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Read Job 38-42... Fear is not a bad thing. It's not bondage. It's a healthy fear.


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My grandfather told me the "fear of the Lord" just means you "respect him."

I gave him the example of the Israelites hearing God speak from the mountain and how TERRIFIED they were.

He didn't budge...

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The fear of an all powerful God and Judge is different from the fear of all powerful Father and One who diciplines His own children, with a good spanking and a great hug afterwards, with explanation of the dicipline and chasening.

Thank you Father: In Christ: Phillip


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According to "Strong's" this Fear of the LORD is defined as thus:
From a primary φέβομαι phebomai (to be put in fear); alarm or fright: - be afraid, + exceedingly, fear, terror.

The way this works in my own life is that fear motivates me to walk close with the LORD lest I fall into error or sin. There are times when the love of God is a warm fuzzy feeling but then emotions are not stable, a poor guide for reality. It is a healthy respect coupled with fear knowing full well what can happen when one persists in disobedience.

I remember well when Christians reinterpreted 'fear of the LORD' as meaning love because you cannot love something you fear,or so they said. (Hey! this sounds so much nicer...) This opened the door to the greatest apostasy in recent history. God was no longer a deity, but a warm fuzzy Santa Claus in the sky who loves you so very much and will give you whatever you want if you learn how to manipulate him. You do this by praising the LORD for whatever happens, just say "Praise the LORD!" Oh, and he would not send me to hell - I think I am a good person (yes, unrepentant fornicators have told me so)!

Does this make sense?

Sandra Miller

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The New Covenant literally promises this:

God will write his law in our minds
God will write his law in our hearts
We are His people and He is our God
All (who are in Christ) will know Him (intimately)
And all of that is true because of this: He will remember our sins and iniquities no more.


Because God has put away sin once and for all, in the body of Jesus Christ, there is now no basis upon which he counts any of our sins against us. None...its done...over. In the Old Covenant, which was never meant to last, all motivation for obedience was external, i.e. carrots or sticks....

The New Covenant promises that God's desires will become our desires. It is no longer an external law telling us what we must do in order to please God. But in Christ, we KNOW the Father is absolutely pleased with us and He promises to make us just like His Son.

It is all about the love of God, but God's love is not just some fuzzy feeling or emotion. The Father demonstrated His love towards us by giving us His Son. God gave us His very Life. And now He lives in us by His Spirit. We are one with the Father, in Christ. We have been included in the Godhead.

So what is the fear of God then....the fear of God is:

Do I actually believe this? Do I believe the Good News of the Gospel and everything that God has done entirely on His own? Or do I believe some religious system that tells me what I must do to please God.

Do I believe that Jesus Christ dealt with sin once and for all?
Do I believe that the Father loves me as much as He loves the Son?
Do I believe that the Holy Spirit now lives within me and will teach me Christ and live the Eternal life of Christ, in and through me?
Do I believe that the Father has promised to share His very nature with us?

Do I believe that all has been done by God, in Christ, already? It is finished?

Do I believe any of this? If not, then I do have reason to fear because I am living and believing a lie.

 2011/10/29 21:09

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 Re: Fear of God

Yes, Ginny Rose, it does.

After I wrote my first and second responses, I went to YHVH, since it was late, and few of wisdom at hand to respond to me.

Adonai led me to a website that showed me not only the need for more respect towards YHVH and Yeshua, but actually gave me a reminder that too lax a walk, and Yeshua, who redeems us if we trust in Him, will indeed turn his back on those who cry after Him, but have never given sufficient obedience, in respect for His wishes.

I see that we must indeed fear in a way that is unlike the thundered hell-and-damnation that is meant to touch the heart of the unredeemed and the backslidden. And we must also be careful to fear hurting Yeshua by reckless disobedience to what He wants from his Bride.

Yeshua also showed me on prayer and study today how much we must recall that He bought us free from the curse of death by His suffering, and gives us life through His resurrection. He also showed me how cold and final would be that 'I never knew you' if we presumed too much on His leniency.

Trusting in the Promise should never be lackadaisical, but carefully, and soberly done, leaning for forgiveness on that Trustfulness readily, but taking care not to presume too greatly.

And yes, to be careful to obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit, walking very closely indeed.

Thank you for helping me to find the explanations I needed.


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 Re: Fear of God

Thanks also to Sarah, Sola, and Gator and others my mind refuses to remember for the links and encouragement.


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 Re: Fear of God

Mahoney, it was not a lack of belief in Adonai, or trust being lacking in me, but not always paying attention to the prompting of the Holy Spirit in the least little things. I recall feeling as if I had gotten sloppy, not being in disbelief.

I had had a long time of fear of my thoughts as sin already committed, and when YHVH released from that over-doing of fear of being in sin, I rested in such peace, and felt such relief of what I am to do.

I had had the feeling before of the temptation being the sin already committed, not sin being what I actually was doing, and that the doing of the law written in my heart was the earnest doing of love toward Yeshua.

Fortunately, Adonai allowed me the feeling of finally being safe in my trust in Him. The Holy spirit, on the other hand, was watching carefully, and prompting me to pray for the revealing of my sinfulness to me, that I might correct my behavior.

I still do not fear, exactly, but I indeed have a hearty respect for YHVH, Yeshua, and the Ruach haKodesh, and indeed a better knowledge of how I am to relate to Christ.

I need to seek to obey as He asks as a love token, and consider all dutiful tasks I am set to being done only to gain a single smile from Him I need to know so much better.

I have never known how to relate to Yeshua as I should, and I am glad that after seeking to know Him more personally, He has granted me the proper instruction.

I still see only a dim glimmer of what I am to do, and be in relationship with Yeshua, but that is due to lack of prior knowledge as much as my own wilfulness.

Thank you for your stern questions, and I am pleased to be able to assure you that I do indeed believe all that I should, and that where I have acted improperly, ignorence has been a good deal of the problem.


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 Re: Fear of God

Phillip, thank for your kind words, always so softly and sweetly spoken encouragement.


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Questor, post was not directed toward you or anyone in particular. If I respond directly to someone I use there name.



 2011/10/29 21:53

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