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 Revival in UCLA

Hey guys so just wanted to share this testimony. A school revival broke out at UCLA a few years ago. I guess its not like super big but GOd did do something. Wanted to share it with you guys. Here is a bit of it

The whole testimony is in the book called "The Blueprint"

thoughts? comments?

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 Re: Revival in UCLA

I just read Jamison's account of what transpired back at UCLA in 2006. While not being familiar with this brother, he shows an understanding of the gospel of Jesus. He speaks of sin, repentence, the need to turn to Jesus Christ in saving faith. He certainly preaches the cross. He even speaks of suffering for Christ. He decried the modern day seeker church. In essence, his gospel message is valid as near as I can tell. This bro seems to have more content in his youth and more fire in his spirit than most adults twice his age.

Are the signs and wonders credible? Why not? They are in other parts of the world. If God is sovereign and his Spirit is moving why can we not see them here. Sorry, SI, I am not a cessionist. This brother preached Jesus and the Holy Ghot fell with power.

What I would be interested in knowing is if the revival is still happening at UCLA?

I cannot comment on this brother's association with so called 'false teachers'. But I have found the brother's message to be credible to the best of my understanding. Yet I know there is a certain element in this forum who will take this brother to task. But then that is the same element who condemns Carter Conlin. We seem to think if it does not carry the SI good house keeping seal of approval it is false.

A brother posted a thtead on the blind Pharissee. Bottom line if we are so blind in our religion and legalism we will never see revival when it comes. As Jesus told Nicodemus. You hear the wind. But you cannot tell where it is coming from or where it goes. So is everyone born of the Spirit.

Dear God. Open up our eyes and ears to behold the wind of your Spirit.

In Christ,

Blaine Scogin

 2011/10/30 13:57

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There's a thread on Jaeson Ma in the General forum. I suggest you check it out. There are claims he's a false prophet. Some of the things he says are a little ridiculous.

For instance, he claims to have met Paul McCartney in an airport and the Holy Spirit told him to shake his hand and take the musical "anointing" the Beatles had. He said his hand was numb for hours afterwards. This is man made nonsense.

In another story he claims the Spirit told him to rent 2012 and watch it because it shows what will happen to the world. In the film, people of all religions cry out to their "god." I have a HUGELY difficult time thinking that the Spirit would tell him to watch a film RIFE with all kinds of UNGODLINESS and SIN common to Hollywood films.

The man is a false prophet. The stories are too "good" to be true. Please exercise discernment.

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