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 Scripturally Faithful Arabic Translation of the Bible?

Hi everybody. I'm considering becoming a missionary to the Arab world and I was wondering if anyone is familiar with Arab Bible translations. On I found a NIV English transliteration Bible but I'm almost theologically opposed to the NIV so that's a no-go. On amazon I also found a KJV English transliteration Bible but a review says they translate God as "Allah."

I've also read some versions redact the words "Son of God" to appease muslim sensibilities.

Any help finding one would be awesome. I know there are some good online versions but I'd prefer to have a hard copy.


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 Re: Scripturally Faithful Arabic Translation of the Bible?

Going to be totally honest with you bro. As a missionary myself, if you have big hang ups on Bible translations, you should carefully and prayerfully consider if that's really your calling. Or perhaps reconsider your stance first. Not an attack dude, just saying.

Where I live, Christians find it absolutely looney (like they literally start laughing and asking me if there's something wrong with people that say there's only one "correct" translation in the world, and it's in an archaic form of English, and for the sake of peace I won't tell you my response) that there are disputes in America about which translation someone reads. Here we're happy if someone just reads a Bible.

The Muslims will absolutely tear you apart on this issue if you choose to make it a big deal, as they're already QUITE convinced that the Bible has been altered, messed with, and perverted, and cannot be trusted. Trust me.

Search for translations from the original languages to Arabic, not from an English translation. However that being said, making sure they're reading from the "right" English translation won't depart any life to them whatsoever. And when you get there you'll have much bigger fish to fry. Just something to consider IMHO.

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 Re: njhoover

Brother I have to ask some questions to you and they are directed iin love. Do you speak Arabic? Have you ever travelled to Arabic countries? Do you understand their customs? Are you familiar with their religion Islam? Have you attempted to befriend and share Christ with Moslens here in America? Have you ever read the Qorum to understand what Islam is about? Do you understand the dynamics of the Muslem Brotherhood and AlQueda.

Brother I would urge you to seriously ponder these questions before God and really consider if you are called to minister to Arabs. Whereas I have no desire to discourage you. Any call to a.people group needs to be prayed over and researched to see if this is where God wants you.

I woukd recommend you get to know some Arabs here in this country and start to learn Arabic. Also talk with Renoncer. He has had experience in ministering to Moslems and desires to be a missionary to the middle east.

Also study the persecuted church in the middle east. There are believers there who are laying down their lives for Jesus. Study the current events if that region. Become versed in what is happening in that part if the world. To do so will make you a better missionary.


 2011/10/17 23:09

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Thank you for the clarification on "Allah" just-in.

Thank you for the probing questions martyr. I do not speak Arabic, nor have I traveled to an Arab country. I have a crude understanding of Islamic culture and the Islamic religion. I haven't "befriended" a Muslim, but I have witnessed to a handful (with great difficulty). I used to have a Quran, but it was when I was an immature Christian and trying to determine the legitimacy of their religion and ended up getting rid of it. My conception of the Muslim Brotherhood and AlQueda is entirely from the media.

There are loads of Muslims on my campus so I may end up targeting them for conversations and witnessing. I'm sure there is a Muslim student group as well.

Would you recommend any reading material on the persecuted church in that region?

For full disclosure, I realized a desire to be a missionary to one of these countries after talking to an Arab missionary at a missions conference at my church. Since I became a Christian, I've wanted to be a missionary. I'm submitting all of this in prayer every day, so if it's not God's will for me to go I am confident the doors of opportunity will not materialize.

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 Re: njhoover

Brother I woukd say that God has called you to a noble task. Mission groups say that Arabs are the least evangeluzed people in the world. I would encourage you to get to know some Arabs and form some solid friendships. Don't look at them as spiritual scalps but as people created by God he desires to reach through you. Arabs for the most part are very social friendly people. Approch them with a genuine sincerity to learn of them, their familyy, culture, countyr etc. In so doing they will open up to you. Remember the old saying. They will not care how much you know until they know how much you care. As Arabs open hl to you this coukd open up opportunities for you to share Jesus. As you minister to Arabs over here God will continue to confirm that call to minister Jrsus to Arabs abroad.

Contact Open Doors or Voice of the Martyrs. They have excellent books on the persecuted church in Arab lands.. Will be praying God will guide you in your calling to share Jrsus to Arabs.

Blessings to you,


 2011/10/18 19:01

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