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 The Gatekeeper's Letter

The Gatekeeper’s Letter to his wife

I feel like I am finally "off duty" as gatekeeper for the fellowship and can relax somewhat and give thanks and enjoy the day. It is interesting how the "responsibility" for protecting the people, especially when the enemy has been spotted in the area, causes the need for every person who seeks to enter to be searched carefully. The atmosphere in those situations is very "business" and not casual at all - there is an unwelcome tension. But it is the gatekeeper’s job to insure nothing gets past his post that would harm the city from within. The difficulty of his job is not easily understood by those who do not consider themselves a threat and just want the same casual relaxed interchange that affords itself in times of peace.

The gatekeeper on duty during time of war is "fully armed" and "all business". He meets nearly every person with "hand on sword", ready to draw it if necessary. Ironically, the people who actually benefit from his protection often not only do not fully appreciate it, but even at times are tempted to resent it. This is not intentional on their part, it is simply due to the fact that they are not able to fully appreciate the difficulty of his job; they have never had to do it by themselves. Sometimes they help the gatekeeper and keep him company, but in those times the full weight still has never really been solely upon them, so without realizing it they can mistakenly under-appreciate the degree of difficulty.

Like I said, today I am "off duty" and have laid my armor aside (not very far off, but close at hand in case) I plan to spend some time today with a very experienced keeper of the gate and reminisce with Him about His skills and experience. I certainly appreciate His job more and more and hope to gain much from the time I spend with Him.

I posted this to say thank you to those of you who have sought to serve in this capacity for this forum. I believe you know who you are, because you stand for the name of the Lord and His truth and watch over this forum with a servant's heart even if you are not a moderator.

I want to let you know I appreciate your service. Thank you. I also want to remind you to be careful not to stay on duty too long. We all know how foggy the mind gets when we have been awake too long. We all need our rest - even the gatekeepers.

To those who do so without even realizing that you have been doing it. Thank you for your love and service in Christ Jesus and to this forum.


Alan and Dina Martin

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