Jewish revival, will see all of Matthew 24 take place which is Jesus second coming!

When Dr. Tom Hess explained this eschatological revelation to me I took it to heart. I knew God was getting my attention that indeed we are in the last days and now more than ever the Church must arise globally to take the Gospel into all nations and redeem the time. With not much time left, how would we get the Gospel to all of the world’s culture, to all of this generation? It would have to be through massive prayer but a new form of missions, missions through the marketplace, it would be a raging escalated battle between darkness and light in the end of days.


When I had arrived back from Israel to Los Angeles something very strange occurred. A friend of mine who is a celebrity actor and famous music artist messaged me on my cell phone telling me that he was struggling to love Jesus because he was hearing voices telling him to serve Satan, join the Free Masons and Illuminati. He even began to send signals on his phone icon with pictures of “Baphomet” the goat god symbolic of Lucifer himself that Free Masons worship.

Right after I received this weird text message, I looked on my social media twitter feed and saw multiple tweets (online messages) of my mentor MC Hammer challenging and calling out the hip hop icon Jay-Z for his worship of Satan and allegiance to Free Masonry. I was alarmed to see this because MC Hammer is the most well known hip hop legend in the world with over 2 million followers on twitter, him calling out Jay Z would definitely cause a ruckus and cause news headlines. Immediately, I called up Hammer to ask him what was going on. He told me that Jay Z had dissed him on a new song pertaining to his past financial dealings & the Lord had told him to expose Jay Z with his own lyrics and words. For those of you who don’t know, the most downloaded and famous pop song on radio in 2010 was Jay Z “Empire State of Mind” --- exactly three minutes and nine seconds into the song on his third verse he says explicitly with no apology the following lyrics…

“Jesus can’t save you. Life begins when the Church ends.”

His clothing line “ROC A WEAR” consistently carries symbols and imagery of Free Mason symbols, with words on clothing like “DO WHAT THOU WILT” which is the mission statement (known as the THELEMA) for Satan worshippers coined by the founder of Satanism Alister Crowley. Many people online had already suspected Jay Z for his allegiance to Satan and free masonry, but no one of substantial credibility had ever called him out for it. I told Hammer I was praying with him in spirit and calling forth warring angels for I could feel the spiritual warfare already begin to rise.

Interestingly, but without coincidence the next day I walk into my office after having been going for nearly 2 months from a world tour and on my desk is a 180-page thesis paper titled “The Spirit of Free Masonry.” I was stunned to see this book sitting on top of my desk so I asked my assistant, “Who gave me this paper? Why is it sitting on my desk?” My assistant told me that one of my ministry supporters husband is a 33rd degree free mason and she wanted to know what he believes in as every thing has been kept secret from her (Free Masonry being a secret society). She wrote a 180 page thesis paper on it for her theological seminary and asked me to proof read it. Now, I had studied about free masonry in the past, but never in depth. What I discovered in those 180 pages blew my mind away as I was awoken to how deep Free Masonry has its roots in direct Lucifer or Satanic worship, its theology and doctrine that is completely and utterly anti-Christ, and how throughout history the most influential men of our world were 32nd or 33rd degree free masons who had an agenda to spread a belief and vision that would control our governments, economics, education, arts, media, family and religion to be under Satanic rule.

Free Masonry Defined:

Freemasonry is an esoteric organization and is the modern face of the Ancient Mystery Religions Symbol G = Gnosticism. Masonry draws from every form of witchcraft and false religion to gain power over mankind

Famous free masons include the founding father’s and presidents of the United States of America: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, FDR, to famous business moguls Rockefeller, Rothschild, JP Morgan, to modern pop stars and cultural icons such as Walt Disney, Jay Z and many others. Most of these icons and cultural influencers never would be forthright with their beliefs in the public arena, because free masonry is meant to be kept secret and only revealed in each degree with deeper revelation as one commits to it’s beliefs, doctrines and rituals. Most high-level masons will only reveal their allegiance through symbols, signs or subliminal messages.

As the Holy Spirit began to lead me into studying and understanding the history and belief systems of the ancient occults and secret orders, I had a strong conviction that very soon there would be public and visible warfare between the forces of light and the forces of darkness at the forefront of pop culture, specifically in the music industry.

On October 31, 2010 MC Hammer released a music video & song called “Better Run Run” where he exposes Jay Z for his satanic worship and Illuminati allegiance. Many people ridiculed MC Hammer for confronting the most powerful hip hop icon Jay Z head to head, but as I prayed about the situation the Lord showed me that there would be much hate coming against Hammer at the on set, but with time God would use his bold message to stand for Jesus Christ, righteousness, justice and truth to overcome the darkness with light. So it happened, the first 1,000 comments were negative when the video was released on, but the following 2,000 comments began to ridicule Jay Z and his promotion of dark lyrics, fashion, music, media and its negative influence upon culture. Hammer’s obedience to the Lord was proving true, that light outshines darkness. MC Hammer’s “Better Run Run” song received over 500,000 hits in the first week, and in the end of the music video he doesn’t attack Jay Z, but instead offers him an opportunity to repent and baptizes him in water symbolic of repentance. Jay Z responded denying he ever wanted to disrespect Hammer, but he never addressed the issue of Free Mason worship. We continue to pray for Jay Z and his salvation. (Watch Better Run Run here:

During this time of deep study and discernment of the battle between dark and light in pop culture, I continued into our US national tour to hold music concerts & screen “1040” on university campuses across North America. We toured 30 prestigious universities in North America and witnessed nearly another 10,000 students from the top universities respond and answer the call to marketplace missions in the 1040 window. Every campus and every city we held an event, it became a supernatural encounter with God’s presence and resulted in an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in that city uniting believers from all churches, denominations and movements. I knew in my spirit I was witnessing the forces of light and God’s kingdom directly confront the culture and ancient strongholds on the universities and a great battle was about to rage not just domestically, but globally.


During our “1040” national tour, I had taken a one week trip to South Korea to speak at a massive student revival conference challenging over 10,000 students to commit to missions from South Korea to reach the last Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist nations in the 1040 window. I prophesied that South Korea would enter into a new wave of revival in the next 50 years that would surpass the 50 years of revival before it with a focus on student missions back to Jerusalem. The presence of God was so strong in the meetings, but the first night I gave this message God gave me a prophetic word of repentance to South Korea that if they did not repent of their hidden sins (South Korea has the highest rates of abortion, suicide, sex trafficking, divorce, alcoholism, depression amongst any developed nation), there would be missile explosions and the possibility of war between South and North Korea. I gave this word on November 6th it was only 1 week later that North Korea and South Korea had missile explosions in the peninsula that brought heated conflict and global attention to possible war. I knew this was a direct sign that South Korea’s destiny was being threatened by Satan’s intimidation & assault with war to destroy the student mission movement, but the church was to unite and pray more than ever before for it’s nations repentance unto revival.

I then came back from South Korea to resume our national 1040 tour. Near the end of this revival 1040 tour, I was invited to participate at a prophetic roundtable with my prophetic mentor Cindy Jacobs in Dallas Texas for two days, Nov 29-30. What happened there would bring to light and understanding why the Lord was revealing to me all these revelations about the end times, occults, and God’s glorious church in the end days that would overcome all things…

While there at the prophetic roundtable (about 20 of us) the Lord confirmed to very senior prophets and younger emerging prophets (I being invited for the first time) that 2011 would be a year of “transition”. I shared with the prophetic roundtable about the recent events between light and darkness, the state of the music industry, the influence of free masons, and two leaders there recommended me to buy a DVD called “Unmasking Free Masonry” and another leader recommended me to buy a DVD series called “The Truth Behind Hip Hop” these two DVD’s will prove very significant and confirming to all that I am writing in these prophetic encounters up to this point.

During this prophetic round table, I had an open vision and prophetic word that I had written down on November 30th concerning coming cataclysmic events that would occur in 2011. The prophetic word reads below & will summarize much of what I was picking up in the spirit up to that point, but much more would be clarified in the first month of 2011…

Dear Prayer Team,

I am currently in a small private gathering of international prophets (ACPE - Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders) in Dallas TX. During my time here in prayer with these prophetic leaders I received a personal prophetic word for 2011 that was much confirmed by another senior prophet Rick Ridings from Israel and his prophetic word for 2011 below. Please read and pray into the prophetic revelation below with discernment and intercession. The ACPE will release a corporate word for 2011 later that I will send out. The word of the Lord is 2011 is a year of "transition" read below. Thank you for praying into these pressing times and seasons we are currently in as a corporate Body of Christ.

For those of you in North America, South Korea and Middle East please also pray and read into the below prophetic insights.

For His Glory,


(A prophetic word and insight into 2011 to be tested, written 11/30/2010 please keep in prayer immediately)

Dear ACPE (Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders),

I have been praying for insight into the year of 2011 after our meetings today in Dallas TX. As I was praying I was reminded of my own birthday, which is 11/11/1980. I've always been fascinated by the scriptures pertaining to 11/11. Many of these scriptures I have studied for years have to do with "spiritual awakening" or a "returning back to the Lord."

Proverbs 11:11 - By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted, But the mouth of the wicked overthrows it.

John 11:11 - These things He said, and after that He said to them, “Our friend Lazarus sleeps, but I go that I may wake him up.”

Revelation 11:11 - Now after the three-and-a-half days the breath of life from God entered them, and they stood on their feet, and great fear fell on those who saw them.

Isaiah 11:11 - It shall come to pass in that day

That the Lord shall set His hand again the second time

To recover the remnant of His people who are left,

From Assyria and Egypt,

From Pathros and Cush,

From Elam and Shinar,

From Hamath and the islands of the sea

Isaiah 22:22 - The key of the house of David

I will lay on his shoulder;

So he shall open, and no one shall shut;

And he shall shut, and no one shall open.

I have seen in my own life & ministry a God given anointing to awaken the youth generation to God's presence and manifold purpose. Recently, in the last few months over 10,000 students from the top universities in North America have been spiritually awakened and volunteered to be marketplace missionaries in Asia and the 1040 window back to Jerusalem through our 1040-university revival tour. This is all part of the anointing and calling for those who are called to be sons and daughters of awakening. What does this have to do with the year 2011?

The number 10 Biblically is symbolic for "testing"

The number 12 Biblically is symbolic for "government" or "completion" therefore...

The number 11 Biblically is symbolic for "transition" from the testing period to the completion period

I believe the following will occur specifically in the year 2011

Transition from a Time of Testing to a Time of Birthing

"Who may ascend into the hill of the LORD?

Or who may stand in His holy place?

He who has clean hands and a pure heart,

Who has not lifted up his soul to an idol,

Nor sworn deceitfully.

He shall receive blessing from the LORD,

And righteousness from the God of his salvation.

This is Jacob, the generation of those who seek Him,

Who seek Your face. Selah Psalm 24:3-6

2011 will mark the end of a season of testing God's saints of what is in their hearts. Those who have passed the last season of testing would have overcome the temptation of self-exaltation, self-glorification and self-advancement. God is accelerating His kingdom upon the earth and He has no time to deal with mixture. Those who have had hidden personal agendas will not transition into the next season of God's glory and movement of the Holy Spirit. This is why we have seen massive shaking within leaders in the church and outside the church seemingly increasing in the last few years, it has been a season of testing. Is it really for God's glory or our glory?

Those who have cleansed their hands and purified their hearts and not lifted up their soul to an idol will transition into a season of birthing. There will be many sudden births of new ministries, companies, ventures, movements and kingdom projects. Finances will not be an issue. God will pour out favor and give the power to produce wealth for those who are obedient to the heavenly vision and call. Funding that seemed impossible in 2010 will be released suddenly and abundantly in 2011. Many new structures, re positioning and re organizing will happen in 2011 in preparation for what the Church will face in 2012. It will be a season of storing up, preparation and transition into not only the new, but also the next level. Many ministries, companies, callings will be enhanced into the fullness of their callings and have no lack.

The Line Between Light and Dark will be Drawn Clear

The field is the world, the good seeds are the sons of the kingdom, but the tares are the sons of the wicked one. Matthew 13:38

Everything that can be shaken will be shaken in 2011. There will be no middle ground, mixture or wading between two opinions. The line will be drawn clearly between those who stand with light and those who stand with the dark. The wheat and the tares will become more and more stark, more and more clear. Those who are luke warm will be spat out of God's mouth, forgotten and left behind. Those who choose to live in immorality, deceit, wickedness and darkness will rise up, but at the same time those who choose to live honestly, righteously, and justly will also arise in the power of the Spirit. There will be the drawing of lines in 2011 and God's people will clearly recognize their enemies, for the Sons of Issachar understood the times and knew what to do. This will be a year where the sons and daughters of God will clearly choose which side they stand on, realign with their true allies and began to prepare in battle formation for the spiritual war ahead.

Darkness will seem to increase in the land, there will be great unrest, but the Lord will grant greater wisdom, revelation and impartation of anointing to those He has called and will obey their assignments to overcome and overtake the enemy’s gates. Many demonic strongholds will fall down suddenly in 2011, power bases will be shaken, key leaders who were once bound and used by Satan will be shaken free, let loose and brought into the kingdom of light. I see this happening in politics, business, campuses, but especially in the Hollywood media & entertainment industry, there will be headlines of famous celebrities having full on encounters with the Holy Spirit and turning to the Lord in dramatic ways. Still those who are strong men in the enemy’s camp will fight to regain control, but it will be the people of God who will need to seize these divine open doors, rise up as God's army and displace the enemies forces quickly and with wisdom.

Great Political, Military, & Economic Upheaval in Key Nations: US, Korea, Middle East

The words “once more” indicate the removing of what can be shaken—that is, created things—so that what cannot be shaken may remain. Hebrews 12:27

As I also prayed into 2011 I felt a great unrest, like a hanging in the balance between two opposing forces at war with one another over the destiny of nations. I saw great political, military and economic upheaval in specific nations across the earth. 2011 for those who are not following the Lord's will be of uncertainty, chaos and confusion for many North American's. I saw many confused with which political party to side with, I saw violence erupt in different cities and more loss of jobs across the nation. I then saw North and South Korea pitted against one another, like two opponents in a sporting ring, and now being the time for the Church not only in South Korea, but North America to cry out in repentance, mercy and deliverance from the Lord for it's sins (2 Chronicles 7:14). I feel a deep spiritual connection with South Korea and North America, both are deeply connected politically, militarily, economically and spiritually, there needs to be a deep repentance for the hidden sins of suicide, abortion, and injustice in both nations that has not been dealt with, first in the church and then in society. Without repentance, turning from wickedness and the Church desperately crying out in one united voice I'm afraid there will be what I saw in a vision while preaching to 10,000 in Seoul Korea early November military "explosions" in South Korea and the possibility of a terrible world war... but if the Church will pray in both South Korea and North America in repentance and mercy, I saw instead a spiritual explosion of revival and a new wave of missions to the nations, specifically a wave of massive missions into China and along the silk road back to Jerusalem.

The middle east is also key to all of this upheaval and unrest in 2011, the peace of Jerusalem will be dependent upon the prayers of its allied nations more than ever. The Church will recognize even more the importance of praying for Israel's peace and protection in 2011 globally, and in the midst of shaking there was a mighty outpouring of youth revival and awakening to come to the youth of Israel and even Egypt in 2011. Many Jews will return to the Lord Jesus in 2011, I don't know I sense this, but there will be a dramatic increase of Messianic Jews and Arabic young believers in the middle eastern nations.

I also see more and more earthquakes erupting in the Pacific Rim, the Ring of fire, it will be like a domino effect and massive and cataclysmic. A global economic crisis will also begin in 2011. I see the Euro falling and then soon after the US dollar. Oil will hit all time highs, oil will reach peak heading over $150-200 a barrel. This will cause hyper- inflation in the US and other countries, be prepared and stock up on gold and silver. There will be a greatest depression coming to North America, but also a coming greatest spiritual awakening!

Student Awakening Across the World with a Focus on Prayer & Missions:

In the day of Your power your youth shall be volunteers Psalm 110:3

I truly believe a new student mission’s movement has already begun in 2010, thousands of students are committing to be missionaries in the 1040 window, locally and globally. There is a new spiritual hunger for God to move like He did in the book of Acts, in revivals past. I saw in 2011 volcanic explosions on university and even high school campuses all across the nations, not only in North America, but in London, Latin America, Africa and Asia there was a great rising up of student revivalists, abolitionists, intercessors and missionaries who were filled with dedication, boldness and courage. 2011 we will see an unusual harvest of souls, where campus ministries that would normally only see a few come to know Christ in a semester they will see dozens, some will see hundreds, and much of this will happen through signs, wonders and miracles done by the hands and faith of the young people. Campus houses of prayer will increase like wild fire, many will become permanent houses of prayer and students all over will have a great focus, vision and zeal to win nations locally on their campuses and globally in the world through marketplace missions & church planting. The 7 mountains will be reclaimed by this new generation of revivalists and reformers, 2011 the vision will be made clear on every campus and the enemy will not be able to stop this holy take over!

2011 I saw 1 million students being awakened to a new worldwide student volunteer mission movement from all nations back to Jerusalem. New leaders will arise like young David killing lions, bears and Goliath's, nothing will be impossible and we will hear of notable miracles, remarkable testimonies and supernatural encounters like never before. Get ready says the Lord, I am coming in to invade the campuses, I am coming in to raise up my end time Bride, I am coming in like a consuming fire and I will light up cities through the setting on fire of campuses. I believe 2011 will be massive awakening that will lead to massive harvest, even basketball arenas and college football stadiums will be filled to the brim and overflowing with new worship, a new anointing to preach the Gospel, for prophetic evangelists will be released and will gather the lost souls like tidal waves in the ocean says the Lord Almighty! This will happen soon, even in the next 5 years we will see these supernatural events and encounters happen across the nations, 2011 will be the beginning of this momentum of spiritual awakening that will only build and increase.

A Time of Preparation, Going Deeper and Being Hidden in the Lord

Knowing what is right is like deep water in the heart; a wise person draws from the well within. Proverbs 20:5

There will be great and sudden transitions in 2011, but in any time of transition the key is not to panic, move too fast or be ambitious. Rather, it will also be a time for those who have received new assignments, or transitioned into the next level to prepare themselves by going deeper in intimacy with the Lord. I had a dream while here at the ACPE where I was shown a large jar containing anointing oil. In the dream I was shown that I was content with only using the neck of the jar and the oil within it, but this was comparable to me only using my human mind and emotion to do ministry. Then I saw in the dream that the rest of this large jar of oil contained a deep well of anointing oil, every measuring line had Hebrew Scriptures written upon it and I knew the Lord was calling me to go deeper and draw from the well within not from the well without.

In 2011 we will not only transition into a new season of ministry and assignments, but a new anointing. We cannot rely on the anointing of the past, but we must be emboldened and empowered by a newer and greater anointing that is available to us right now. We must go deeper. Those who will fight the spiritual war ahead, who will be effective in the Lord's army will have to pray more than ever before. I felt the Lord will take many who are young leaders, to pray even 6-8 hours a day in preparation for what is to come, the battle will be fierce and without a spiritual life steeped in the anointing of prayer, we will not have a spiritual life at all ready to handle the trials, tribulation and turbulence ahead. The wise virgins in Matthew 25 stored up oil in their lamps, while the foolish virgins did not store up oil in their lamps, and when the Lord returned it was too late for the foolish virgins because they had failed to prepare by going deeper in intimacy with the Lord.

The 11th hour is the final hour before midnight. 2011 will be the final hour, final season for God's Bride to prepare herself before a time of reckoning and even greater spiritual warfare ahead. There will be even greater upheaval, disruption and spiritual battle ahead in 2012. The year 2011 will be a time to get aligned with God's will before it is too late, to prepare spiritually and to re-position in battle formation, pursue the dreams, visions and callings by getting all things in order, and moving forward in implementation, thus taking back ground for the kingdom of heaven on earth as God commands. 2011 we will transition into the new awakening of the Church! Let the Body of Christ ARISE!

For His Glory,


Below is also another confirming prophetic word given by Rick Ridings of Succat Halel Ministries in Jerusalem, who is also a part of the eldership within the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders please read and pray, it is very significant.


What lies ahead for 2011?

I would like to share some impressions and directions for intercession that have come to us in Succat Hallel (our 24/7 prayer and worship center overlooking Mt. Zion in Jerusalem)

Transition, transition, transition

In the Bible, 10 are often a number used concerning testing, and 12 are a number representing fulness or completeness. I believe many have come to the end of a 10 year time of testing and refining, and that 2011 will be time of transition for them into the fulness and (whether for good or bad) of their choices during these past 10 years. I believe this holds true for nations as well. So I sense that 2011 is a time where there is still hope of adjusting or aligning to what the Lord has been speaking and dealing with in the past 10 years. By 2012, patterns will be set that will determine much for the 10 years after that.

Two Strategic Windows of Mercy Over Korea and the Middle East

The first week of October, 2010, as I was speaking for a conference in Korea, the Lord gave me a vision of two strategic windows of mercy that demonic forces were trying to close. I saw a window of mercy over Korea, and sensed that the Enemy would soon try to draw North and South Korea into war.

At the same time I also saw a window of mercy open over Israel and the Middle East. There, too, Satan was trying to close this window and bring forth a major Middle Easter conflict.

My strong sense was that Satan wanted to use war in Korea and War in the Middle East to cut off a generation called into a mighty missions thrust, just as World War I was used to abort the “Student Volunteer (Missions) Movement” of that time in history.

I shared with my Korean brothers and sisters that I saw intercessors crying out to the

Lord to hold open these windows of mercy. I sensed that somehow it was key for the Koreans to cry out on behalf of Israel and the Middle East in order to see their own window of mercy stay open. As intercessors across the globe began to please for these windows of mercy to remain open, and to blow shofars, the Lord sent a might angel to intervene. He stood between Korea and the Middle East, and with bulging muscles, pushed the windows of mercy back open again.

Turkey and Egypt Key to the Window of Mercy over Israel Remaining Open

In September, 2010 , I had a detailed vision of the Lord’s desire and of a strategy for holding open a window of mercy over Israel: I saw a huge pillar standing over Turkey, and a similar large pillar over Egypt. These two pillars were holding up a roof of protection over Israel. As I prayed into this, I understood that we needed to pray intensely for the older, wiser political and military figures to not be taken away in Turkey and Egypt. These older leaders are voices of moderation holding back a flood of radical Islam that would like to take over Turkey and Egypt. They are very key in restraining the evil ambitions of the leaders of Iran and Syria.

But even as Samson knocked down two key pillars, are brought down a whole stronghold, if these two pillars in Turkey and Egypt are broken, then it will accelerate a major Middle Eastern war, with grave consequences for Israel and the whole world.

One of the most important ways we can pray for Israel right now is to pray for these two pillars to stand longer in Turkey and Israel. We need to pray for an acceleration of the establishment of houses of prayer in these two countries (we are already in relationship with 5 houses of prayer in Turkey and two in Egypt). We need to pray for the winds of the Holy Spirit to fan the flames of spiritual awakening among the youth of Turkey, Egypt, and Israel. We must cry out for a turning of the tide in these nations, and a turning from radical Islam among their youth.

The Far East Taking the Lead Role in Missions

This is also an important transition time for the Far East to unashamedly take their leadership role in world missions. I saw a vision in January this year of a giant spearhead over Asia. The point was over China and was pointing toward Jerusalem. The upper angle of the spearhead extended to Korea and Japan. The southern angle of the spearhead extended to Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Behind the central part of the arrowhead were Taiwan and the Philippines.

I felt the Lord made me to understand that three major keys in this arrow seeing a major harvest in the 10/40 nations are the Body of Christ in Korea, China, and Indonesia. If Korea presses in for their window of mercy to remain open, they will continue to emerge as a forerunner nation in the areas of intercession and missions across the 10/40 window. China will then release a great number of harvesters and finances. And Indonesia is called to release the keys to major inroads in the Moslem nations (as they have seen in their own nations).

Eleven eleven

The Middle East: Like so many others, the Lord has been speaking for some time about 11:11. On November 11, 2009, Patti and I were sitting with friends in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We had come to help train their people in starting a house of prayer. As we sat down to lunch with them, our friend noticed it was 11:11 AM on 11/11/2009. A moment later, someone texted his wife to ask if she had noticed 11:11 on 11/11. As we asked the Lord what He was seeking to say to us, we all felt drawn to Isaiah 11:11 and verses following. These verses indicated the hand of the Lord coming on the Middle East in a major way to reclaim a remnant of Jewish people to come home to Israel. I believe that is happening literally. But I believe it also can have a secondary application to the Lord calling forth believers in Jesus in the Middle East, and drawing their hearts to pray for Israel (a miracle in the midst of their Muslim context). Look and pray for much more shifting and harvest to happen in the Middle East and Israel in 2011.

Universities: As I am writing this, I just had an hour with Wes Hall, who was a leader in the outpouring in IHOP Kansas City. He felt it was very significant that the outpouring began among some university students there on 11/11/2010. The meetings went many months with many coming to the Lord, changed lives, and healings. He said they felt let recently to stop the special meetings for a period of time to press in through prayer to transition into what he believes will be an even more powerful outpouring sometime in the future. I believe 2011 will be a time to determine which university groups will seek the Lord for a powerful awakening to come in 2011, but to greatly increase by 2012.

The East Coast of the United States: I was just speaking for a group of intercessors from the area surrounding Washington, DC. The convener of this gathering is a friend named Jon Hamill. John reminded me of a prophetic word I gave in Boston in 1998. Here is what Jon wrote about that: “I [Jon] was serving at the time as the Massachusetts coordinator for the Strategic Prayer Network under Dr. Peter Wagner and Cindy Jacobs. The first assignment of each coordinator was to convene a statewide solemn assembly to repent of the root sins of the state. I asked Rick to work with my team and me for a Solemn Assembly, which we held at Faneuil Hall in Boston on May 7, 1998. During this assembly, Rick shared a vision he had of a wind tunnel. According to Rick, the wind tunnel spanned the east coast, somehow connecting New England with Mobile, Alabama. He spoke of a time to come when the wind tunnel would be opened with an initial burst, and soon after the winds of the Holy Spirit would blow from Alabama to New England.”

When discussing this, Jon shared that the Mayflower Compact was signed by our Pilgrim forefathers on 11/11/1620. I believe that the recent outpouring beginning in Mobile, Alabama, is a signal to the intercessors on the East Coast of America to press in now for the winds of the Holy Spirit to be released powerfully upon their cities and states. This is a kairos moment and opportunity for the East Coast of the United States to experience spiritual awakening. Many intercessors in that area have grown weary, but now is not a time to give up, but to receive renewed grace and joy in prayer to press in for this region.

Healing Revivals Like Popcorn

I sense that there is a present grace of God for those who have been crying out for the healing ministry of Jesus to be released in their city. In many places, there will be a few more remarkable miracles at first (people healed of long-term disabilities and major diseases). If we keep pressing in, they will increase in number, and the picture I saw in this regard was popcorn. Keep the fire burning under the pan, and more and more miracles will pop up before our eyes.

In this area of healing, those who have been tested for period of time will move from the time of testing and attack (ten) into transition (eleven), and if they persevere, will move into fulness of frequent, remarkable healings and miracles, with may of them taking occurring in public places.

Watching Over the Future of our Nations

In conclusion, I want to come back to the theme of transition in 2011. The destiny of our nations is now being determined. Will they be sheep or goat nations?? So much depends on intercessors pressing in during this transition year for their nation to make the right alignments (especially concerning Israel) and decisions. This is very much a year when our prayers can, in the words of Jack Hayford, “tip the balance”.

Rick Ridings

Succat Hallel 24/7 worship and payer in Jerusalem

Much of what was written on November 29-30th in that prophetic roundtable has already begun to take place in dramatic ways in the first months of 2011, I will now share in detail how the Holy Spirit brought me into a prophetic time warp to further give detail to what was being revealed in relationship to the rising battle between light and dark in the global culture as well as cataclysmic events that would shake the nations of the earth dramatically in 2011.


Right before the transition between 2010 and 2011, I went to the prayer caves ( in San Bernardino California to pray and fast for the weekend to hear from God about my own personal preparation for what was to come. During my time in prayer and fasting the Lord had me re listen to the prophetic history of IHOP (International House of Prayer) entitled “Encountering Jesus” describing the undeniable prophetic events that occurred in 1982-83 and the early 1990’s through the Kansas City prophets Bob Jones, Paul Cain, and Mike Bickle and how God revealed clearly that Jesus would return almost certainly in this current generation. Again the Lord was reminding me that Jesus 2nd coming was imminent and we must personally prepare as wise virgins not foolish ones, by putting oil in our lamps, lamps which represent ministry (Matthew 25). Many churches, Christian leaders & ministries in this hour are acting as foolish virgins, they are doing a lot of outward works & ministry, but they are not carrying any oil in their lamps, meaning they do not have a real relationship and secret prayer life with the Holy Spirit. When the Bridegroom Jesus comes, they will not be ready for His 2nd coming, I do not want to be one of those foolish virgins, but rather a wise one prepared in intimacy, prayer, fasting and life of radical obedience to His kingdom, not building my own kingdom.

The Lord specifically told me that I needed to clean up my own act, rid myself of all barriers, pride and any moral failure and go into 2011 with at least 2-6 hours of prayer daily, but in order to do so I would need to clear my speaking schedule. Also, God made it clear to me I needed to fully “transition” into my public role as an “artist” and mentor and raise up others to do the same.

It was a difficult decision, but when I came back down the prayer mountain I obeyed the Lord and made the transition. What would happen in the next 30 days was supernatural and unexplainable, I then realized God had me clear my schedule so that I would be able to enter into a prophetic time warp to hear His voice about the coming global shift, shakings and cataclysmic events that will change everything as we know it.

Beginning the first 10 days of Janu

 2011/10/29 14:46


part 2


Beginning the first 10 days of January 2011 I had gotten sick. During this time I had received the two DVD’s “Unmasking Free Masonry” and “The Truth Behind Hip Hop” in the mail. One night my roommate and I decided to watch the DVD “Unmasking Free Masonry.” One of our house church leaders had come by to visit coincidently so we asked him to watch the DVD with us. He thought what we were watching was all “conspiracy theory” at first, but as he watched the DVD with us he was shocked because he realized that he had practiced free masonry without knowing it when he was the lead worshipful master at his fraternity while at Stanford University. He had practiced the secret rites of passage, demonic acts and spoken curses over himself that he thought were just make believe traditions. We immediately personally delivered him, broke the curses off of his life through the name of Christ and he was instantly healed from years of congestion and inability to breath freely. After this happened, I knew that the issue of free masonry was again being highlighted by the Spirit to be dealt with. That same evening, we watched the first installment of a 6 set DVD series called “The Truth Behind Hip Hop” (I recommend every believer that you must watch this DVD series at that would send me into a week long in depth personal inventory and search of compromise in my own life because I had grown up on hip hop culture without really knowing the truth behind it’s origins and beliefs. I repented daily for 2 hours as I realized so much of hip-hop came from a demonic agenda and assignment. The preacher/prophet G Craig Lewis who received this revelation from God about the Truth Behind Hip Hop said in an interview,

G. Craige Lewis: If you trace Hip Hop back to its conception, you will see that it has never been a music genre. Most people are surprised to learn that more than a music art form, hip-hop is a way of life. As one of its founders says, “Rap is what you do, hip-hop is what you live.” Hip Hop is wicked because it is a subculture influenced by false religious beliefs from the Universal Zulu Nation, Nation of Islam, 5 Percent Nation of Gods and Earths, Rastafarianism, and other religions, and believes that the Black man is god and denies the supremacy of Jesus Christ as the only way to eternal life. Of course, we know that this mixture is in error, because Jesus said He alone is the way, the truth and the life, and know one comes to the Father, except through Him. (John 14:6). To Hip Hop’s founders, Jesus Christ is either one of many gods, or is just a prophet, or is just the White man’s God used to oppress Black people, not the Son of God. Like all subcultures, Hip Hop tears away or deconstructs mainstream culture. This subculture that was birthed out of lack and oppression began to express those feelings more and more, essentially becoming the sounding board or platform for elicit speech and anti-establishment teachings against American society.

Through studying in depth the truth behind the origin of Hip-Hop culture, the next week I began to study the music industry and how it has been controlled by Satan to influence the feeble minds of youth through the subliminal and demonic messages in the music produced. Satan himself being a chief musician and director of worship originally in heaven before he was cast down, still carries the same assignment to lead praise and worship. Therefore, Satan is and always will be a musician. His main objective now is to utilize music to glorify man, or Satan, rather than using music to glorify God, his aim is to steal God’s glory. He uses music to influence the minds of entire cultures because music is the only form of communication that will not ask for your minds permission to enter into you. Once you hear the music, you are influenced by it, positive or negative.

The “Truth Behind Hip Hop Series” in each DVD dealt deeply into the origins of music pop culture with direct facts, examples, personal testimonies and the Scriptures perspective. Lewis shared how the founder of Satanism Alister Crowley who was a 33rd degree Free Mason wrote a book called “777” that was a manual of black magic to be practiced & perfected by those who want to channel evil spirits or “old ones” (explained as Nephilim, the half angel half human demon spirits from Genesis 6) in order to achieve riches, fame, celebrity status and power. Many pop artists who are historically documented to be Alister Crowley’s disciples were The Beatles (which explained the supernatural transaction I encountered with Sir Paul), Prince, Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones, and a roster of the top pop stars in the past era who have been heavily influenced by Crowley’s teachings. This popularized the idea of “selling your soul to the Devil” in order to achieve worldly and material success. The DVD series gave example after example, of pure facts of artists from Rock n’ Roll, Heavy Metal, Goth, Pop music to Hip Hop who had followed or been influenced by these demonic teachings to gain fame and fortune while poisoning the minds of an entire generation with demonic influenced music.

The preacher/prophet Craig G. Lewis who began this ministry in 2000 gives a substantial summary of the Truth Behind Hip Hop in the following interview below… (Note: I don’t agree with all of Pastor Lewis teachings and people he comes against, but I do agree with his main point of Hip Hop culture being an actual religion being used by Satan to influence global culture in a negative and anti-Christ way.)

G. Craige Lewis gets real about the Rap and Hip-Hop subculture in the world.

The devil is trying to erase lines that divide holiness from godlessness – and he’s using hip-hop to do it. So says G. Craige Lewis, founder of EX Ministries. Lewis is shouting from the rooftops about Satan’s strategy to infiltrate the Church of Jesus Christ with hip-hop beats that are nothing less than demonic.

Lewis has produced DVD series including, “The Truth Behind Hip Hop” that he says is corrupting praise and worship in the Church and “What Every Church Needs to Know About Hip Hop.” He’s also produced DVDs that expose, “The Truth Behind Abortion” and “The Truth Behind Rock and Roll.”
The Voice magazine caught up with Lewis to draw from his 15 years of reaching out to those that have been led astray by our cultures embracing of evil and perversions and also to attack the enemy’s invasion of the media and music.

THE VOICE: What is the root of hip-hop music and why is it so wicked? 

G. Craige Lewis: If you trace Hip Hop back to its conception, you will see that it has never been a music genre. Most people are surprised to learn that more than a music art form, hip-hop is a way of life. As one of its founders says, “Rap is what you do, hip-hop is what you live.” Hip Hop is wicked because it is a subculture influenced by false religious beliefs from the Universal Zulu Nation, Nation of Islam, 5 Percent Nation of Gods and Earths, Rastafarianism, and other religions, and believes that the Black man is god and denies the supremacy of Jesus Christ as the only way to eternal life. Of course, we know that this mixture is in error, because Jesus said He alone is the way, the truth and the life, and know one comes to the Father, except through Him. (John 14:6). To Hip Hop’s founders, Jesus Christ is either one of many gods, or is just a prophet, or is just the White man’s God used to oppress Black people, not the Son of God. Like all subcultures, Hip Hop tears away or deconstructs mainstream culture. This subculture that was birthed out of lack and oppression began to express those feelings more and more, essentially becoming the sounding board or platform for elicit speech and anti-establishment teachings against American society. Hip Hop celebrated being distinctly different from society, and saw rejection of the mainstream as a vehicle to obtaining a street credibility to earn the right to speak or be a voice for the “hood.” Rap music was a genre and the art of rapping was basically rhyming to a beat with a poetic flow. However, Hip Hop is a street subculture that used rap to convey a language, a lifestyle, and a total street related way of thinking and behaving.
Before long, Hip Hop’s spiritually mixed, self absorbed, self-empowerment “positive” message changed. As the streets became wicked and the heart of those in the streets became full of violence and rejection, so did Hip Hop. Rap music began to change and take on the characteristics of the subculture of Hip Hop, thus, the rappers began to celebrate street life and their lack became their prize. In other words, when rap became about Hip Hop, then rap music began to promote the evils of the street, (pimping, hustling, cussing, slanging crack, etc.). It became a good thing to be a product of the streets and the street life began to be portrayed as the desired “way of life” because the music promoted it. This is a subculture and not a true culture because it takes the ideals of the parent culture of America and deconstructs them to form a group of people that are in America, but have a modified understanding and interpretation of the language, dress, and behaviors of American citizens that seeks to be set apart and have its own distinct identity. And because Hip Hop encompasses the street language and the negativity of deconstructed ideals, it becomes dangerous to those that buy into it. Sure, the leaders of every subculture profit because they are the leaders of a following, however, those that are not leading suffer the consequences of being separated from the American culture. As a result, they are rejected by mainstream society when it comes to making the grade, getting a job, and fitting into the mold that is deemed “acceptable” by American society. For example, well known hip hop artist that have black racist philosophies, sagging pants and tattoos are paid to look the way they do, but their followers who emulate them will not make it in society. You see, the devil makes the leaders rich, to keep the followers rejected by society, unable to function in the mainstream society and impoverished.

THE VOICE: How did you get this revelation about hip hop? 

G. Craige Lewis: God revealed this stuff to me in a vision many years ago. I saw it all happening just as it is happening now. I talk about it in depth in my first video and I still share the vision on my website and when I speak. It was a powerful vision because we wrote it all down almost 20 years before it ever happened.

THE VOICE: So all hip hop is bad, then, right, no matter what the lyrics say? 

G. Craige Lewis: Hip Hop has no lyrics. Hip Hop is not music, instead, it’s a subculture that uses rap music to spread its ideologies. If you listen to any real Hip Hopper, they will tell you that Hip Hop is not music, it’s a way of life. They say that rap is something we do, but Hip Hop is something we live. And if it’s a way of life, then it is self expression. If it’s self expression then it is a way to convey a message through a lifestyle. Isn’t that essentially what Christ is, or rather, what Christianity is suppose to be? The other subgroup in a culture, is a counterculture, and Christianity is a counterculture, which transforms us so that we don’t have to express ourselves; Rather, we express Christ. The church doesn’t have to model a street thug, gangster, or even have street credibility at all. We model Christ. So, your question about Hip Hop must be answered like this: Rap is just a form of conveying a message like singing. Nothing is wrong with that. But Hip Hop is a lifestyle expressing one’s self through a street subculture that was birthed out of lack and a deficit in the home. There was something wrong with it from the beginning. In Hip Hop’s inception, people were poor, so they celebrated lack to feel better about poverty. It’s like eating pig feet. Let me explain. my race of people, African Americans, as slaves, was once forced to eat pig feet because that was the worst of the pig. Even today, many people eat pig feet. Does that make pig’s feet good for you? NO. It’s still as bad as when it was only food for slaves. The popularity of it does not change the fact that it is terrible for your body and has no nutritional value. You see, it’s the same with Hip Hop. It was created in the streets as a way to celebrate lack and having a deficit in life. Children without fathers in the home and those that lived in severe poverty would get together on the streets and have rap battles and such. The clothes they wore, (ducky’s and handed down attire) became the “in” thing to wear because that’s all they had. way they spoke (broken English and slang) became their language because they didn’t obtain quality education. The way they behaved, walked, and carried themselves became their identity, because they didn’t have fathers to mold them or model, so they used the streets as their guide. Now, we want to take what the streets taught them and bring it into arenas where there are better examples of living, better language and communication skills to be learned, and better role models to follow and ignore the fact that Hip Hop is a street subculture? Why not end Hip Hop once you leave the streets? Why not forsake what the streets taught you when there is a better way? We must realize that music is just a vehicle being used by those that prosper off this subculture to forward their money-making agenda. So, Hip Hop is just like pig’s feet. No matter how popular eating it gets, it’s still slave’s food and terrible for you.

THE VOICE: Is it the beats, the culture, what is the issue? 

G. Craige Lewis: The issue is the consequence of buying into a subculture that hinders your forward progress in society. When you submit yourself to the ideal of a subculture that has set itself against the establishment, you heap pain and discouragement upon your life and immobilize yourself from being prosperous in the parent culture. You see, If the parent culture views saggin, grillz, broken English, earrings, cornrolls, etc. as deviant behaviors, then you are labeled by the parent culture as a deviant. And because the American culture has the jobs and the Hip Hop subculture only prospers the leaders, then your average Hip Hop subcultural “wanna be” is without hope. When you are labeled deviant, you are judged by your appearance, language, and demeanor and left out from achieving any real success in the parent culture. In Hip Hop’s worldview, the only way to “make it,” is to engage in behavior which the dominant culture deems illegal or illicit: sell drugs, or escape reality by endulging in sex and drugs. As a result, while hip hop artists may rap about these things, their followers are led by these pied pipers to the only place where sagging, tattoos, black racists philosophies and cornrolls are embraced: Prison.

THE VOICE: What would you say to proponents of so-called ‘holy hip hop’ who would argue this music reaches our youth in the name of Christ? 

G. Craige Lewis: Music reaches everyone. It’s not a surprise that a gangster for God will have an audience just like a gangster for the streets will have followers. Mass murderers in prison have cult followers and many of them believe it’s a godly following, but does that make it valid? The validity of it has to come from the Word of God and in my bible music was never used by God as a tool to spread the gospel message. Music has the power of coercion and can influence a person to feel changed when they are not. This is dangerous because people have emotional experiences and believe they are spiritual experiences. Music can make you feel good, bad, happy, sad, and people take this for God’s power when in essence, it’s just a feeling. This is why in the bible music was only used to bring Glory to God and never to win a soul. When a soul is drawn to music, it is soulish and fleshly. A person cannot make a valid choice for God under the influence of music because they are making a decision at that point based on feeling rather than a knowledgeable, informed decision with their mind and heart versus their emotions. Emotional decisions blow with the wind, but informed heart and mind decisions are based upon understanding and last longer.
God does not take subcultures and make them holy, he takes people. He takes prostitutes everyday and saves them, sets them free and makes them holy! He takes drug addicts and crack addicts everyday, saves them, and makes them holy. Those that belong to the red-light subculture, the goth subculture, the drug subculture, the hippy subculture, the gay/lesbian subculture, and the streetwalking subculture are saved, set free and delivered, never returning to the way of life they were delivered from. But when he makes them holy, are they still what they once were? Are the prostitutes “Holy Hoe’s?” Are the drug addicts “Holy Crack Heads?” Are Hindus, “Holy Hindus?” Or are they new creations? They will be new creations that will not resemble their old ways, and are ex-pimps, ex- gangsters and ex- hip-hoppers. Once they have been transformed by the renewing of their mind, they no longer think, act or desire to look like what they were delivered from. It is called repentance, (see Acts 3:19)! Once God has changed our minds, we change our ways, and turn the opposite direction. Gospel Gangsta’s, Preachin Pimps, and Holy Hip-hoppers are not new creations, but they are spiritual mutations that retain portions of who they were and thus, are flawed. They are not new, but just amended. They are not hot, but luke warm, a mixture of hot and cold. This is exactly what God said he will spew out of His mouth: Those that desire the world and God, (Revelation 3:16).
The roots of hip-hop subculture are demonic, and are similar to other subcultures with an antiestablishment, “Down with the man” mentality. Fatherless-ness, rebellion, oppression, anguish, poverty, violence, and other negative influences created this subculture. Zulu customs, Black Muslim teachings and other false religions established the so-called “positive” aspects of hiphop. Thugs, gangs, drugs, sexual promiscuity and prison life make up the other overtly dark facets of hip-hop. You must realize that God did not play a part in the creation, establishing, or foundation of hip-hop, so how can we drag him into it at this late stage? When KRS-ONE and Afrika Bambaata say they were visited by a spirit and the spirit influenced them to accept their callings into hip-hop, how can we embrace this subculture when it’s origins are evil, demonic and destructive to society?

THE VOICE: Is there anything positive about so-called holy hip hop? 

G. Craige Lewis: I believe that most holy hip hoppers want to do good, but they also want to hold on to the world and what they rode through their own personal storms with them. Most of them didn’t have fathers in the home growing up, so they gravitated to Hip Hop for identity, purpose, and fulfillment. This became a father like figure, so when they turned to Christ, they wanted to bring their “father” into knowledge of Christ with them. This is why they want to sanctify Hip Hop and make it holy because it’s the only father many of them know. That is the biggest problem we face as black people: the lack of fathers. If there is no earthly father in the home, children have a harder time receiving the heavenly father once they come to the knowledge of him. So, they want God to be mamma instead of father. Mamma will allow things that father won’t because of the emotional nature of a women. This causes many of these rappers to figure God will allow certain things, even though they are not scripture, because of their love and desire for these things. That’s a “mamma god” mentality. Momma will allow it in many cases when fathers won’t because of her emotional sensitivity to the child. But just because they want it, and because many desire it, it does not make any of it right. Hip Hop is a street subculture that has no place in God’s church.

THE VOICE: Just to be clear for our readers, is Gospel rap and holy hip-hop the same thing? Or is there room for rapped lyrics in some instances? 

G. Craige Lewis: Rap is an artform that is comprised of rhythm and poetry. Preachers have done it for years. Children have learned fundamentals from it for years. It’s a way of conveying large amounts of lyrics in short times for memory purposes and enjoyment. That is not essentially a bad thing. But Hip Hop is not rap. I believe a person can rap a song about Jesus and entertain others without it being Hip Hop, so long as they don’t emulate hip hop lifestyles or images or attempt to emulate leaders within the subculture. The problem I see is that many Holy Hip Hoppers will never be content with calling themselves Gospel Rappers. Unfortunately, they need and desire the validation of Hip Hop to feel legit and have street credibility. You see, if you are subject to the streets by being apart of the subculture, then you need the streets validation, right? They can’t just rap for Jesus. They have to look the look, walk the walk, talk the talk, and do what the real hip hoppers do. Hip Hop must be their way of life. What they don’t understand is that you don’t change hip hop, hip hop only changes you!

THE VOICE: I’ve heard you say hip hop causes youth to worship the devil. Can you expound upon that? 

G. Craige Lewis: Knowledge of self. Hip Hop rest upon the teachings of its original founders who submit to the doctrine of the Zulu Nation and the 5% nation which teaches false god doctrine. KRS-ONE, and others teach these things and Hip Hoppers consider him the true prophet of Hip Hop. Even Holy Hip Hoppers pay tribute to the founders and consider them leaders and moguls. False god worship is devil worship.

THE VOICE: Why and in what ways does music have so much power? 

G. Craige Lewis: Music can do what regular speaking cannot. It can bypass the frontal lobe of your mind and enter your brain without your consent. It bypasses your “guardian,” so to speak, and influences you without your knowledge or your permission. That’s why you remember so many TV jingles, and marketing companies know this and spend millions on them to influence what you buy. Because music can affect your subconscious without your permission, it gives music crazy power and makes it a dangerous thing in the wrong hands. That’s why we should glorify God in our music and never use music to bring glory to ourselves. Music that glorifies God draws us to Him; unfortunately, music that glorifies self draws people to you and makes them worshippers of you. This is why we have people with celebrity mindsets even in the church. They are doing exactly what Lucifer did in heaven and that is making fans and followers that chase their talent rather than follow the God that they sing about. The bible says that their mouths draw close, but their hearts are far from Him, (Isaiah 29:13). This same principal can also refer to how you can sing God’s praises and yet draw people to yourself. When music is used in this manner it’s dangerous.

THE VOICE: How has the devil managed to infiltrate the church with concepts like ‘holy hip hop’? Where’s the deception? Where’s the cracks? 

G. Craige Lewis: Well, the devil just made the church folks worldly. Years ago, you didn’t have to worry about anything like Holy Hip Hop coming into the church because people practiced sanctification from the world and didn’t desire to bring the world into the church. But when Kirk Franklin came on the scene, he brought the club dances and worldliness into the church and made it okay to dance, party, and gyrate sexually without rebuke. Then you bring in bishops like TD Jakes who put on megafest and other conferences, with the worldly artists and performers headlining, and you have turned what was once deemed worldly into something that is now necessary to draw crowds and sell product. These 2 men, I feel, are responsible for the downfall of worship in the black church as a whole. Kirk destroyed Gospel Music as we knew it and made songs with secular overtones and worldly dances the norm, while TD Jakes turned preaching into an artform and totally removed the anointed call of God from the resume of black pastors all over. They both made it okay to be in the world and of the world. They crept in unaware and have removed the sacred landmarks of God’s word and now the world looks at the church as a money making, powerless, group of folks that desire pleasure as much as they do. Those are the 2 cracks that Hip hop and every other worldly movement crept in through.

THE VOICE: What’s the hidden message in the hip hop culture? 

G. Craige Lewis: Hip Hop doesn’t hide anything. The message is clear in the behavior, the music, and the appearance of Hip Hoppers. Love yourself and do what you want. Don’t let the church, God, or man stop you. Do what you feel and do what makes you feel good. That’s Hip hop’s theme and the current that drives our millennium youth that are apart of it.

THE VOICE: What does hip hop music ultimately lead to? 

G. Craige Lewis: Self worship. People that suffer for lack of validation and desire to be seen and known can find what they are looking for in Hip Hop because it causes you to practice self absorption all day, everyday. The beats satisfy your flesh. The lyrics lead and guide you to flesh gratification. The artists give you fleshly fashions and things to mimic so that you can get the looks and attention that they possess, while all along they are getting paid and the people that mimic them are lowering their chance of success. Since Hip Hop came on the scene in 1980, black men went from having 180,000 imprisoned to now over 1million black men imprisoned. Also, our crime rate has tripled. 50% of all black teens have genital herpes now. 1,400 abortions occur everyday in the black community. Our young black boys have a 75% drop out rate. And this is what is supposed to reach our youth, Hip Hop? Before there ever was Hip Hop, we were better. Hip Hop is a pied piper that led a generation into sexual immorality, false god religions, death and hell.

THE VOICE: How can parents get through to their kids about this? 

G. Craige Lewis: Research. Get informed on what these folks are saying and doing. Don’t just sit back and allow a Gangster for God rap show to happen at your church or youth function but research it and don’t tolerate it. Most of the youth pastor’s that are bringing these Holy Hip Hoppers to their churches are uninformed, or they are fans. But a father or mother that is raising their child to be successful in America cannot afford to allow a street subculture to influence their child. Don’t let anyone force you to allow this, but take action and fight against it. If it’s allowed at your church then that speaks volumes about the leadership that you serve under. I can’t think of any real man that would want the streets to be celebrated in his ministry or church. The church is supposed to get the streets out of people and get them in position to progress, not regress. How can you take care of your family and be an upstanding man, when you are carrying yourself like a street thug and gangster? You can’t. Parents, wake up!

THE VOICE: How can we conquer this demonic weapon that’s infiltrated the Church?

G. Craige Lewis: If church folks would stand up and say “no more,” then weak youth pastors and worldly pastors as a whole would reconsider supporting this movement. It’s a money movement and when the money is not there, the movement stops. If you stop buying the cd’s, the folks will stop making them. If you stop supporting the movement, the folks will find something else to move to. Plain and simple, the only way to stop Hip Hop is to shut it down financially. When secular Hip Hop is dead, guess what happens to Holy Hip Hop! That’s why God is never relevant, but always absolute. He never chases the world’s ideals, but he always creates his own. Why? Because the grass withereth, and the flower fadeth, but the Word of God will always stand, (Isaiah 40:8). The word is never contingent upon what the world is doing, but it always counters the world. We must follow God and not the world because the world will change, but God stays the same.

As I was watching, studying and praying over these teachings on the “Truth Behind Hip Hop” I began to have direct confirmations and encounters throughout the same week by the Holy Spirit showing me that what I was receiving was indeed true.

In one encounter I had met with a film director in Hollywood for lunch, the Lord told me to meet with him. During our conversation he told me how he was working a film script called the “Nephilim” or the Biblical account of the fallen angels in Genesis 6 who consummated with the daughters of men. It was just the evening before, that I was studying the book of Enoch and the origins of evil, the fallen angels history and Nephilim. He began to share with me how he was a close friend of the actress Brittany Murphy who recently committed suicide and was originally a person of faith, but after entering into the Hollywood industry she shared with him that she took on an historic acting role and in order to play the character she “channeled” the dead spirit of the actual character and became her, she committed suicide shortly after.

A day later, I met with another a Hollywood director who was experiencing spiritual warfare in the production process of her film. As we talked she shared with me candidly that a few of her principle actors on the set would share with her how they “channeled” ghosts or spirits into their bodies to play certain roles. She had also been cursed by a Hollywood business mogul, who was deep into Gnostic and Free Masonry & experienced hard-core oppression and family deaths shortly after this curse. We prayed & I delivered her from demonic oppression on the spot. God began to show me that the darkness we were up against was very real, but the power of Christ in us was more powerful to overcome the darkness present in the world.

The Holy Spirit than showed me how it was a sign when Lady Gaga the most powerful female pop star in the world currently, was one who boldly stood for darkness as a Gnostic (free mason), illuminati puppet. Lady Gaga is forthright and clear about her spiritual influence, beliefs and affiliations. So much so, she performed a blood sacrifice at the famous VMA music awards on national TV. Yet, God would then show me how He had a counter reply for darkness, by Himself raising up forces of light in pop culture such as “Justin Bieber” the teen pop icon (but dedicated Christian) who in the same VMA awards ceremony took the “artist of the year” award from Lady Gaga after her demonic display of allegiance to Satan. The Lord then began to put it on my heart to pray for Justin Bieber, the teen pop star that has been garnering a following so insurmountable that he has been compared in popularity to Michael Jackson in his younger days.

Only a few days later I received an email from an industry exec in Hollywood who is close to Justin Bieber’s management asking others to pray for him because his acting coach had manipulated or asked Justin to invite or channel an evil presence to do a particular acting role on CSI. I knew through this occurrence that the spiritual war and battle over the music industry and Hollywood was more than real.

I began to ask God, “Why are you revealing to me the origins of evil and its stronghold over this industry?” He replied, “Because I am about to topple the regimes and ancient strongholds of darkness that have held onto these thrones in this industry, these demonic spirits will be displaced, and I am about to raise up kings & queens of My kingdom who will replace these seats of authority by taking their rightful positions in my kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.”

What happened the days after these revelations about the spiritual war at hand would prepare me to understand the coming world crisis we are about to enter into, how we must prepare and the mindset we must have.


The week after I watched the “Truth Behind Hip Hop” I began to give myself to deeper study of the Babylonian, Mayan and Egyptian calendars, as well as the Hebrew calendar to understand the time and season we are in as a civilization. According to the Babylonian calendar the year “2012” will mark the end of one cycle of civilization and a shift into a complete new cycle of civilization, with the expectation of great spiritual, natural and governmental change in the earth. It is not necessarily the end of the world as the public is using as propaganda, but it is the beginning of a new cycle on earth. I began to ask the Holy Spirit about this and His perspective and He began to speak to me about the coming spiritual awakening in North America and the world.

One night as we were discussing the issue of revival in North America and what could cause it I shared with my room mates, “You know, 9/11 couldn’t wake America up, Katrina didn’t either, the 2008 recession didn’t wake up this nation, I believe the only thing that will wake up North America is some sort of cataclysmic event either governmental, economic, spiritual or natural that would awaken this nation to it’s knees and back to God. I believe it will be the West Coast first, then the East Coast will follow, all people will cry out to God and then we will see this spiritual shift go eastward to Asia!”

Right after I said this, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to go onto Netflix and watch the Hollywood blockbuster movie “2012.” We ended up watching the film at 2AM in the morning and what we saw in the movie was exactly what I prophetically described would happen to awaken North America, not literally but prophetically. In the film, the world enters into a seismic and dramatic change in its atmosphere through solar storms. In the movie the West Coast went under water, then the East Coast, until every people of every religion got on it’s knees and cried out to God for mercy, then the only safe haven was to go eastward to China where there were six “arks” to save the last remaining people on earth (note: the only exact replica of Noah’s ark today sits in Hong Kong and was built in 2009). I was impressed by the Spirit that what happened in this film will be symbolic to what will happen in North America and the world very soon.

The next day, I called my financial advisor and told him to take all my saving and investments out of the market, and to put it into 5 things: 1) Pure Water 2) Food 3) Precious Metals 4) Energy – oil 5) Diamonds. I told him you might think I’m crazy, but I truly believe we are about to enter into a season of global shaking and cataclysmic events, the governments and economies of our nation(s) will tumble quickly beginning this year. I believe oil will arise to all time highs $150-200 a barrel and inflation will go out of control. At the same time, a great spiritual awakening and revival will happen at the same time, therefore I must prepare for the harvest. He agreed to what I had asked. The next day something happened that would put everything Biblically into perspective…

I went to meet with a Christian psychologist who studies the brain, the moment I walked into his office he said to me, “Jaeson you won’t believe it but I have been sharing your music with my patients and it is literally changing their brain activity and their levels of joy, focus and concentration!” I was taken aback by his sharing about my music and its impact on human and psychological behavior because I had not seen him in over 1 month since the Christmas break, but him sharing this to me was a confirmation with all that I had been studying about “The Truth Behind Hip Hop” and the power of music to transform minds. We sat and talked about the power of music, the creative Word and what I had been learning. Shortly after, I went to a local Starbucks before my next meeting.

While in the Starbucks I overhear an older gentleman sharing about the book of Revelation and eschatology to young men. After he finished the Bible study with them, I walked up to him and asked, “Excuse me sir but were you discussing the end times and the book of Revelation?” He replied, “Why yes, I have been studying eschatology over 30 years under Chuck Missler of Calvary Chapel Church.” I then asked him if we could converse over the subject matter and he agreed. We ended up talking for nearly 1.5 hours. What was significant about this conversation, was without me sharing with him any of my prophetic encounters or revelation, he almost verbatim shared back to me everything I have written and experienced above but with Biblical confirmation & explanation.

He told me, “Jaeson beginning in 2011 there will be cataclysmic events according to Biblical prophecy being fulfilled. There will be great shaking in the US government, the governments in Europe and the Middle East, also oil will increase, the dollar will decrease, we are entering into the last days according to Matthew 24:14, Matthew 24:32-35, Luke 21, Matthew 25. The key is to prepare as wise virgins in intimacy with God in order to be ready for the coming crisis and judgments that will occur. At the same time the West Coast will have a mighty spiritual awakening from Southern California up to the state of Washington, we have revival tents ready for the coming harvest, this will all begin second half of this year.” I was shaking my head as I was listening to him share back to me everything the Spirit was revealing to me, but then He began to break down Biblical prophecy in Scripture sharing how he is positive we are in the last generation before the Lord’s return by mathematically & Biblically explaining the significance of of the book of Daniel’s prophecy about the end times, Israel becoming a nation in 1948, and Jerusalem the capital city in 1967. He had written a book called “Ready for the Rapture” and in it is an excerpt of his Biblical and eschatological explanation to me…

Double Take, excerpt taken from “Ready for the Rapture” by Mike Horn

Let’s recap what we’ve seen so far, Isaiah foretold the rise of a superpower in the Middle East, Jeremiah said that the super- power would be Babylon, and that it would take the children of Israel into captivity for 70 years, which would happen in two phases; Israel first, then Judah and Jerusalem later. Ezekiel spoke of a 430-year period of judgment (also occur- ring in two phases) which would commence with the two 70 year judgments of Jeremiah. When the two 70 year periods are accomplished from 606-536 B.C. for Israel, and 587-517 B.C. for Jerusalem, there are still two 360 year periods of judgment to go through for each. But because they did not fully repent by turning to God wholeheartedly, these judgments are multiplied by seven, (spoken of in Leviticus 26) for a total of 2,483 years, 9 months and 20 days each (after calculating 360 day calendar conversion). The first of these two judgments of Ezekiel/ Leviticus ended in May of 1948, when Israel declared its state- hood, the second judgment ended on June 7, 1967, when Jerusalem was freed from Arab rule. But because of the rejection of the Messiah, a third and harsher judgment was added by God, in Hosea 6: 1 - 2.; Hosea’s two days (2000 year judgment, 1971 of our years). This judgment began in 32 A.D. when Jesus was killed and continued contiguous to the other judgments, ending in 2003, filling the interim of Daniel’s undetermined “gap” period between his 69th and 70th seven.

Jesus’ Interpretation

In Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13, we have three parallel passages of scripture, that were spoken during the last few days of Jesus’ earthly ministry in his body. His disciples asked Him a number of questions about the future of Jerusalem, the temple, Israel and His Kingdom. Amazingly, He answered them with a chapter full of new prophecy along with the interpretation of many prophecies found in the Old Testament.

First He told them that Jerusalem would be destroyed and how the attacking army would do it. This occurred in 70 A.D. with exacting accuracy. Then He told them that the temple would be totally disassembled so that not one stone would be

left standing upon another. (Thirty eight years after His death, burial and resurrection these prophecies were also fulfilled with perfect accuracy.)

He continued teaching that day about the events that would unfold over 1900 years later. He said that when you see nation rising against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, earth- quakes in diverse places, the sea raging and men’s hearts failing them for fear of the things to come, look up because your redemption is drawing near. Towards the end of His discourse He talks about the fig tree and all the trees; when their branches are tender and they put forth their leaves, you know that summer is near. Then he says that the generation that sees these things will not pass. The fig tree here is Israel, and the “other trees” are the Gentile nations called out in prophecy as participants in the “end times” scenario: Russia, with Ethiopia, Persia, Libya and Turkey as allies, Rome; the European Common Mar-

ket countries, as well as China and Babylon.

The fig tree - Israel, is the trigger country for this prophecy about which Jesus says, when its’ branch is tender and puts forth leaves, we know summer is near. That generation will not pass before we see everything Jesus told us about which includes His 2nd coming to establish God’s kingdom on earth. Israel’s branches became tender in May of 1948, when Israel became a nation, and when Jerusalem was brought back under Israeli rule in June of 1967, she put forth her leaves. These two occurrences signal the beginning of the generation that will see

all of the events and prophecies being fulfilled which the Lord Jesus spoke of including His second coming, which happens at the end of Daniel’s 70th seven.

In Matthew 1:17, God tells us that 14 generations transpired from the time of Abraham to the time of David. This period of time is approximately 1020 years long. So a simple calculation will tell us that the length of this, the longest of the

three generations listed; 1020 divided by 14 = 72.86 years? By adding the 72.86 years to the June date, that Jerusalem came back under Israeli rule in 1967,

we can determine that generation’s end.

When we subtract 7 years, to allow for our being taken into the wedding (the Rapture), we get 2033.43. 2033.43 - 2010.25 = 23.16 (23.16 years is less than 8500 days). Truly the night is far spent, the day is at hand, we have very little time left to warn our generation about the coming destruction and prepare our hearts to meet our bridegroom.

“Watch Ye Therefore and Pray...”

One other possibility does exist for determining the generation’s end; that of adding the 72.86 years to May of 1948 (1948.43 + 72.86). When we do this we get 2021.29, which represents the end of the generation in which Jesus says He will

return. Then by subtracting the 7 year period of God’s judgment from this, 2021.29 - 6.9 (7 yrs. with colander difference), we get 2014.39 - 2010.5= 3.89 years (3.89 years is less than 1400 days) as the approximate time for the departure of the church - the Rapture (to some degree, our departure depends on our readiness). I believe that God has shown us this last possibility to keep us watching and praying, because although we do not know the day and hour of our departure, in I Thessalonians 5: 4 - 9 it says that we should be well aware of the season (sometime in the next 1400 to 8500 days).

God does not want us to be caught by surprise in this season, at the end of time, but rather desires that that day and hour find us intimately aware of His closeness. He desires that we would be hearing His voice, looking for His appearing for us, longing for the time when we see Him face to face, as we enter into His glorious and unveiled presence in Heaven.

Seeing how the events are shaping up in the world around us and their correlation to biblical prophecy, I would say it is time to “look up” for our redemption is drawing very near, much nearer in fact, than when we first believed. In Luke, Jesus warns us saying; “...take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your “...take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your “...take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your “...take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your “...take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and the cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares. For as a snare it shall come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch ye there- dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch ye there- dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch ye there- dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch ye there- dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch ye there fore, and pray always; that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.” Luke 21: 34 - 36 and to stand before the Son of Man.”

The Seventieth Seven of Daniel

The prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel have been coming to pass with unerring accuracy, along with literally thousands of others, not mentioned in these pages. Daniel’s first 483 years (69 seven year periods) came to pass on the exact day foretold and Jesus held His people, Israel, responsible for not knowing the time of their fulfillment. He also spoke about the coming of the antichrist when He said, “I came in my Father’s name and you did not receive me, but another will come in his own name, and him you shall receive.”

The gap between the first 69 weeks (seven year periods), and the 70th week (seven-year period) of Daniel’s prophecy is almost over. The last seven-year period (week) of judgment is about to begin at any moment. Daniel describes that time of judgment in one verse; “And he (the antichrist) shall confirm the covenant with many for one seven; and in the midst of the seven (week of years) he shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.”

Daniel 9: 27- The Book of Revelation

John the beloved, “the writer of the Book of Revelation, is given a vision of this one verse. It fills 14 chapters of the Book of Revelation (chapters 6 - 19) In that vision, he describes the almost total destruction of the people, life, governments, nations, religions, political systems, and environments of the planet earth.

By the time this seven-year period of judgment is over, more than 3/4 of humanity will be dead. Immediately after His second coming, all of those who are left alive, on the earth will be gathered to Jerusalem by the angels and righteously judged by

the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ. Some of those who have survived will be sent to hell to await their final judgment, when hell itself is cast into the lake of fire, at the end of the Millennium. But those who meet His criteria will go into the thousand year (Millennium) reign of Christ here on earth, which will be restored

to Eden-like beauty and quality.

One Day – A Thief in the Night

In Hosea, chapter 6:1 & 2, God talks about two days (2000 years) of judgment for the nation of Israel (the last 2000 years of their discernment among the gentile nations). He also talks about how after the second day, He will revive Israel, and in the third day He will raise them up and they will live in His sight.

This third day will be a glorious day for Israel and for all of mankind. It will also be a 1000-year day, which the Book of Revelation tells us will be the time when Jesus Christ himself rules the world with His saints from Jerusalem. It will be a time when Satan is chained and bound, unable to inspire and empower wickedness, during which the earth is free from the bondage of sin.

Before the glory of this day can shine upon the earth, it must see its darkest hour. The hour for which demons have been chained in hell waiting. The hour in which Satan will be unhindered from deceiving, stealing, killing and destroying much of the earth and mankind as they follow after him wholeheartedly, For this is the hour (seven year period) when the wrath of God will be poured out on all those who dwell upon the earth, “Daniels’ seventieth week”, the destruction and judgments described in 14 chapters of the book of Revelation (Rev 6:1 - the end of chapter 19).

Five Wise Virgins

But before those seven years can begin, five wise virgins must go out to meet the bridegroom; five ready virgins (the part of the church that is ready) must go into the wedding banquet and the door must be closed. It is high time to get ready; the night is far spent, and the day is at hand (Mat. 25: 1 - 13, & Rom. 13: 11 - 14).

After this encounter with Mike Horn, I was convinced that what I was hearing for the past months was not an accident or by chance, but indeed through Biblical clarification we were very possibly in the end of days, meaning the very generation that will see the Lord’s return. What happened next would confirm everything in God’s exact timing.


Upon receiving the Biblical accuracy of prophecies being fulfilled through my encounter with the end times teacher at Starbucks, two days later I was having lunch in Santa Monica with a Jewish Rabbi and Messianic Jew “Rabbi Jason” who shared with me how the Hebrew calendar this year is ‘5771’ and represents a “coming out of the old into the new” it signifies the 11th miracle of Moses when he parted the Red Sea and Israel came out of Egypt and into a new identity, so it shall be in 2011 he shared with me. Again, this was confirming to what the Holy Spirit has been revealing to me about “transitioning” from mans way into God’s way, from mans identity into God’s identity through the passing of the test in 2010 in order to transition into the fullness of what He has prepared in 2011 and beyond.

During that lunch the Spirit spoke to me and said, “Make sure to contact your prophet friend (I will call him “B” for confidentiality) who was a well known business man, but also prophet from the mid west. He has something to tell you and you have something to tell him!” As I walked out of my lunch meeting with the Rabbi I look across the street on 2nd and Wilshire in Santa Monica Ca and standing across the other side of the street is my prophet friend “B” whom I have not had contact with for over 6 months. I knew it was of the Lord. I asked him what he was doing in town, he told me that he just flew in from the Midwest and on the airplane the Holy Spirit told him to contact me because I had something to tell him. We ended up meeting for 6 hours that evening. I shared everything I have written here in detail to him. After I shared, he said to me, “This is the confirmation I needed to know what I and others have received is from the Lord.” He then began to share with me how a known prophet named Terry Bennett had a 3 day encounter with the angel Gabriel in August of 2010 who showed him over 40 global headlines that would shake the nations of the earth with coming cataclysmic events. It would begin in 2008 in three seven year increments, but specifically in 2011 these cataclysmic events would increase. When I read these 40 global headlines I was amazed but not surprised because the Lord had already shown me that these things were to occur, in my spirit I knew this was the final confirmation I needed to begin preparation for what was to come. Note, if I had received the following global headlines of coming cataclysmic events I would have not known what to do with them, but the Spirit released them to me just in time so I would have a framework to work with. Prophecy most always confirms what has already been spoken prophetically to the specific individual, in this case it was also so.


(believes he first 20 will happen within the 6/15/11-6/15/14 timeframe)

(another document says he saw headlines #8-9 in June 2011 - not sequential)

1. Washington DC Shaken, Rioting and Looting Continue

2. Emergency Meetings being Held by US Senate and Congress

3. Worldwide Economic Confidence Toward USA Remains Dim

4. Dow Flops and Drops to All-Time Lows; other Markets Tumble as Well

5. Governors Call for Constitutional Convention

6. Emergency Meetings of Economic Advisors Called in Europe

7. Asian Markets Seek Stability within Asian Region; Pull Away from USA Begins

8. Martial Law Declared in Nation’s Capital (Washington DC)

9. Resignation Fever Hits DC

10. Finger Pointing Continues to Fuel Resignations in DC

11. Who Will Pick up the Pieces? (Editor’s note: this refers to political offices)

12. New People’s Party Gaining Ground with Hearts

13. Jobless Rate Passes 32 Percent; Expected to Rise

14. The Big Freeze: Government Spending Cut by 50 Percent; Education & Military at Front of Cuts

15. Martial Law Declared in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago

and Other US Cities

16. Lights Out - Rolling Electric Outages Expected to Continue

17. Here Comes the Sun (relation to increased solar storms and activities)

18. Oh That I Had Wings That I Might Fly Away

19. The Night the Lights Went out In Georgia: Atlanta Area Hit Hardest

20. The Dark Night of the Soul - Plume Cloud Covers Half of US

Headlines Received December 25, 2010

1. The Meteor Showers of 2012 and 2013

2. Northern Oceans Show Signs of Heating Up

3. Eurodollars in Trouble - Falls to New Low

4. Germany and France Forge Alliance

5. German and French Currency Unveiled; Others Consider Participation

6. Japan Shaken Awake - Early Morning Quake Measures 7.7; More Tremors Expected

7. Taiwan’s Government Seeks Expanded Powers

8. 9.1+ Quake Rocks Japanese Island

9. Sleepless in Seattle - Mt. Rainer Awakens While Residents Sleep

10. New America’s Currency Unveiled - Fosters Angry Debates

11. The Agony of Silence - U.S.N. Trident Submarine Lost

12. Deep in the Heart of Texas - Independence Fervor in Austin: More Rallies Planned

13. Fatal Attraction - The Concerns Over Increased Magnetism of Our Planet (This will be a NASA story)

14. Russia and China Face Off - Arguments Heat Up with New Threats

15. India’s Shaky Ground - Northern Quakes Challenge Infrastructure

16. Philippines Brace for New Violence - Government and Christians Targeted; Islam’s Cells on the Attack

17. Mexico City Jolted by Bomb - Reprisals Expected

18. Mexico Shaken by Northern Quakes and Eruption

19. Iraq Erupts in Unprecedented Violence; Insecurity Exposed and Oil Threatened

20. Saudi Arabia Halts Oil Flow to USA

21. Israel Braces for Multi-Front War - Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iran and Israel Mobilize; Saudis on Full Alert

22. Greece, Italy, Spain Join German and French Alliance of Economies (this will be called AOE)

23. Canadian Quake Shocks British Columbia - Vancouver Affected

24. Major Rioting in Baltimore Threatens Services and Deliveries

25. The Riots of Montreal Canada; French Disturbance

These global headlines were received by Terry Bennett in 2010 through an 3 day angelic encounter. He also predicted in 2001 through another angelic encounter the 2008 stock market crash. As I pondered and prayed over these headlines, I could only ask the Lord for mercy over the nations, that judgment would be heeded, and our nation would turn back to Him.

The next day, I went to my home church “Harvest Rock Church” in Pasadena to attend their annual prophetic conference. There about a half dozen other international prophets came to speak about the year 2011. Interestingly, most if not all confirmed Terry’s word that we were about to enter into difficult times of crisis, Chuck Pierce a well known prophet with accuracy prophesied “Watch out for June 2011 there will be cataclysmic events taking place and even riots on the streets of North America.” Again, confirming that the second half of 2011 we would see great shaking in the US and other nations. By this time, Egypt was already at war and experiencing uprisings for revolution. Soon to follow, Libya and all other surrounding Middle Eastern countries which our prophetic roundtable saw beforehand in our November meeting in Dallas Texas.

During the prophetic conference, God wanted to make sure that I understood that the Terry Bennett prophecy was for real by giving me one last confirmation. I was at my friends birthday party in Hollywood being held at a night club, while I was there, a missionary friend of mine walked up to me who I have not made contact with in almost a year. He said, “Jaeson, so good to find you hear. I am with a house of prayer ministry in Valencia and we felt God put you on our heart to be invited to a private meeting with a prophet named Terry Bennett next Friday & Saturday to discuss a specific prophetic word to the West Coast.” I replied, “Did you say his name was Terry Bennett? You have no idea how much a confirmation this is to me. I will definitely be there.”

The next weekend I spent two days with prayer leaders from Southern California in a private meeting Terry Bennett. He shared honestly, openly, and forthright about the prophetic encounter he had with the angel Gabriel, the coming cataclysmic shakings, but he shared it all with a balanced view of Christ being at the center of it all and this shaking was going to be used by God to bring global spiritual awakening to His Church, for now in the most dangerous time, would be the most opportune time to preach the Gospel. We are now entering into the Churches finest hour!

In this gathering with regional prayer and civic leaders in Southern California, we began to pray into, discuss and plan about how to prepare for a possible natural disaster in Southern California, as well as economic collapse that would cause riots in the cities and streets. This would be an ongoing topic of discussion that I will address at the end of this article…


More confirmations. Two specific earthquakes occurred in the last two months that rocked the world. Christ Church New Zealand & Sendai Japan. Both earthquakes were predicted before they happened.

During our two day private meeting with Terry Bennett. My manager Carl’s girlfriend Michelle had an open vision during the lunch break. She saw a sky view of the earth, it then focused onto a set of islands off the coast of Australia. She asked us, “Are there islands or a country off the coast of Australia? Carl replied, “Yes, New Zealand!” She then shared that she saw blood splattered all over those islands. Immediately, she went onto Google maps zoomed into New Zealand and the city “Christ Church” was highlighted to her. She asked what was this cities significance? Not many of us knew, but she had an uneasy feeling. Weeks later Christ Church NZ was rocked with a 7.0 earthquake that took lives and toppled almost every church building in the city. I knew immediately when this happened that it was another sign -post to the global church that God was shaking everything that can be shaken, but judgment begins in the house of the Lord. God was sending a wake up call to the global Church worldwide to get its act together and prepare for what it to come. We are to get right with God or get left.

Then shortly after the Christ Church NZ earthquake, the impossible happened. An 8.9 earthquake rocks the island of Japan, but hour’s later seismic experts upgrade the catastrophic earthquake to a 9.1. I was in Korea at the time mobilizing with Mike Bickle from IHOP the Korean church to focus on a new youth prayer, worship and mission movement. When I heard the news, I pulled out the global headlines from Terry Bennett and #28 was “9.1 earthquake rocks the island of Japan” I was sobered and stunned, I got on my knees and began to pray for Japan’s salvation, restoration and recovery. I knew this was only the beginning of more shakings to come.

Rick Joyner the senior prophet of Morning Star Ministries in North Carolina released a special bulletin online to the globe concerning a prophetic word given by the prophet Bob Jones 22 years ago, that when the big earthquake hits Japan, following after this great quake will be a worldwide economic meltdown and a massive West Coast earthquake (watch here: . This was a sobering word given, but again not surprising. God has been revealing these coming birth pangs and disasters to His people beforehand because He loves us and wants us to be prepared to provide. Whether we believe in the prophetic confirmations shared or not, even the natural realm is predicting that there will be an earthquake that will rock the west coast in the next 30 years. Lucy Jones the most senior expert in seismic activity who researches out of Cal Tech in Pasadena Ca has publically made known from their findings that California is 300 years overdue for a 8.5 earthquake or higher, and that they are 95% sure it will happen within the next 30 years. (Read here:

Right after the Sendai Japan quake, another seismic expert came out on FOX evening news stating that he believes there is a high probability of a major earthquake in California before April 22, 2011 (watch here: The report further explained that the Pacific Rim or Ring of Fire in the last year has had major earthquakes in every quadrant (Chile, New Zealand, Japan, etc) but the only quadrant remaining is the West Coast, California. Technically, if there was a massive earthquake in California or in Alaska a volcanic eruption, or major quake it could send the fault lines shaking, causing mud slides to pummel into the ocean which could create 15 foot tsunami waves in Southern California and up to 30 foot waves in Northern California, on top of earthquake damages and destruction. Whether or not these things happen, I believe it is wisdom to pray and prepare. We are called as believers to watch and to be ready at all times for the Messiah’s return.


I began this article with “God is shaking all things that can be shaken” but what for? Are we to run away and move because of the possibility of coming cataclysmic events? Are we to cower in fear in the midst of challenges, crisis and conflict? Did not Jesus say, “In this world you will have many trials and tribulations, but fear not I have overcome the world?” Did not Jesus already tell us clearly that we will know we are in the end days when we see nation rise up against nation, kingdom against kingdom, there will be increased earthquakes, famines, pestilences, false anti-Christ and occult activity trying to deceive even the elect? None of these prophetic revelations or predictions should make us fearful rather they should make us all the more faithful. We should be faith filled in times of challenge and despair, because our hope is not in this world, our hope is in the kingdom of heaven. Our h

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Hey Codek,

Thanks for your time in looking into this, yeah I see many of your concerns with him especially with the prophetic words thing. I am not sure about the fake healings thought I will look more into it later on! Thanks again though!

The thing is I have heard his testimony here and it seems like a true work of God and hardly something that he couldve made up with so many people watching him

I have also read his testimony on the events here and it seems legit too and again something that is hard to falsify.


24-7 Prayer at UCLA Shifts the Spiritual Atmosphere!

Let us know,
Let us pursue the knowledge of the LORD.
His going forth is established as the morning;
He will come to us like the rain,
Like the latter and former rain to the earth.
Hosea 6:3

A few months back UCLA established a day of 24-7prayer for campus revival. Ever since this happened, nothing has been the same. The Holy Spirit has been pouring out His Spirit on this campus like no other. At the same time, our ministry (, has tracked over 80+ 24-7prayer rooms on different major universities all across the nation since the month of January. Something is stirring, the power of God is falling and the Holy Spirit is preparing a generation for a last great awakening that will shake the nations and finish the Great Commission in our generation. We recognize without prayer nothing is possible, with prayer all things can be done. Prayer is the fuel behind our evangelism. The below is a report of what the Holy Spirit has been doing in great grace and great power at the UCLA campus. We are not just satisfied with good prayer rooms we want to see the power of God encounter a generation & we are seeing it happen right before our eyes here in Los Angeles once again. Yes, one hundred years after the Azusa Street Revival in LA an expectancy of God’s visitation upon Los Angeles is pregnant in the hearts of many once again. Yes, 50 years since the beginning of the greatest student spiritual revolution started on the UCLA campus by Bill Bright of Campus Crusade we are at the threshold of another great student revival awakening. Do not relent, press in with prayer, fasting and a bold Gospel witness. The below is my own story of the powerful things God has been doing through a small band of students in our house church network who are united with other like minded Christ followers at the UCLA campus.

Completely Satisfied yet Utterly Dissatisfied

When I came to you brothers, I did not come with eloquence or superior wisdom as I proclaimed to you the testimony about God. For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. I came to you in weakness and fear, and with much trembling. My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom, but on God’s power. 1 Corinthians 2:1-5

What has been happening at UCLA the last 10 days is unprecedented. The spirit of God is stirring and we are experiencing a new outbreak of revival like we have never seen. In the last week we have witnessed scores of salvations in the middle of campus, divine healings and the power of God break in. This is just the beginning of something great. Please let me give a preface to what has been happening.

I thought I was losing my mind the last week. I had become so dissatisfied with the state of American Christianity and the lack of power in the preached Gospel. Why do we preach the Gospel and yet there is no response? Why do we see the power of God operating in the book of Acts but we don’t see the power of God operating today? Where is the power & presence of God in my generation? I had lost it…

I couldn’t do my regular ministry duties. I could no longer just settle for Church meetings, Bible studies and casual prayer meetings. I wanted something more. There had to be more. I kept reading 1 Corinthians 2 and Acts 4. Paul never preached with human wisdom, human knowledge, he preached with the power of God. Yet, today all we have is human knowledge from our pulpits, but no Holy Spirit power. A Chinese house church leader once visited some major mega-churches in Los Angeles California and when asked, “What do you think? He responded with, ‘It’s amazing what your American Churches can do without the Holy Spirit.” Lord I pray for mercy on Your luke warm Church here in the United States. Last week I read Acts 4 over and over again.

Now, Lord consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. Stretch out your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders through the name of your holy Servant Jesus. After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly. All the believers were in one heart and mind. No one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they shared everything they had. With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and much grace was upon them all. Acts 4:29-33

The apostles preached the resurrection of the Lord Jesus with great power. I am desperate to see that great power at work in my generation. If not, I don’t know what to live on for. I did not sign up for a program, an organization or a religious institution. I found Christ at the age of 17 & was radically changed. He transformed me, encountered me, saved me from going to jail and I have never looked back. But here I am again, desperate as the day I met Him. God where is your power in my generation?

I became so desperate last week. I simply prayed a prayer of Jeremiah 6:16

“Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.”

I lost it. I dropped everything and went back to the place of prayer. For days on end I just sought God’s presence in the morning and through the night. I found rest for my soul. I found His presence and He had become everything once again. The only way I could describe how it felt and how I feel at this moment is this, “completely satisfied and utterly dissatisfied.”

I am completely satisfied in His presence, but I am utterly dissatisfied with the state of Christianity in my generation. Oh God, oh God, oh God…if you don’t do something, I don’t know what else to do? Where are the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in this generation? 40,000 students at UCLA and the majority do not know this glorious presence I know. Millions in my generation are leaving the Church because they have encountered a dead religion instead of encountering the manifest presence of God. I am distraught and God you must do something. I only live for one thing, to see your name lifted High, to see revival come, to experience heaven on earth, if not, take me home. Revival or death! I don’t mean to sound extreme, but this is how I feel.

This last week at UCLA I sensed a stirring and experienced a Holy Spirit power I have not seen in a long while. God is here, He is moving and hell is shaking. This is just the beginning. I feel like we have struck water. The well of revival is stirring, but we have to keep pressing in. May God do what He did with Bill Bright 50 years ago on this campus once again! Start a spiritual revolution among students on campuses all across the United States of America, but this time even greater.

The 7 foot Cross on Campus

I thought I was hearing things. But through a series of confirmations I sensed the Holy Spirit tell me to bring a 7 foot Cross into the middle of Bruin Walk and preach. A sister in our house church on campus had found this 7 foot Cross and borrowed it for our 24-7 UCLA prayer room. When I saw it, something in me stirred. I knew it was meant to be carried and preached with. I asked her if she could ask the owners to let us use it for outdoor preaching on campus
. She asked the owners and they gave it to us graciously. This 7 foot Cross had been sitting in my room for over 2 months. I did not feel led to carry it on campus just yet. But this last week I was compelled to bring it out on Thursday April 13. I had told no one that God had purposed in my heart to take out this 7 foot cross to campus. But the night before Thursday a student leader asked me if I would go with them to worship and preach on campus Friday because it was “Good Friday.” When I heard this brother tell me it was Good Friday, I thought to myself, “If there is anytime to bring out a 7 foot Cross on campus it would be Easter.” I was encouraged, yet scared. What would people think? I would be labeled a freak, a fool and fundamentalist. I didn’t care. I just had to take the chance to be obedient.

Thursday morning I get out to campus. The night before I had emailed out our house church to pray for me because I would be at Bruin Walk from 12-2pm to pray and seek the Lord direction. As I began to walk down Bruin Walk holding this large cross, students everywhere started looking at me with funny looks. Some laughed, others jeered, but I kept on walking.

I got into the middle of campus and with few of our student leaders we began to worship on the Bruin Walk steps. It was difficult to worship, it was hard to stay focused. The spiritual warfare was felt, but we did our best to keep worshipping and praying. A few of us got up to preach, but there was no effect. Students walked right by us. Others laughed as they saw us holding this large cross & preaching.

After about two and a half hours of no response I became disillusioned. I thought to myself, why does this Cross have no power? Why do I not see the book of Acts happen the way Paul and the early apostles did? Is it just because we are in a different generation and we are to resort to seeker sensitive, relational evangelism? I’m all for personal evangelism, but no, no, no, no, there has got to be more than this! I had lost it…

At about 3:30pm I was just standing still on the Bruin Walk grass hill with this large cross on my shoulder. I then made my way down to the Bruin Walkway where all the organizations were tabling. I began to walk up and down the walkway singing to myself my favorite Lifehouse song. “You are all I want, You are all I need, You are everything, everything!” Over and over again, I sang to myself for about a good half hour. I wasn’t singing to get attention, I was singing to God. I had lost my sense of reality. I didn’t know anymore what was real and what was not real. I just knew God had to be God and He had to do something.

All of a sudden I began to talk about God out loud. I began to share about the Cross. I shared about the power of the Cross and that it is not just a piece of wood. It is not just a religious symbol or something you hang around your neck for coolness sake. No, it is the power of God unto salvation! I preached passionately for a half hour to no one. I just preached to the air because I was so frustrated that the cross in the eyes of UCLA was just another religious ornament. Then something of heaven broke open.

People began to listen. Maybe 60-80 students started gathering to listen. One girl was sitting on the steps by herself. I preached to her. She was listening intently as I explained the power of the Cross. She began to understand that the Cross came with a price. It cost the Son of God His very life and blood. Others started gathering to listen. A fraternity member I had been praying for was gripped by the message. He almost converted on the spot when I challenged him, he said he wanted to, but still needed time to seek more. I prayed for him. Next thing you know, the UCLA TV station is filming the whole scene and asking to interview me. After preaching an hour or so, a crowd of a hundred had gathered. The presence of God was thick and the Bruin walkway was silent once again, like it was earlier in the year when we preached outdoors. I didn’t feel the need to challenge them to respond, I just needed to share my heart on how I felt about the Cross. Many did respond though, including a Muslim student, a whole Pilipino dance group and Latin sorority. When I had told the crowd I was done preaching, I walked down the Bruin Walk and the whole crowd began to clap for me. I thought it was interesting, I didn’t know what to make of it. I just knew I had to share the message of the Cross. I had to get out my frustration to let UCLA know this Cross has power and it cost blood. It cost the blood of God’s Son. Later, the UCLA TV station interviewed me asking me what made my message different than those other street preachers who condemn others to hell. I simply shared that I had no strategy, but simply was compelled to the love of God in my heart for all to hear. I preached the Gospel when they interviewed me and who knows how many students watched it and got saved. Whatever the case, in my spirit, I knew something had shifted. The heavens were opened over Bruin Walk in a different way. This leads me to the next part of the story where the real miracles begin…

Divine Healing & Prophetic Evangelism breaks out @ UCLA

“For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel—not with words of human wisdom, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of is power.” 1 Corinthians 1:17

“My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom, but on God’s power.” 1 Corinthians 2:4-5

“But if all prophesy, and an unbeliever or an uninformed person comes in, he is convinced by all, he is convicted by all. And thus the secrets of his heart are revealed; and so, falling down on his face, he will worship God and report that God is truly among you.” 1 Corinthians 14:24-25

The Gospel was meant to be preached with power, not with persuasive words. This last week God broke out in divine healing and prophetic power in the middle of UCLA. What happened was like it came straight out of the book of Acts. This is only the beginning….

Monday – Asian Fraternity encounters the power of God

On Monday I was compelled again to bring out a 7 foot wooden Cross to the middle of the UCLA campus. I didn’t feel like brining it. But when does your flesh ever feel like brining out a 7 foot Cross to preach with? When I got to the middle of Bruin Walk students everywhere were staring, laughing and giving me weird looks. I didn’t care. I was at a place in my Christianity that if I didn’t see God show up in power like He did in the book of Acts I wasn’t willing to go on. I met up with a few of our house church student leaders and some of them began to preach. There was not much response from the onlookers. Once again, I became disgruntled in my spirit so I took the Cross and began to walk around Bruin Walk praying silently to myself. For over an hour I stood in the middle of Bruin Walk, holding the cross and staring at the hundreds of student organizations tabling. I felt Jesus heart of compassion for them, for they were like lost sheep without a shepherd.

One student organization tabling in particular was one of the largest Asian Fraternities. I had been praying for the salvation of this fraternity for over a few months. As I stood there praying for them I felt the Holy Spirit say to me, “Today I give you this fraternity!” I thought to myself, could this be? I began to envision myself preaching the Gospel in front of their table and seeing members call out to God for their salvation. Then it happened…

As I was standing their praying to myself in the middle of Bruin Walk I began to pray out loud. Pretty soon, my out loud prayer, turned into preached words and then into a rap. I had never done this before but I began to rap out loud the Gospel message. It sounded like slam poetry, but the message
of the Gospel was communicated clearly through each rhyme and sentence. Students around the Bruin Walk began to stop and listen. In a moment it looked like a crowd of 100 had gathered to listen. Next thing, I found myself in front of this Asian fraternity table and preaching the Gospel directly to them. There were maybe a dozen or more frat members and they were all listening to me preach for at least one hour and a half. I shared about the meaning of passion and the suffering Jesus went through to save our souls. I explained the Cross is not just a religious symbol, but the power of God unto salvation. I shared my life story and called the entire crowd to Lordship in Christ and repentance towards God. By then, Bruin Walk had been dead silent for over one hour listening to me preach the Gospel. As I gave the challenge to commit to Christ, students everywhere began to raise their hands to give their lives to Jesus. It must have been at least a dozen and half committing their lives to Christ. More importantly, many of the members of the Asian fraternity raised their hands to give their lives to Jesus just as I saw beforehand in my spirit. It was a holy moment. They prayed out loud with me and when they had done so, I shouted for joy! I explained angels were here and in heaven rejoicing at their decision. No one wanted to leave, so I continued to preach the kingdom.

In my heart I felt led to teach them how to pray. I was amazed, all around the hundred over students continued to listen to me teach in the middle of Bruin Walk. I then went on to teach about the power of the Holy Spirit, the gift of tongues, the power to cast out demons and to heal the sick. It was at this point a divine out break of miracles happened…

Therefore let him who speaks in a tongue pray that he may interpret. For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my understanding is unfruitful. What is the conclusion then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will also pray with the understanding. I will sing with the spirit, and I will also sing with the understanding 1 Corinthians 14:13-15

As I preached about the power of the Holy Spirit I felt inspired to speak a message in tongues. I began to speak out loud a divine message in tongues from my spirit. I asked God to give me the interpretation once the tongue was released. I spoke with my understanding and the interpretation spoke of God’s hand being sovereign over creation, His power to do all things and the need to forgive others. At this point, many all around the Bruin Walk were coming under the power of God and were beginning to tear up. I knew at this moment the Holy Spirit wanted me to pray for the brothers in this large Asian fraternity. Looking at them, I asked them if I could pray for them, they all nodded. I walked up and stretched out my hands to pray a prayer of blessing over each.

Once I began to pray, immediately I received a word of knowledge about one of the fraternity members there having a mother who was sick and needed prayer. I asked, which one of you has a mother who is sick in this fraternity? There were maybe a little more than a dozen frat brothers there and one raised his hand. He told me his name, his mothers name and then I said, “The sickness is cancer isn’t it?” He said, yes! The moment this word of knowledge went forth the entire crowd was astonished. One fraternity member who was not a Christian began to break down crying uncontrollably. I looked at all of them and told them to immediately pray and believe his mother would be miraculously healed.

I began to explain that it was God who knows all, is sovereign over all, and has the power to heal. They were all bewildered. Then I looked to my left and saw one of the frat brothers who listened intently the whole time sitting on the table with crutches. I knew in my spirit God wanted to heal him. I asked him, “Why do you have crutches?” He said, “I think I broke my foot yesterday playing basketball, I can’t walk or move my foot at all and it hurts like hell!” I told him, “Jesus has the power to heal the sick and I’m going to lay my hands on your foot right now and you will be healed.” The moment I laid my hands on his broken foot I felt the power of the Holy Spirit shoot through my hands. I knew God had healed his foot. I told him to immediately take of his crutches, stand on his two feet and walk. He looked at me like, “Are you for real?” I told him, “Yes, get up right now and walk in Jesus name!” He got off the table without his crutches and was at first hesitant to take a step, but I encouraged him to step out in faith. As he took his first step I asked him what is happening? I said, “The pain in your foot is leaving isn’t it?” In shock he responded, “The pain is leaving!” I said, “Keep on walking and the pain will completely go away!” A miracle happened. He began to walk all around the Bruin Walk in front of over a hundred onlookers. The entire crowd was in awe. As he took each step, his eyes began to well up with tears. He kept saying, “The pain is leaving, it’s almost completely gone!” The power of God was healing him and it was a witness for all to see the miracle working power of Jesus.

And truly Jesus did many other signs in the presence of His disciples, which are not written in this book; but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name. John 20:30-31

Many of the fraternity members were locked in, watching, amazed and in the presence of the Holy Spirit. The one frat brother who was crying uncontrollably began to explain to me, “Many people have shared the Gospel with me, but I could never believe in a God I couldn’t see, but when you told my friend that his mom had cancer, I knew that was impossible, because we don’t even know that!” Paul said, “That your faith would not rest in the wisdom of men, but the power of God.”

We owe this generation an encounter with the power of God. If we think it is only seeker sensitive evangelism strategies that will win the lost, then we are going to lose a generation. I am convinced God’s word is true, that if we preach the Gospel He will confirm it with signs, wonders and miracles.

What happened at UCLA Bruin Walk this Monday was proof. More than half a dozen of the fraternity members gave us their contact information & have committed to meeting regularly to learn obedience to Christ. We will now plant a house church among their community.

That same day, an Indian student was listening to me preach the Gospel the whole time at Bruin Walk. While I shared the need to repent, be baptized in water and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2), he immediately, rose his hands in the air and said baptize me! We took a large water bottle and immediately poured water over his head and baptized him in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He began to give praise to God and was a public testimony for all to see. It was a beautiful moment.

Many more God encounters happened on Monday, too many to count. The Holy Spirit has been pouring out His presence at UCLA like we have never seen. There is something in the air and it is the power of God. This generation is hungry for a real encounter with the Holy Spirit and not a dead religion or social program. We must contend for heaven to encounter earth. This can not just be talk it must be put in action. God’s power does not come without spiritual violence.

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force Matthew 11:12

If we want to see God’s power show up on our campuses there is a price to pay. We have to press in, pray, fast, do spiritual violence and soak in the presence of the Holy Spirit until we are so filled with Him, nothing but His presence and authority flows out of us. When that presence flows out of us, it manifests itself in a bold Gospel
witness where we see the Cross preached with power, sicknesses healed, demons cast out and souls saved soundly. Now is not the time to hide in our prayer meetings. If we truly believe for God’s power and revival to show up when we pray, then we must step out in faith to see it happen. Faith without actions is dead. A revival prayer meeting on our campus that does not result in us taking the Gospel to the lost…is just a prayer meeting. We must be moved from prayer to action. By sustaining both, in the power of the Holy Spirit, we will see our campuses flipped upside down for the glory of God! I challenge every student who reads this to go out two by two on their campuses and preach the Gospel. Whether it been in the middle of campus, in a dorm, a classroom or anywhere, believe God to encounter the lost! Step out in faith, preach, prophesy, let the Holy Spirit lead you to pray for the sick and down trodden! Change your campus in the power of the Holy Spirit!

Oh God, would you raise up a generation of fools! Those who will be fools for the Gospel, those who would not so much care about their reputation, but would only care about advancing the kingdom of God in their generation. No matter what the cost! This is the hope we have, what are doing with it? Are we going to settle for just good church meetings, campus fellowship gatherings, social events, outreach activities week after week, school year after school year? I didn’t sign up for a Gospel without power. God is God and let Him be God. Stop putting God in a box with your theologies & believe Him to be the God of the Bible, the God of Acts, and the God of now! Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever and I refuse to believe anything less, but to see him walk the streets of our campuses in divine power.

I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son my bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it. John 14:12-13

Jesus may you send revival to my generation. Send revival to the college campuses of America. Send revival to this nation and bring glory to your Father. This is just the beginning…God continues to move daily at UCLA there is more to come….

Tuesday – Latin Fraternity encounters the spirit of prophecy

Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Revelation 19:10

But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men. 1 Corinthians 14:3

On Tuesday I went out once again with the 7 foot cross to the middle of the UCLA campus. As usual, I had no plan but to seek the face of the Lord. There were a few of us from Passion Church and students from other fellowships meeting at Bruin Walk to worship and pray. As we went out there one of our student leaders Sam began to preach in the middle of the square. He spoke with passion & there were some listening. After a time he felt led to walk up to students to speak with them. I followed suit. I didn’t sense the Holy Spirit telling me to outdoor preach that day, but waited on Him for guidance. As I walked down the Bruin Walk I saw one of the Asian fraternities passing out flyers for an event they were promoting. I told them I would help pass out flyers for them and they laughed, but I really did it.

It was fun, but also strategic. I began to announce the hip hop event they had going on with jokes and humor. The surrounding organizations were laughing with me. One of them was a Latin fraternity. They are the largest Latino fraternity on campus. I asked them if they wanted to attend the event and struck up conversation with them.

I began to ask them if they went to church, some did, most were of Catholic origin. For some reason one student begins to open up to me. He tells me that his best friend had been killed in Mexico over the weekend after I shared with him about God’s love. I began to share with him comforting scriptures from Psalm 23 & 91. I asked if I could pray for him and as I did, the Holy Spirit gave me a few words of knowledge to comfort him. He showed me, “his best friend was a child hood friend who grew up on the same block with him, both their parents were very close, he and his best friend played a lot of sports together and that his friend’s death was quick and not painful.” As I spoke these words of knowledge over him he began to cry, he affirmed that each was true, and at that moment we both knew God was present. The funeral was the next day and I know Holy Spirit used that moment to give him comfort for the trial. He was so thankful. As his other frat brothers witnessed this we were able to get their contact information and get a few of them to start a Bible study to learn more about Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.

That was Tuesday, more of God’s power to come on Wednesday…

Wednesday – Christians at UCLA unite to worship in the public square!

“And with many other words he testified and exhorted them, saying, “Be saved from this perverse generation.” 41Then those who gladly received his word were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls were added to them. 42And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers. 43Then fear came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles. 44Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common, 45and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need. 46So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, 47praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.” Acts 2:40-47

On Wednesday we tasted a bit of Acts 2:46 so continuing daily with one accord in the temple. Christian students from different campus fellowships and local churches gathered together in the middle of the Bruin Plaza to worship God together in unity. From 12 noon to 2pm student leaders from different Christian groups gathered to worship, intercede, and declare God’s glory over UCLA. It was a humble yet powerful beginning. All together maybe 50 students had come together, but it was a powerful bunch. As they gathered on a grassy hill next to the Bruin Walk steps you could sense the unity & very presence of God. The praise went up and it could be heard above all the other student organization activities surrounding the Bruin walkway.

Some students began to exhort the Christian’s there through Scripture. They shared and declared God’s Word while explaining the purpose and power of worship. They shared how blessed we were to have the freedom to worship in public and declare God’s fame without fear of persecution. I can’t explain to you in words what I felt at that moment. It was an Acts 2 moment where the Body of Christ had truly come together in unity, love, prayer and purpose. For when God’s people will love one another, the whole world will know we are His disciples. That is what happened…

The early church did not meet inside the four walls of a building as we do today. Instead, they met daily in the temple courts, which was a public space for religious activity. The temple court was full of different philosophies, religious practices and public speech of non-believers. Similarly, the courtyards of our nation’s universities can be likened to modern temple courts where bands of students share their philosophies, beliefs and practices daily in the public. It was in this kind of public place the entire early church would gather daily to worship, pray, break bread and give themselves to the apostle’s teachings. No wonder God ad
ded to their number daily! The early church had a citywide presence that was powerful & visible. The power of God was displayed daily in the public through the unity of the Church and the miracles of the believers. They had favor with all the people meaning those who were not of the faith. This means they must have been visibly in the public declaring their faith to the world. Those who were added to the Church daily were made healthy disciples from house to house in networks of simple house churches. It happened then it can and should happen now!

What happened at UCLA on Wednesday was to me a glimpse of the early church. As this band of 50 Christian students worshipped in unity thousands of UCLA students encountered the presence of God. Many walked by, many stopping to listen and some to watch. It was powerful. As we finished the time of public worship and declaration you could sense a wonder and awe in the atmosphere. I was walking down the Bruin Walk when an unbelieving student sitting on a table said, “Thank you for singing today, it was great!” I realized as I left the Bruin walkway we had Church in the public square of UCLA. It was more church than I had ever experienced in a long time. God was making Himself known and His glory famous to UCLA.

What would happen if daily hundreds or even thousands of Christ-followers worshipped God daily in the middle of our university campuses? Not to protest, not to promote, or to even evangelize. Rather, it was simply to worship God and do what the early Christians did: break bread, pray together, fellowship, devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, shared all things and showed compassion to the lost. This would transform our campuses and turn them upside down. The Church would be an unstoppable force of love in the eyes of the unbelievers. In the days to come, when the great revival hits the shores of our college campuses once again, you can be sure that daily outdoor worship, or may I say Church will be happening in the middle of our universities with hundreds and even thousands bringing glory to God daily! As souls are won, simple networks of house churches or missional communities will be established among every pocket of students on our universities and into our cities to disciple the great new harvest.

Thursday – The Holy Spirit falls & fills students on Bruin Walk!

I was amazed when I witnessed the power of God encounter students on Bruin Walk again on Thursday. I really didn’t expect God to show up with the same level of intensity as He did the days before, but our God goes from glory to glory. On Thursday I had arrived to campus late and got to Bruin Walk around 1:15pm. I only had 45 minutes till my next meeting, but I still wanted to believe that God could do anything, even in a short time.

Some students from other fellowships had heard what happened the previous days so they joined us to pray and worship in the public. About 1:45pm I was carrying the 7 foot cross again and began to walk up and down the Bruin walkway where all the student organizations were tabling. I started praying to myself asking God to move in power. Again my prayers turned into preached words and a crowd began to gather and listen.

This time I sensed I was to teach on the Holy Spirit. I began to preach on the person, power and presence of the Holy Spirit. I was then led to share about an encounter I had with almost being killed in a gang fight & having the hand of God save me from death. I continued to preach on the Holy Spirit and its power to save and deliver. Finally, as many students were gathered around & listening I challenged them to commit to Christ. I couldn’t believe it, but again more than a dozen began to shout out the sinner’s prayer as I led them into repentance and faith in Christ.

I asked the crowd if anyone was sick and needed prayer, believing God would heal them. As some students shared their sicknesses (minor colds, coughs, headaches) prayers for divine healing went forth. An interesting thing then happened. There was a woman who walked up and asked us to pray for her digestive stomach problems. Recognizing this opportunity to glorify Jesus I asked the entire Bruin walk crowd to believe by faith for her healing and stretch out their hands to pray for her. They did it. After we prayed for her she said she immediately felt her bloated stomach was shrinking and being healed!

At this point, I knew the crowd was hungry to understand the power of the Holy Spirit. I shared with them the only way to live a righteous life was not in our own strength, but in the power of the Holy Spirit. I asked them if they wanted God’s power to live holy and many all over raised their hands. I then told them they would have to surrender their lives to God so they could be filled with the Holy Spirit. With that, I challenged them to pray for the infilling and baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues or any other spirit given manifestation. All over students began to pray with me out loud for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Once they prayed I began to ask Jesus to fill them with the power of the Holy Spirit all over the Bruin Walk.

Behind me there were two brothers from the Latin fraternity who had prayed out loud the prayer. I asked them if I could lay hands on them to pray and they said yes. As a few of our student leaders and I prayed for him to receive the Holy Spirit he closed his eyes and came under the power of God. He looked back up at me and told me that he felt like waves of energy were going through his body. Then he said he could feel his tongue moving and wanting to pray out loud. I knew he was being filled with God’s Spirit!

He then looked at me and said, “Hey pray for my friend!” So I turned to his friend and his friend prayed with me to receive the Holy Spirit. Again, he looked up and said he could a feel a warm presence over his body. I told him it was the presence of the Holy Spirit. I said how do you feel? he smiled and said, “Great!”

The same thing happened as I went to go pray for another Asian fraternity member who prayed the prayer also. We prayed on the Bruin Walk steps to receive the power of the Holy Spirit and he was touched deeply. Immediately, he decided to join the house church we had planted among their fraternity community. God is good!

More and more students all over Bruin walk that day committed to Christ were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and are now being grafted into the family of God.

What has happened in the past week is unprecedented at UCLA. We hear of reports of God moving in power through other Christ followers all over campus. In my spirit I believe there is an “open heaven” over Bruin Walk. Since the beginning of the school year we have been praying and asking God to breakthrough in power. We are now beginning to see the fruit of these prayers. Students are open to the Gospel and desiring for the presence of the Holy Spirit. This is just the beginning. These last few days have been but a tiny glimpse of what God wants to pour out continually, daily and extravagantly in our generation. God wants to encounter this generation in the power of the Holy Spirit. He is jealous for their hearts and so must we be equally as jealous. Let us seek God relentlessly and pursue this generation fearlessly. I believe with all my heart we are at the tipping point and the beginning outpourings of the greatest revival this nation has ever witnessed. Another spiritual revolution is stirring. May we ask God to give us a passion for prayer, a passion for power in evangelism and a passion for planting simple churches to take in & multiply the harvest at this hour!

The Cost of Suffering for Revival

Revival does not come without suffering. Revival is warfare. It is a spiritual battle where the enemy will want to intimidate each one of you who contends for this vision. On the first Thursday when the Hol
y Spirit broke out at Bruin Walk there was a direct spiritual attack on my family back home. I will not get into details, but my mother was robbed and assaulted the same day the power of God broke out at UCLA. Interestingly, before I got out to the middle of campus on Thursday, I was reminded of my mother being spiritually and physically attacked in a similar way when God used me in Hong Kong and Taiwan two years ago to birth a revival among the youth. When I was reminded of this memory while walking to Bruin Walk, I stopped and prayed for my mother’s safety and protection. Hours later I get the news she was robbed in front of our new home, assaulted, but by the grace of God was not seriously hurt.

I am thankful to God my mother is okay. Yet, I am furious at the enemy for violating my family. My mother is strong and full of faith. She even prayed for the robber who assaulted her afterwards for his salvation. I ask each of you to keep my family, especially my mother in your daily prayers. She is the most precious person in my life. Please I ask you for your daily prayers and protection for my family. Thank you.

Do you understand the cost? There is a cost to revival. There is a price to pay and a real battle to be fought. But whatever the enemy throws at us, we will not give in or give up. We must press on towards the upward prize in Christ Jesus. We must not only start the race for revival, but finish the race for revival. In this world we may have troubles, trials and persecutions, but fear not Jesus Christ has overcome the world. Following Jesus is not a game, it is not a Sunday service ritual, it is a denying yourself, taking up your cross daily and following Him even unto death. You may pray and contend for revival and never see it happen, but maybe your children will. What are you contending for? Are you going after revival and God’s purposes for your sake or His? When things don’t go your way, when you face a little persecution, when your prayers don’t get answered or your hopes for revival get shot do you throw in the towel, or do you keep walking by faith? We must walk by faith and not by sight. This world’s got nothing on me. I don’t belong to it! I don’t want or desire anything in it. Give me revival or give me death. By God’s great mercy, may we be completely and utterly obedient to His will and His will alone, no matter what the cost. For He is worthy of our worship! Send revival to this generation Lord, start with me.

We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed– always carrying about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body. For we who live are always delivered to death for Jesus’ sake, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh. 2 Corinthians 4:8-12

When He had called the people to Himself, with His disciples also, He said to them, “Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him the Son of Man also will be ashamed when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.” Mark 8:34-38

Anyways if you have time can you tell me what you think of these....

thanks once again

 2011/10/29 22:20Profile

 Re: Let us not put out the Spirit's fire

As one who came out of the Jesus movement in the 70's I was quite facinated by reading the account of what took place at UCLA. I tried to work my way through this thread and the companion thread of the UCLA revival. I admit I got lost in the extensive narrative but believe that what took place is very credible. I remember when I was in college way back when, God was moving in remarkable says across the college campuses.

I remember being on a national conference prayer call where I heard collegiates cry for God to move on their campuses. These were young adults who were prevailing in prayer for God to send his Spirit and bring students to faith and repentence in Jrsus Christ. Their prayers were heart felt and delightful to be around. I also noticed how quickly the spirit of religion would kill the fire of the Holy Spirit. I found myself leaving the call along with several of the young adults.

As one who facilitates a con call where we pray for the 10/40 window I am reading where God is moving in parts of the world in places we would not think of. The greatest revival is taking place in China. For the last several decades God has been moving in awesome ways and many souls have been brought into the kingdom. The best thing Chairman Mao did was kick the missionaries out of China in 1948 or 49. When Nixon normalized our relations with China in 1972 there was a vibrant house church movement flourishing which still continues to this day.

In recent years God had done the same thing in Iran. In 1979 the Islamic revolution took place which overthrew the shaw. Then there were less than 500 believers in Iran. But another revolution was taking place. The gospel went forth and now on Iran there are over 100,000 believers in Jesus Christ. Voice of the Martyrs reports that 500 or more people are coming to Christ each day in Iran.

Both the revivals in China and Iran are set against the backdrop of persecution. The demonic powers thatE control those countries are nervous and resist the gospel. Yet the kingdom of God is forcibly advancing and God is raising up forceful men and women to take hold of the gospel.

Even in this country God is moving among unusual groups such as the Amish. At night young Amish adults who come to faith in Jesus Christ go out by a kerosene lantern to be baptized on a creek or cowpond. They do this because of the persecution that comes upon those who follow Christ among this community. This is something that reads out of a VOM magazine but hear in this country.

I hear reports about bikers who are given.over to violence will fall on their knees and weep ehen confronted with the gospel.

But back to the theme. God is moving among the young adults. Many are being raised up to go to the 10/40 window. For that I say Praise God!!!! I for one want to pray and support them. May we not kill their ferver with religion and legalism.

And one more thing. God use me in your move of the Spirit. Though I be 60 years old. Do grant to me that fire of Caleb to take more mountains for you.

For the cause of Jesus,

Blaine Scogin

 2011/10/30 8:56


"Thanks for your time in looking into this, yeah I see many of your concerns with him especially with the prophetic words thing. I am not sure about the fake healings thought I will look more into it later on! Thanks again though!

The thing is I have heard his testimony here and it seems like a true work of God and hardly something that he couldve made up with so many people watching him "

No worries

But don't ignore the facts. Did you see Joel Osteen endorsing Che Ahn and Harvest Rock Church on the website ? What about all of Jaeson's known affliations with false prophets? What about all of his false testimonies?

I'm not sure if you want to judge Jaeson by his own testimony. His stories talk about too many signs and wonders. It's all about the supernatural.

Look at the facts, don't base it on what he says.

About the healings, tell any of these faith healer guys to prove their healings with actual documentation. All of these guys say they healed many but can't provide one documented case. Doesn't that sound fishy.

And the leg growing trick is all fake, I went out with the Jaeson Ma guys to do it. Have you actually went out with these guys? Do you know any of these guys personally?

I know beyond a shadow of doubt what he is all about. There is no grey area in my mind.

I suggest you do a lot of research and see for yourself

 2011/10/30 9:10


Regarding the leg healing trick, it's not all fake.

I was in healing service and I was standing right there beside the preacher who was demonstrating the power of God. He did not stand in front holding her feet up with both hands, he held her legs up with one hand off to the side. His hands were not on her shoes, but on her ankles. She had a considerable difference between each leg length and she wore high heels.

He said, "In the name of Buddah, in the name of Mohammad, in the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost, nothing happened. When he said in the name of Jesus, that foot moved forward without any assistance from him or the woman.

 2011/10/30 10:23


Brother I believe what you are saying is true. But watch out for the skeptics.


 2011/10/30 14:03

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