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Mr. Bill, Thank you for sharing more about your situation. I think I can pray more specifically for you now.

Thank you to everyone who posted here. I sensed the love and grace of our Lord Jesus in your answers to my question. Thank you Lysa and elderlemon for your encouragement. My deepest appreciation to all. I look forward to meeting all of you someday in our eternal home.

I don't know much about doctrine, nor can I engage in any discussions about theology but one thing I do know is the power of the cross to deliver, heal, and restore. I once was a judgmental, hypocritical, self-righteous Pharisee. Then through a disastrous marriage and divorce, with my life crushed, sifted and laying in a ruinous heap, Jesus came and restored! He changed my cold, dead heart and filled it with His grace, love, mercy and compassion.

To all those who have suffered through divorce, there is hope, healing, and even a better life ahead if you look to Jesus. Only He has the power to forgive, heal, and restore. And He does it all for His glory! Lori

one last thought: Those who have been forgiven little, love little. Those who have been forgiven much, love much.(Luke 7:47)


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God is more interested in lifting our burdens. Mr Bill, May God grant you peace in your heart

Jedidiah Ekanem

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Thank you all for your responses. I am doing ok without even seeking a relationship for now, my son and I go and do lots together and have a wonderful father/son relationship, but he plans to join the Marines when he turns 18 in Jan. so I will be alone. I know that when my son Daniel joins, this is when old sluefoot will come at me with everything he has to get me into a relationship. I will need to be closer than ever in my life to the Lord, I am preparing for this now, and I pray he fills me with his discernment. I just thank God I am 60 maybe I will be able to see past the lust to the love if a relationship comes near. You know God made us all different, I have had some folks tell me, Bill you don't want another relationship, most of those folks that have told me that are the bitter friends I have. I will always focus on what God has to tell me of course, but I will not know for sure if I want/need another relationship until Daniel has gone on to the Marines. My son has been my rock, through everything, and of course Jesus Christ, without him I would not be here typing this today. My son Daniel told me once when I was feeling regretful about my divorce, he said Dad, life is to unsure to have any regrets, what a powerful statement from then a 15 year old. Listen to your children sometimes as you expect them to listen to you, they to can Bless you, and usually with a sweeter spirit.


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