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 highly recommended book on spiritual warfare

I have read parts of deliverance books like bondage breaker by neil t. anderson and jim logan's one too and have even talked to deliverance ministers and looked on stuff about deliverance on the web, but this book my pastor had really has changed my thinking a lot. It is called What the Bible Teaches About Spiritual Warfare. By Robert Dean Jr. and Thomas Ice. I truly can say this to me is a college level book on the topic, even though it might not be, but it really goes deep into what the Bible says about deliverance, satan, believers warfare against the enemy, and other interesting topics on whether a christian can be possessed and other things about deliverance ministries today and comparing it all to what God's word says. i just want to post the link for it and highly recommend it because it is richly blessing me and encouraging me much about that I need to find out what God's word says and stand on that truth and nothing else.

John Beechy

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