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 A true prophet

I was reading the article on reckonizing a true prophet.The scripture tells us that Samuel was that kind of man - a true God sent prophet.Every word He spoke or prophesied came to pass.Jeremiah was this kind also, a true prophet,He heard from God & spoke that which was given Him by the almighty.A true prophet of God hears Gods voice very clearly.They want to hear that still small voice.Nothing else matters to them but to hear Gods voice & do His will.I believe bro.David Wilkerson had some of this annointing on his life.I know He was first called by God to pastor,& then from there He was called to the gangs of New York.He also spoke overseas quite a bit.I had the priviledge to meet Nicki Cruz, & some other people converted under his ministry.Back to talking about prophets,I had the oppertunity to live with a couple of elderly people about 20 years ago.I believe this man was a prophet of God.Every thing He said about God was true & the Lord revealed some areas I was struggling with to Him.He spoke the word of the Lord to me,& it helped me out of some false teaching I had been influenced by.He was generally not accepted by the local church,even though they were one of the Godliest couples I have met in my life.Breakfast at there home always started with prayer & bible study.He was constantly reading the Word.A true prophet of God is a mouthpiece for God.They hear what the Spirit says & speak what the Spirit says.Typically their lives are ones of loneliness & isolation.They don't mind though because God is with them.True prophets just don't prophesy smooth things, that tickle the ears of the hearers.They prophesy the good & the bad.They speak of Gods judgements & of His grace.The church on the whole does not want prophets or apostles in the midst any more.They have heaped to themselves teachers with itching ears that speak lies in hypocracy.The church would be well advised to pray that God would raise up more true apostles & prophets.They are still part of the five-fold ministry.It troubles my soul when I see some of these hirelings on TV,who profess to be prophets,but all they talk about is money.What about mercy,judgement,& truth like Christ our savior spoke of.I realize that not all TV ministers are wolves in sheeps clothing.True prophets are not after your money,they care about the condition of our nation & souls.Above all they care about Gods Word & will.Is there any desire in this nation to hear from a true prophet of God any more,I wonder.


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 Re: A true prophet

Thank you for sharing this.
shalom brother!


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 Re: A true prophet

Greetings truthseer:

I just wanted to say that I appreciate everything you said above. We are in desparate need of true prophets of the Lord. There are so many prophets of Baal it is almost sickening to the soul. We need to hear the sound of the trumpet once again. Men and women need to tremble before God again as in days of old. Prophets have always been spoken against, and have always been objects of ridicule. If the prophet's mantle has been laid upon you; pledge your head to heaven, because this is certainly a generation that rejects true prophets. Rejection is the constant companion of the true prophet of God.

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